18 Best Puzzle Games For iPhone and iPad

Best Puzzle Games For iPhone

Are you looking for a new challenge? Or are you just looking for a way to pass the time? This collection of the best puzzle games for iPhone will entice you and keep you hooked.

However, The beauty of puzzle games is that they are simple to play. Many of them are built on simple ideas, which is why they’re so addictive.   

A good puzzle game will keep you occupied for hours as you try (and frequently fail) to advance through the levels.

Additionally, You may become irritated and throw your iPhone or iPad down in frustration.  

But the game will have you coming back for more since you aren’t about to let a game get the best of you.

Moreover, many gamers have a love-hate relationship with the sheer force of will required to continue playing a well-crafted puzzle game.

But there’s no disputing its strength. The best puzzle games for iPhone are listed here. 

1. Pink

Bart Bonte has a history of producing color-based puzzle games, having previously created yellow, red, black, blue, and green.

You could believe that’s all there is to it. No, pink is yet another brilliant piece of logic puzzlement.  

Additionally, Each stage’s goal is to fill the screen with pink. As the deceptive nature of the game’s developer becomes obvious, figuring out how to do this gets increasingly difficult.

Despite the puzzles’ constrained single-screen setup and minimal aesthetics, there’s plenty of ingenuity on exhibit over pink’s 50 levels. 

2. Aggretsuko

The Aggretsuko game for iPhone is a natural fit for fans of the Sanrio anime series on Netflix.

Aggretsuko is the don of the best puzzle game for iPhone. Characters from the popular television show appear in this match-three puzzle game.  

However, there are appearances by Haida, Fenneko, Director Ton, and Sashimi. You can also design and decorate your office building in addition to the standard match-three action. 

3. Threes

Threes, the matching game that sparked a 2048-clone craze, added intelligence to the puzzle genre (along with some fantastic background music).  

It is a number-based game, but you don’t need any special arithmetic skills to win, just an open mind and a penchant for planning.  

The best part is that there are always new roads to explore, new techniques to try, and new matching methods; the game is never the same, even though the numbers remain the same. 

4. Empty

Empty. have you removed items from rooms until nothing remains, aiming for a level of minimalism that even Marie Kondo would find excessive. 

In addition, this is accomplished by rotating each area so that items blend into surfaces of the same color and then vanish.  

Additionally, It’s a relaxing and contemplative experience. The soothing music keeps you interested and helps you concentrate. There are no timers or advertisements.

Furthermore, It’s all about interacting with haptic, hand-crafted stages. 

5. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is one of the oldest and best puzzle games for iPhone. You may recall Puzzle Bobble if you grew up playing video games in the 1990s.  

The arcade puzzle game, sometimes known as Bust-a-Move, had you shooting and matching colorful bubbles. Bubble Witch 3 Saga, the third installment in the series, follows the same formula.  

All you have to do is trade monsters for witches, cats, and other exciting characters. Bubble Witch Saga, from the same creators as Candy Crush Saga, will keep you wanting to play “just one more level.” 

6. Casual Metaphysics

Casual Metaphysics is one of the best puzzle games for iPhone. Match games are at their best when they avoid ripping off Bejeweled and instead try something new.

Casual Metaphysics, on the other hand, is unique. Additionally, the goal is to match shapes that are similar and then evolve.

However, you can rack up many points if you chain a lot of them together in one sweep. If you take your time, your current score will plummet. 

Furthermore, the other issue is that you’re up against human opponents in single-device mode or a strange luminous computer-controlled hand ‘within’ the screen.

Early days are simple enough, with few forms and a bumbling AI.

However, after a few stages, there isn’t much “casual” about Casual Metaphysics as you urgently struggle to create a winning chain from a sea of diverse forms that will keep you alive. 

7. Sage Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game that has been around for a long time. On a Windows PC, you’ve most likely played the digital editions.  

Furthermore, how does a solitaire card game rank among the top iPhone puzzle games? Because it takes a classic formula and adds a game-changing twist, Sage Solitaire earned its slot.  

A 3 by three grid is used to arrange the cards. You clear them by building poker hands, but at least two rows of cards must be included. Simple, addictive, and entertaining. 

8. Little Alchemy 2

This logic puzzler gives you a few elements and asks you to combine them to make new things.

Imagine a sluggish universe-creating god with an iPhone, and you’ll have a good idea of what I’m talking about.  

Additionally, some combinations are apparent, such as when a couple of ponds merge to form a lake. However, several are amusing (livestock meat with a sword – ouch) or demand creative thought (merging a car and bird to make a plane).  

Furthermore, when there aren’t any discoveries, it’s tempting to go through the motions of ‘dropping all the things on all the other things,’ but it’s always a thrill to uncover something new. 

9. Six Match

Isn’t it about time we had another match-three clone? And isn’t it time to refresh that retro graphic style inspired by the 1980s?  

Don’t assess Six Match only based on its cover. Furthermore, the best puzzle games, including those for the iPhone, focus on providing a simple mechanic that is rewarding and addictive.  

Additionally, you maneuver a bot around in Six Match to make a match in as few as six turns. It’s a lot more enjoyable than you might anticipate. 

10. Look, Your Loot

Look, your loot is a card-based dungeon crawler that isn’t relatively as quiet as a mouse, given the rodent hero’s penchant for stabbing monsters to death.

The action takes place on a grid, and you swipe to move the critter while keeping an eye on his lifeforce and shield values to ensure he doesn’t become supper.  

Furthermore, you collect bling, spells, and keys throughout time, kick bosses, and gain new abilities.

Additionally, death is only a few swipes away, so you must tread carefully in the claustrophobic dungeon in what quickly becomes an addictive pocket-based mash-up of strategy, path-finding, and RPG. 

11. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is one of the best puzzle games for the iPhone. How well do you know words? Given that you’ve come to WordFinder, you’re presumably familiar with word games.  

Furthermore, Alpha Omega is not mistaken with a specific type of word chain game; instead, it resembles a crossword puzzle.

Additionally, The letters are jumbled up, and you must unscramble words to complete the stage. You only have the first and last letters to work with. 

12. Kitty Letter

A gruesome vortex is utilized to create words, which then unleash columns of cats that explode when they come into contact with your opponent’s home.  

Furthermore, In the same fashion, said adversary fights back. In addition, A deer with the runs can occasionally poop out a power-up that you can gather with your marching moggies.  

However, this is the latest collaboration from the Exploding Kittens gang. It’s business as usual, complete with a bizarre tale and quirky Oatmeal art.  

However, there is a terrific game here as well, similar to Exploding Kittens a gripping, brilliantly constructed (though odd) combination of anagrams and real-time tactics. 

13. High Rise

The classic match-three dynamic is given a three-dimensional twist in High Rise. It is also one of the best puzzle games for the iPhone. You construct a cityscape one block at a time in this game.  

You spin a three-dimensional platform instead of matching-colored blocks on a two-dimensional grid. To mix identically colored blocks, place them side by side and vertically.

More blocks can be combined to create unique structures for your growing metropolis. 

14. Salvagette

In Salvagette, you build a cityscape block by block. Furthermore, Instead of matching colored blocks on a two-dimensional grid, you use a three-dimensional platform.

Additionally, Place equally colored blocks next to each other, vertically, to mix them. More blocks can be combined to create incredible structures for your rapidly expanding metropolis.

15. King Rabbit

King Rabbit is one of the best puzzle games for the iPhone. It oozes both sweetness and nostalgia with its retro-inspired blocky graphic style.

Furthermore, The goal of this action-puzzle game is to bring your small white rabbit to the destination at each level safely.

However, Along the way, collect objects, avoid obstacles and hazards, and hop your way to safety. You may even make your levels and share them with the rest of the world.  

16. Cube Critters

Perhaps you like more competitive games? You’ll like challenging your friends (and opponents) in Cube Critters if you prefer multiplayer word games like Scrabble GO and BattleTech.  

Moreover, you navigate dangerous mazes, work your way past tricky obstacles, and gather entertaining power-ups, just like King Rabbit.

In addition, Compete against other players or take on the single-player game in cubic environments. 

17. Amaze

Amaze is one of the best puzzle games for the iPhone.  Fill up the maze with color! The goal appears simple enough in AMAZE!!!

And yes, those three exclamation points are part of its official name. Furthermore, Paint the stage with bright colors.  

In addition, The hitch is that your painting ball will only come to a halt when it collides with a wall.

So, to complete the puzzle, you must arrange your trip correctly—what a vibrant way to while away the hours. 

18. 1010 Block Puzzle

When it comes to Tetris-inspired puzzle games, 1010 Block Puzzle strikes the perfect balance of familiarity and novelty.

Additionally, The bright blocks resemble their Tetris counterparts but come in a broader range of sizes and forms.  

Moreover, Because there is no forced gravity on the pieces, they do not fall to the bottom of the stage. You can play at a slower speed here.

In addition, Lines are evident as you complete them, just like in Tetris. You can also compete with your pals.  

Conclusively The finest and best puzzle games for iPhones are ideal for when you only want to play for a few minutes because they are structured into trim levels.  

However, as you’ve probably already discovered, the finest free puzzle games for iPhone may easily keep you engrossed for hours or even days.

They’re pretty addicting. And it’s not without reason. 

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