19 Best Post-apocalyptic Video Games in 2022

Post-Apocalyptic Video Games

There is always something strangely interesting about the end of the world and what comes later for most people.

By exploring the depths that humanity will sink into when facing a wall. However, there is no doubt that a huge market like post-apocalyptic games allows you to live under the pain and the struggle for survival.

They are more in demand than ever before, with a host of games featured at the end of the day, including the likes of Biomutant, Dying Light 2, and much more.

While those topics are still a long way off, we still have a long way to go in the great post-apocalyptic games you can immerse yourself in now.

Post-Apocalyptic Video Games

There is no shortage of options for those with a very sick mind, from twisted and empty playgrounds to crowded and irrational stories.

We have compiled some interesting post-apocalyptic video games for you in this article.

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No one will suggest that ELEX is the most sophisticated post-apocalyptic video game you have ever played, and it is not uncommon.

It is full of familiar bugs from Piranha Bytes, a game that scares you from what you do but is not enough to stop you from appreciating its mysterious beauty. It is not like any other ARPG on the market.

When a comet wiped out the Magnalan population, the survivors blew their noses during the dark days and created nations, the most powerful Albs.

They use the power of ELEX titled, and since you are playing as an isolated Alb, it is up to you to decide who you are pairing with next.

2. Sheltered

Fallout Shelter may be the first game that comes to mind when you see Sheltered in action, or the tone of Bethesda’s spin-off is irreverent and irrelevant.

On the other hand, security is painful and almost depressing in comparison, always giving you tests with your family to survive in this post-apocalyptic video game.

And it’s a much deeper game than Fallout Shelter, which allows you to dump garbage and take part in turn-based combat. You can make your own stories in Sheltered, so if that means you are becoming an omnipotent ancestor, so be it.

Your family can be made the way you want them to be or anyone you want to be, but don’t be too attached: you never know when death will come to Sheltered.

3. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Poor slaves, he did not stand a chance. In a market dominated by various shades of gray shooters, a multi-player post-apocalyptic video game and general beauty would not make it bigger, which led to a promising new IP being downgraded before it started.

Posted by Alex Garland of Ex Machina and 28 Days Later, Enslaved focuses on Monkey, portrayed by Andy Serkis, as he meets a girl who wants to return to her hometown with lots of things standing in their way.

With the unique beauty and dignified meshing of the platform, the complexity, and the action, Ninja Theory and Bandai Namco would do well to try to send you this in the current version to give it the love it deserves.

4. Biomutant

For a long time, in making an open world tour from a tiny group, Biomutant was cut off from his job to keep up with high expectations, which was expected to have no real chance of meeting.

Faced with technical issues and strange design choices (like the exact words for everyone in the game), Biomutant is not as good as it could have been.

Regardless, this “open-world, post-apocalyptic video game Kung-Fu RPG” has a lot of content you can offer without the uncontrollable and completely different setup and much more out there.

You will have to ignore certain things, but the Biomutant world is worth entering into. You feel like the sequel is where Experiment 101 will stop exploring and drive the best formula, though.

5. State of Decay

One of the best ways to make a living from the zombie post-apocalyptic video game (try saying that when you are drunk), State of Decay, enables you to not only survive but also allow those around you to thrive.

With so many characters to play in your community, it is a never-ending source of frustration when your loved one dies permanently, so you will not want to take them out again.

While the second game is very stretchy and rewarding, it is also a tad on the unpolished side.

The first State of Decay still has its problems, though it is not difficult to look beyond that when you go from house to house and check all the items you can find before cutting zombies in your car as you escape.

6. Rage

Jack’s epitome of all post-apocalyptic video games. When it was released, RAGE had many exciting ideas, although it did not succeed in one.

However, with the number of things you can see, do, and kill for many hours of the game, you can be forgiven for forgetting the story, that is, well, it exists, that is for sure.

Whether you attack the invaders with your sweet death boomerang, run your bucket of bolts around, or appear harmless gambling addiction, RAGE is an exciting look at life after the end of everything.

RAGE gets a pass on some of its negative steps with the Software ID behind the wheel due to its play alone.

7. Mad Max

Very divisive at its launch, Mad Max has become a cult thing in recent years. A combination of games like Assassin’s Creed and the Arkham series, Mad Max’s main chicken comes from taking your little car and eventually turning it into a garbage can. It’s slow, but it’s worth it.

Driving is great, though the fight sounds like a bad impersonation of Rocksteady.

However, with a fun way of collecting water and fuel, Mad Max is a game that always keeps you on your toes and is always on the verge of wanting to hit the square of Chumbucket on his annoying face.

Mad Max is available for a small fee these days, so be sure to check out Mad Max and lose its mounds if you have not already.

8. RAD

Here is a small version of this list: RAD is a post-apocalyptic video game that sees you play as a youth tale with the task of eliminating modified garbage, one baseball swipe at a time. This is the Double Fine we are talking about, so expect some crazy madness.

Rogue-lite with oodles of personality and charm, you can change to give yourself special power. Do you want to be a unicorn and lay eggs on unexpected beasts? Be our guest.

While RNG can provide some frustration and difficulty may rise somewhat unfairly, give RAD your patience, and you will be rewarded with irreverent joy.

9. Nuclear Throne

One of the founders of the massive rock hard rock roguelikes a decade ago, that influence could be felt deeply in favor of popular likes such as Enter the Gungeon.

Unlike many post-apocalyptic video games, you do not take on the role of a grizzled survivor who does bad things instead of repenting and needing to do more damage.

The hardest game, The Nuclear Throne, might send you a nuclear bomb after the first fifty or cheap deaths. After that, however, when you run a race and achieve great weapons, you will always have to beg for punishment.

10. Resistance 3

Here is an unlimited explosion of the past. The Resistance Franchise may not have been the Halo or Gears beater that Sony had hoped for, but it did have enough ideas to make it worthwhile.

You can pair a good story with its fascinating machine and Resistance 2 ending, which brings a lot of shocks.

However, if this is the true post-apocalypse you want, Resistance 3 is a must-play. Humanity is on its knees in a chimney that destroys the Earth in another history.

He plays as Joseph Capelli as he takes the battle from the invaders and ends the conflict forever. Resistance 3 is an FPS game that should not be overlooked with really impressive settings and a terrible atmosphere.

Now, if Sony had a chance at the FPS game set in the open world of their PS5… system.

11. Death Stranding

Kojima’s first game after Konami is not for everyone, which is why we put it somewhere in the middle of this list. While some may recommend it as a work of art, others may find it difficult to fall in love with it.

Death Stranding is a divisive game, but one that is sure to provide the real take on the post-apocalyptic video game we have seen in a year. He plays the role of Sam, who was given the task of rebuilding America in one delivery at a time.

Death Stranding is truly alive when you use useful items left by other players and leave yours, a strong reminder that we are all still together.

12. Frostpunk

If a global catastrophe sends the Earth a perpetual winter, it should direct one of humanity’s last remnants of warmth.

This includes building a city around a large generator and trying your best to keep your people happy, even though they should be thankful that they are alive. Seriously, they love the beautiful whinge in Frostpunk.

Especially the management sim, Frostpunk always makes you answer its most difficult questions. Do you take a firm stand for law and order, or do you try to be free and optimistic?

Both of these options will separate the person in your camp, so it is up to you to make him see the light.

It is a continuous action in Frostpunk, and you will probably lose sleep, which should be done for the best post-apocalyptic games.

13. Days Gone

Some of you may spit on your Monster on the screen by realizing that Days Gone is ranked higher on our list than Death Stranding.

That depends on how easily Days Gone is more accessible than Kojima’s modest journey and the fact that Days Gone is simply a solid game in itself.

Laughing at many when it was released, Days Gone has a lot of hard edges that sound particularly familiar at first, but if you stick to it, you will grow to love the Deacon named St. John carelessly, and a hair-raising spectacle.

To capture the crowds of Freaker and all the exciting ideas that Days Gone brought to the table. Well supported by Bend since release, give Days Gone a chance if you haven’t already.

14. The Long Dark

When a geomagnetic disaster strikes your plane in the Canadian desert, you have to strike one day at a time and try to survive.

A quiet post-apocalyptic game compared to most of its peers, Long Dark is designed to be a patient experience, rewarding those who give themselves time to get lost in the midst of it.

With limited supply in the tundra, meeting with any resources is like a birthday present in Long Dark. You will celebrate getting a little candy as you just won the lottery as it gives you more time to breathe in the beautiful world.

Long Dark is a relatively low-key PS4 survival game, though encountering bears and wolves have always been heartbreaking news.

If you like rabbits, however, you should avoid this one.

15. Wasteland 2

Anyone left disappointed in the Fallout franchise route since Bethesda took over does not need to look far beyond Wasteland 2. Developed by the organizer after the first Fallout game, Wasteland 2 returns the post-apocalypse to its CRPG roots positively.

As a cousin, your decisions in Wasteland 2 could lead to long-term consequences, which means that the trial is almost over.

With the impressive depth of customization, you can get into. Wasteland 2 is the perfect way to create a post-apocalypse you see fit, mistakes, and everything.

Included in the many hours of the game, the second installment in the series may be the best, or your third game will be just as stupid and clever.

16. Metro: Last Light

The Metro series of post-apocalyptic games have always been a favorite FPS of the program. While the first play, 2033, was based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, The Last Light turns off to make your own story.

He also plays the role of Artyom, part of the underground survivors’ network following the nuclear apocalypse.

You will get your fair share of enemies, some human, some not so much, and some are not at all like anything you have ever seen before.

Minimalist by its very nature, Final Light does not overload the player with information or handshake at all.

A challenging FPS that contains a variety of coping strategies and the ability to customize your weapons and change the outcome depending on your actions in the game.

The sequel, Metro Exodus, was released in 2019 and with the Redux version of Last Light, which is usually bundled with 2033 at a lower price, you have no excuse to check out this great series.

17. Gears of War 3

The Gears of War 3 did not replace the Gears franchise wheel, though it was never needed. The plan for the first two games (including the unusual but unusual reload mechanic) has been followed by a third installment but with some improvements so that the action and chain saws feel wetter than before.

Following the sequel to the second game, Gears of War 3 repeats you as Marcus Fenix: the greatest man in the game. Humanity is on the verge of extinction after the locust invasion, so it is up to you to fight for them one last time.

Considering the amount of testosterone in the Gears of War 3, it is an amazingly disappointing journey that is the backbone of the Xbox product for a good reason.

18. Fallout: New Vegas

Often hailed as the best Fallout game ever, New Vegas embraced the first-person ARPG style Bethesda brought to the Fallout 3 series while also ensuring it retains the Obsidian sense of building a world that demands attention and characters to take care of.

Play Fallout 4 with New Vegas side-by-side, and you’ll see a disappointing “order” first.

When you are about to die in the desert of Vegas, you should seek revenge – or, if you fail to do so, go and complete the 45000 sidequest and distractions offered by New Vegas, which include lending a hand to someone pretending to be Elvis or just—frittering all your money away at a casino.

Fallout fans have been begging Bethesda to convince Obsidian to return to another game, and it’s not hard to see why I even hit the head on your million Cazador.

19. Half-Life 2

Following the tragic events of Half-Life, Half-Life 2 begins with a mysterious boss known as G-Man resurrecting Gordon Freeman in his role.

The main character finds himself in a city full of alien Combine troops responsible for releasing him.

The players follow Gordon’s treacherous journey of redemption in his quest to find ways to overthrow the oppressive Combine regime that stems from his deep guilt for causing it.

Several memorable characters from the opposition are introduced, including Alyx and Eli. Together, they overcame seemingly impossible situations in all 13 exciting chapters.

Unfortunately, the game leaves a lot of unanswered questions – players never get a satisfying end to their historic journey. Like Gordon, they were put back in shape until Half-Life 3.

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