10 Online Multiplayer Games for Apple TV

Online Multiplayer Games for Apple TV

One of the finest ways to play games is online with friends or strangers. This is why we compiled a list of the best online multiplayer games for Apple TV.

Many video games on PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox are made specifically for online multiplayer play. 

While there are a ton of different games that can be downloaded on Apple TV, online multiplayer games for tvOS are rather uncommon.

It’s easy to feel discouraged when there are so few games on the App Store, but if you’re itching for some online Apple TV gameplay, there are a few games you should check out. 

Although it has always been possible, playing multiplayer games on the iPhone and iPad has always been challenging, especially in local multiplayer settings.

There is not enough space for two individuals to comfortably share a screen. On the Apple TV, though, that is no problem.

Apple TV multiplayer games have so far been excellent. Here are the best online multiplayer games for Apple TV. 

1. Beat Sports

Beat Sports is not just one of the best games currently available for Apple TV but also offers a great multiplayer option.

In all four games that make up Beat Sports, the goal is to swing your bat in rhythm with the music while playing the game.

The combination of the fun of music and sports is extremely uncommon, yet Beat Sports completely succeeds in doing so. 

Installing the free Beat Sports Remote app on each player’s iPhone, you may play the unique Buddy Ball game in multiplayer mode with up to four other players.

This gives you authority over the on-screen actors and actions. Beat Sports is only available on Apple TV and costs $9.99 in the App Store. 

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the best online multiplayer games for Apple TV is Asphalt 8: Airborne. It forgoes any pretense of realism in favor of an outrageously entertaining, high-octane experience. 

Driving their way through the career mode allows players to upgrade their vehicles, unlock new ones, and compete online in staggered or live multiplayer.

There are the standard race modes in addition to the new Infected mode, which requires players to tag other racers before falling victim to an explosive infection. 

Since you can only team up with strangers in the online multiplayer mode, you can’t play with your pals online. 

3. SongPop Party

Songpop Party is a recent addition to the Apple TV App Store and is yet another best online multiplayer games for Apple TV.

The game’s goal is to identify the title or artist of the song playing as quickly as possible after selecting your subcategory within a certain musical genre or category. 

You’re sure to find a genre of music you’re familiar with because there are so many different categories, whether it’s calm jazz or the biggest songs of the 1990s.

The Songpop Party iOS remote, which enables multiplayer mode, will let your friends and family test their musical abilities just as I have. It has taken me well over an hour to complete. 

4. Minecraft

Minecraft is perfect whether you have children or like to create virtual worlds and pass the time.

You may design your tiny corner of the universe any way you want because it is a fast-paced environment only if you want it to be.

You can occupy someone else’s homestead if you have built structures, raised livestock, and made weaponry. Or practice pacifism. 

You can explore and live like a king in creative mode with unlimited resources because the world is randomly generated.

You can also switch to survival mode and mine everything you need to make armor and weapons to fend off attacking monsters.

Don’t forget that Minecraft requires a controller with MFi support. 

Unfortunately, you must pay a monthly subscription fee for a Minecraft Realms account to play Minecraft with others online.

You can play with two friends for $3.99 per month, but if you want to play with a lot more people, you can play with up to 10 people for $7.99 per month. 

5. Crossy Road

Next on our list of best online multiplayer games for apple TV is Crossy Road.

There is a new multiplayer mode for the well-known arcade game that you might recall from Amazon Fire TV.

Anyone who wants to play must download the Crossy Road iOS app for free on their iPhone, just like other games. The iPhone will then serve as game controls on your Apple TV. 

If this is your first time playing Crossy Road, it’s a fairly straightforward game where you flick up, down, left, or right to guide the chicken across busy streets without getting hit by a car or slipping out of the picture.

Although it seems dull, it rapidly becomes addictive, and playing against friends makes it more so.

For Apple TV and iOS, Crossy Road is available for free with in-app purchases. 

6. Just Dance Now

Players in Just Dance Now must imitate the dancing they see on screen to advance through the game.

To compete for the highest score with the most precise dance routines, pick a song to dance to from a library of well-known, primarily mainstream music alternatives. 

Up to four people can connect to the Apple TV and dance together simultaneously if you persuade your friends and family to download the Just Dance Now app.

It’s the perfect party game. For Apple TV and iOS, Just Dance Now is free with in-app purchases. 

7. Riptide GP 2

Next on our list of best online multiplayer games for Apple TV is Riptide GP 2.

The water racing game Riptide GP 2 is similar to Wave Race for the Nintendo 64 but with better visuals.

It is not much different from other racing games except for being on the water. And there are two separate multiplayer modes in this game. 

You can play locally if you purchase an Apple TV third-party game controller accessory.

Then select Split Screen mode or VR Challenge to compete against your friends’ best times through Game Center. 

8. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is a cooperative multiplayer game in which two to eight players must work together to control a spaceship.

Each player has a control panel, and they must shout out instructions to each other to keep the ship from crashing.

The game is free on Apple TV and iOS, with in-app purchases available. 

9. Catan

Catan is a classic board game that has been adapted for Apple TV. Players in this strategy game construct towns, highways, and cities on the island of Catan. 

You can play with up to four people locally or online with friends or strangers. The game is available for purchase on Apple TV and iOS. 

10. Spacewar

Last on our list of best online multiplayer games for Apple TV is Spacewar. Spacewar is a classic space shooter game that has been adapted for Apple TV.

It’s a two-player game in which each player controls a spaceship and must battle against the other to survive.

The game features various power-ups, weapons, and levels to keep things interesting. The game is available for purchase on Apple TV and iOS. 

These games offer a variety of experiences, from arcade-style action to cooperative team plays. All of these games are available for free or purchased on Apple TV and iOS.

So if you’re looking for fun online multiplayer gaming on your Apple TV, these are some of the best options available. 

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