10 Pokémon Anime Characters

Pokémon Anime Characters

Pokémon, also called Pocket Monsters, is an anime tv series centered on the Pokémon video game series produced by Nintendo.

Among the Pokémon anime characters, Ash Ketchum, a ten-year-old boy, is the show’s main protagonist.

He is followed in the anime as he explores the world while undergoing training to become a Pokémon Master.

Ash Ketchum is usually accompanied by his electric buddy Pikachu and a rotating cast of human friends.

The following are some of the Pokémon anime characters:

1. Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum Pokémon Anime Characters

Ash Ketchum is the main character of Pokémon the Series. His aim has always been to become the greatest Pokémon Master in the entire world. 

In the anime, Ash takes part in battles in the Battle Frontier and Pokémon Leagues in Kanto, Johto, the Orange Islands, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Kalos, Unova, and Alola.

He is a research assistant at the Cerise Laboratory and the Alola region’s Pokémon Champion. Ash owns a Z-Power Ring that he acquired while in Alola.

In Journeys, Leon, the Galar Region Champion, gives him a Dynamax Band so he can Gigantamax his Pikachu and Gengar.

Later, Korrina gives him a Key Stone for Mega Evolution so he can Mega Evolve his Lucario. 

Among the other Pokémon anime characters, he has shown a strong sense of justice by risking his life when necessary to save Pikachu or any other Pokémon from Team Rocket or other bad guys. 

2. Brock


Brock is the Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym, the first Gym that the player encounters on their adventure in the series.

Many people in the Pewter City region respect and adore him since he is one of the few genuinely professional Pokémon Trainers. 

He utilizes Pokémon of the Rock type to support his rock-hard willpower, something he takes great pride in.

Brock initially aims to be the world’s top Pokémon Breeder but eventually changes his ambition to become a Pokémon Doctor. 

In the series, there is a running joke in which Brock falls in love with every female he meets.

He is dragged away by Max or Misty’s ear or attacked with Croagunk’s Poison Jab, momentarily putting him unconscious.

Among the Pokémon anime characters, Brock is also pictured as a ladies’ guy. At the end of the Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors season, he departs the main cast to become a Pokémon Doctor.

Brock, like Misty, had a cameo in the Sun & Moon season when it was revealed that he owns a Mega Steelix.

3. Misty

Misty Pokémon Anime Characters

Misty, a 10-year-old Pokémon trainer, is Ash’s first-ever traveling companion. She travels with him for the first five seasons, spanning two entire regions (Kanto and Johto).

This makes her the only female companion to do so among the other Pokémon anime characters. 

Misty meets Ash in the first episode after saving him from a flock of Spearow by pulling him out of a lake.

Misty is renowned as a World Class Water Type Gym Leader and is a strong enthusiast of the water type Pokémon. 

She was one of Cerulean City’s four gym leaders, along with her three elder sisters, and following the Johto arc, she was recognized as the only Gym Leader of Cerulean City Gym. Misty differs in personality from Ash’s other friends. 

She is not overly girly and started the series off by being excessively haughty with her friends.

As the series continued, her behavior eventually got worse. She has strength, bravery, and a willingness to face the hard facts of life.

4. May


May is Max’s older sister and the daughter of Norman, the Petalburg City Gym Leader. She acquires her first Pokémon, Torchic, in Hoenn, where she meets Ash Ketchum and begins her journey with him. 

She didn’t enjoy Pokémon initially since she wanted to embark on her quest for the excitement and independence of doing so. 

May’s experience with Brock and Ash changed her interest in Pokémon, and her love for Pokémon grew steadily as she traveled with them.

She became interested in Pokémon Contests and entered them with Pokémon from her squad. She wins several contests after entering them. 

May travels with Ash and Brock through Kanto and Hoenn as Ash competes in the Battle Frontier and Hoenn League.

Her Torchic eventually evolves into a Combusken, which then evolves into a Blaziken. 

While Ash and Brock chose to fly to Sinnoh, May did not join them since she was competing in Johto. However, she visits Brock, Ash, and Dawn in Sinnoh to compete in the Wallace Cup.

She goes by the nickname “Princess of Hoenn,” which Dawn gives her when they first meet.

5. Max

Max Pokémon Anime Characters

Max is one of the Pokémon anime characters, one of Ash’s traveling companions, and May’s younger brother. He associates with May, Ash, and Brock, a Pokémon breeder.

Despite being too young to be given a Pokémon, Max is a potential Pokémon trainer. Max reads voraciously and is well-versed in Pokémon literature.

He continues to be a Pokémon enthusiast until the end of Battle Frontier when he and May part ways with Ash and Brock, and he travels to Hoenn to assist in maintaining the Petalburg Gym.

In DP Battle Dimension, he is shown in a flashback once more. May’s brief comeback for the Wallace Cup arc has resulted in Max making only two cameo appearances since his departure.

6. Cilan


Cilan, an A-Class Pokémon Connoisseur, can ascertain whether a Pokémon and its trainer are compatible. In seasons 14 through 16, he journeys with Ash.

Along with his brothers Cress and Chili, he served as one of the first gym leaders for the Unova League. 

However, he resigns from his position to travel with Ash and Iris. Like most Pokémon anime characters, he has many hobbies, including fishing, going to the movies, and riding subways, as seen throughout the series. 

He views himself as a competent detective and is distrustful of anything that cannot be explained logically or immediately.

Along with Stunfish and Crustle, he is partnered with the Grass-type Pokémon Pansage. He acts as a mentor and support system for Ash and Iris.

7. Lana

Lana_anime Pokémon Anime Characters

In seasons 20 to 22, Lana becomes friends with Ash at the Pokémon School of Melemele Island. She is a pro at fishing and adores Pokémon of the Water type.

Lana lives on a beach with her parents and two younger sisters, Sarah and Harper. 

She is a girl of action, despite her modest demeanor. Lana has a loving relationship with her two Pokémon partners. 

She has a Popplio that she saved from some Team Skull Grunts and a particular Eevee with bangs concealing its eyes, which she finally removed and gave Sandy the nickname to. Lana generally treats Pokémon with kindness and concern. 

Lana enjoys telling her friends ghost stories to frighten them. She also occasionally jokes about having discovered or captured a rare Pokémon in the ocean.

During a treasure quest on Akala Island, Lana discovers a Sparkling Stone, which is later transformed into a Z-Ring for her and a Waterium Z by a Totem Wishiwashi after she defeats it.

8. Ritchie


Ritchie is a nomadic Pokémon trainer from the city of Frodomar. He makes his debut appearance in the Indigo League Saga, where he and Ash became friends. Ritchie and Ash are similar in that they are rivals. 

For instance, both trainers have a Pikachu and many of the same Pokémon in their possession.

After defeating Ash, Ritchie is ranked within the top eight of the Indigo League tournament, but he then loses his following match. 

Following that, Ash and Ritchie split ways but made an oath to become Pokémon Masters. Among the Pokémon anime characters, he is one of the protagonists of Pokémon Chronicles.

9. Harley

Harley Pokémon Anime Characters

Harley is a Pokémon Coordinator and May’s adversary. He is arrogant, showy, and proud. In their first meeting, Harley misinterprets May’s unintentional remarks as insults to his abilities, and he immediately dislikes her. 

Since then, Harley has sabotaged May’s contests at every chance. He is even collaborating with Team Rocket occasionally and frequently exploits her forgiving nature to fool her into believing he has changed his ways.

He is frequently spotted wearing a Cacturne costume. After Season 9, he travels to Johto with Drew and May.

He also appears in Season 11 as a spectator at the Wallace Cup and in Journeys as a spectator at Steven’s match against Ash.

10. Goh


Compared to the more adventurous and instinctive Ash, Goh is a sophisticated city boy and a rookie Pokémon Trainer who prefers staying cool, quiet, and collected.

Except for Chloe, his arrogance has kept him mostly secluded and uninterested in establishing new friends. 

When Goh meets and gets to know Ash, he realizes how stupid he was in not making other friends besides Chloe.

Among the Pokemon anime characters, he is also quite knowledgeable about Pokémon. 

He is also quite excellent at acquiring and interpreting information, which is essential in gathering clues.

Despite his extensive knowledge of Pokémon, Goh is still a novice Trainer with limited experience. 

As indicated by his proclivity to throw Poké Balls at every Pokémon, he finds rather than weakening them through the fight as is customary. 

Among other Pokémon anime characters, his lack of skill is evident in his battles, where he employs a tactical, by-the-book approach to leveraging type advantages.

He finds it hard to effectively respond to more experienced opponents despite his by-the-book approach.

When sending out his Pokémon or throwing Poké Balls, Goh usually yells, “Go!” However, Goh has matured as a Trainer due to his travels and Ash’s influence. His ambition is to capture every Pokémon to progress to Mew.

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