40 Shadowhunters Cast and their roles

Shadowhunters Cast

The Shadowhunters cast is diverse, meaning it includes people from different races and sexual orientations. Also, Shadowhunters cast are mainly young adults.

The Shadowhunter series is also known as Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instrument.  

Besides, this series is an American supernatural drama TV series based on Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instrument novel. Ed Decter developed the series.

However, Don Carmody, David Cormican, and Martin Moszkowiz produced it. 

Moreover, Constantin Film is the production company associated with this series, and its distributors are Disney-ABC Domestic Television and Netflix.  

Additionally, this series comprises 55 episodes in 3 seasons which premiered on January 12, 2016, and the last episode was on May 6, 2019.

Each episode ran for 42 minutes. Besides, Shadowhunters got several award nominations, winning one GLAAD, five People’s Choice Awards, and six Teen Choice Awards.  

Furthermore, this series is centered on Clary Fray, who discovered that she was not wholly human on her eighteenth birthday.  

She is half-angel and half-human. She learned that she comes from a bloodline of Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters keep humans safe.

They hunt down demons. Along with learning how to be a Shadowhunter, she struggles with the idea of forbidden love. 

Moreover, Clary was thrown into the demon-hunting world when her mother was abducted.

To navigate the new world she found herself in, she had to rely on mysterious, selfish, but attractive Shadowhunters Jace, Alec, and Isabelle.  

Also, she dragged her loyal, geeky friend, Simon, along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Clary begins a journey of self-discovery, learning about her past and what the future might hold for her.

This article will provide a preview of some of the characters from Shadowhunters’ cast. Thus, they are: 

1. Katherine McNamara

Katherine plays one of the main characters in the Shadowhunters cast. She plays the role of Clary Fairchild, a teenager who was raised with humans.  

Notwithstanding, she found out on her eighteenth birthday that she is a human-angel hybrid. Also, she is the daughter of Jocelyn Fairchild and Valentine Morgenstern.

However, Clary killed Valentine after discovering that he took her mother, which led to Clary being a full Shadowhunter in season 3. 

In season 3, Lilith, the Queen of Hell, resurrected Clary’s brother, Jonathan. For a while, Jonathan controlled Clary due to the cravings Lilith carved on her skin which binds Clary’s life to Jonathan.  

However, Jace broke the bind with a heavenly fire sword called Glorious. In the series finale, Clary was able to kill Jonathan using the creation of a rune, but it cost her her powers, runes, and memories of the Shadow World.  

Later on, Clary went back to being an artist. She ran into Jace in an art exposition and recognized him despite his glamour. 

2. Dominic Sherwood

Dominic plays Jace Herondale on Shadowhunters cast. Jace is a charming, selfish, and attractive Shadowhunter who falls in love with Clary.

Also, he is the adoptive brother of Max, Isabelle, and Alec. Jace and Alex are Parabatai, as well as being Shadowhunters.  

Initially, Jace was believed to be Michael Wayland’s son and Clary’s brother. However, it was revealed that he is a Herondale. That is, he is not related to Clary.  

Although Valentine killed him at the end of season 2, he was resurrected when Clary made his resurrection her wish to Angel Raziel.  

In season 3, his mental health and vulnerability to demonic influences became the consequences of his resurrection, which happens to be a key storyline in the season.  

3. Alberto Rosende

Alberto is on Shadowhunters cast as Simon Lewis. Simon is Clary’s childhood best friend, who is a human. However, he got involved in the Shadow world through Clary. Later on, he became a vampire and started dating Clary.  

However, they broke up due to Clary’s feelings for Jace. In season 2, he starts dating Maia but also broke up with her because she became the new alpha of the werewolf’s pack.  

On the other hand, Seelie Queen gave him a powerful mark that gave him the power to banish Greater Demons. In the series finale, he developed feelings for Isabelle and started dating her. 

4. Matthew Daddario

Matthew played the role of Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters cast. Alec is a no-nonsense, serious Shadowhunter; he is also the older brother of Max and Isabelle. Likewise, he is the adoptive brother of Jace and a Parabatai.  

Alec started dating the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, in season 2. They both proposed to each other at the same time and got married in season 3. 

Meanwhile, in season 2, Alec became the Head of New York Institute. Then, he handed over the position to his sister, Isabelle, to become the new Inquisitor of the Clave in the series finale. 

5. Emeraude Toubia

Emeraude played the role of Isabelle Lightwood in Shadowhunters cast. Isabelle is a charismatic, seductive Shadowhunter.  

Besides, she is the younger sister of Alec, the older sister of Max, and the adoptive sister of Jace. She became addicted to a vampire drug called yin fen in season 2 but overcame her addiction.  

Furthermore, she became the new weapons master in season 3 but left to take over from her brother, Alec, as the Head of the New York Institute. Meanwhile, she began dating Simon. 

6. Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah is on the Shadowhunters cast as Luke Garroway. Luke is a former Shadowhunter turned werewolf who is also an NYPD cop.

Although Luke was once Valentine’s parabatai, he acted as a father figure to Clary. In season 1, he became the alpha of the werewolves pack after he killed the previous one.  

However, when Valentine killed Alaric, Luke had to partner with a human called Ollie because Ollie became suspicious of his actions. Ollie later found out that Luke was a werewolf.  

In season 3, Luke was fired from the NYPD because he refused to cooperate on Ollie’s sudden disappearance case.

His love for Clary made him drop his position as alpha and passed the title to Maia. He later began dating Maryse. 

7. Harry Shum Jr.

Harry Shum is on the Shadowhunters cast as Magnus Bane. Magnus is a mighty, intelligent, and wise warlock. He was formerly the High Warlock of Brooklyn.  

However, he was stripped of his title in season 3 when he decided to align himself with the Seelie Queen.

Besides, he did this after discovering that Valentine still had the Soul-Sword, a sword that can kill demon-blooded creatures and compel a person’s truth. 

In season 3, Magnus gives up his powers to his father, Asmodeus, to save Jace from Lilith. Although, he later got his powers back from Asmodeus and became the High Warlock of Alicante.

Meanwhile, he started starting Alec in season 2, and they got married in season 3.  

8. Alisha Wainwright

Alisha played Maia Roberts on the Shadowhunters cast. Maia is a human whom her ex turned into a werewolf.  

Also, she is part of Luke’s pack and a bartender at the Hunter’s Moon bar. She has trust issues because of her ex. Even though Maia is suffering, she hides it with her stubborn personality.  

Initially, she was not on good terms with Jace because she and other werewolves thought Jace killed one of their own.  

However, Valentine killed the werewolf. Despite being a werewolf and Simon being a vampire, they both got along and even started dating.

Nevertheless, they broke up because Maia became the new alpha of the pack. 

9. Alan Van Sprang

Alan is on the Shadowhunters cast as Valentine Morgenstern. Valentine is a rogue Shadowhunter and the leader of the Circle who also happens to be Clary and Jonathan’s father, as well as Jocelyn’s ex-husband.  

In season 1, Valentine deceived Clary and Jace that they were siblings and later blackmailed Jace into joining him using the lives of his friends.

In season 2, Jace learned the truth about his relationship with Clary when the Soul-Sword compelled Valentine to tell the truth.  

Although he was taken into the Clave’s custody, Jonathan broke him out and joined him on his quest to obtain the Mortal Instruments.  

Also, their goal was to raise the Angel Raziel and wish for the destruction of all Downworlders. At the end of season 2, Valentine killed Jace. Then a vengeful Clary killed him before he could make his wish from the Angel Raziel. 

Finally, in season 3, Clary resurrected him briefly using a Necromancy rune so that she can question him about Lilith.

Besides, he went on a murderous rampage at the Gard before Clary deactivated the rune, which essentially killed him again. 

10. Maxim Roy

Maxim played Jocelyn Fairchild on the Shadowhunters cast. Jocelyn is Clary’s warm and protective mother, also Valentine’s wife, and a former member of the Circle.  

Moreover, Valentine’s men kidnapped Jocelyn in season 1, which led to Clary being a Shadowhunter. However, Clary and her friends rescued her from Valentine.  

In season 2, she was reassigned to Idris after her loyalty is questioned. Eventually, a demon possessed Alec, and he killed her.

Furthermore, Jocelyn continued appearing as a spirit to Clary, warning her to stop making runes unless she wants all of her Shadowhunter powers to be stripped. 

11. Vanessa Matsui

Vanessa is on Shadowhunters cast. She played the role of Dorothea Rollins. Besides, Dorothea is a young warlock who is Jocelyn’s assistant and a sister figure to Clary. 

12. Jon Cor

Jon played Hodge Starkweather on Shadowhunters cast. Hodge is a former member of the Circle and the weapons trainer at the New York Institute.

Besides, he gave up the Mortal Cup to Valentine in season 1 because he wanted to rid himself of a rune. The rune burned him anytime he mentions Valentine and the Circle.  

Additionally, he was locked up at the City of Bones for his actions. Finally, Valentine killed him when he was looking for the Soul-Sword.  

13. David Castro

David played the role of Raphael Santiago on Shadowhunters cast. Raphael is a catholic vampire who is Camille’s, former right-hand man. He was also the former leader of Brooklyn’s vampire clan.  

Later on, in season 2, he developed a co-dependent relationship with Isabelle and revealed that he has always been asexual.

Furthermore, he resurrected Heidi and conducted several experiments on her to know how to be daylight. 

However, Isabelle learned of his actions and banished him. Eventually, Isabelle and Raphael settled their differences.  

Then, Raphael was sent to Clave, where he was transferred to the Heavenly Fire project. Finally, Raphael was injected with a serum in the series finale, which turned him into a human and gave him a fresh start.  

14. Jade Hassoun

Jade played the role of Meliorn in Shadowhunters cast. Meliorn is a Seelie Knight who is loyal to the Seelie Queen. 

15. Kaitlyn Leeb

Kaitlyn played the role of Camille Belcourt in Shadowhunters’ cast. Camille was the former leader of Brooklyn’s vampire clan who also happens to be Magnus’ ex-girlfriend.

However, Raphael overthrew Camille when she turned Simon into a vampire, thereby breaking the Accords. 

Later, she began running from the Clave because she was responsible for some vampire bleeder dens. Eventually, Magnus summoned her with a box containing her grave dirt then he sent her to the Crave. 

16. Christina Cox

Christina played the role of Elaine Lewis in Shadowhunters cast; Elaine is Simon and Rebecca’s widowed mother. 

17. Nicola Correia-Damude

Nicola played the role of Maryse Lightwood in Shadowhunters cast. Maryse is the former head of the New York Institute and a former member of the Circle.

Moreover, Alec, Isabelle and Max’s mother, Jace’s adoptive mother, and Robert’s ex-wife. 

18. Paulino Nunes

Paulino played the role of Robert Lightwood in Shadowhunters cast. Robert is a former member of the Circle. Besides, he is Maryse’s ex-husband, Alec, Isabelle, and Max’s father, and Jace’s adoptive father. 

19. Jack Fulton

Jack played the role of Max Lightwood in Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Max is Alec and Isabelle’s precocious younger brother and Jace’s adoptive brother. 

20. Holly Deveaux

Holly played the role of Rebecca Lewis in Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Rebecca is Simon’s older sister. 

21. Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie played the role of Lydia Branwell in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Lydia is a member of the Clave who takes over the New York Institute temporarily.  

22. Raymond Ablack

Raymond played the role of Raj in the Shadowhunters cast. Raj is a Shadowhunter who usually enforces the orders of the head of the New York Institute.  

However, Raj and some Shadowhunters were banished to Wrangel Island after they challenged Alec’s authority as the new head of the New York Institute. 

23. Mimi Kuzyk

Mimi played the role of Imogen Herondale in the Shadowhunters cast. Moreover, Imogen is the Inquisitor of the Clave, who also happens to be Jace’s grandmother.  

However, Jace killed her when an owl demon possessed him under Lilith’s influence. After her death, Alec became the new Inquisitor. 

24. Joel Labelle

Joel played the role of Alaric Rodriguez in the Shadowhunters cast. Alaric is a werewolf who is also Luke’s NYPD partner.

However, in season 2, Valentine killed him after activating the Soul-Sword. 

25. Shailene Garnett

Shailene played the role of Maureen Brown in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Maureen is Clary and Simon’s friend who has a crush on Simon. 

26. Nick Sugar

Nick played the role of Victor Aldertree in Shadowhunters cast. Victor is a Clave diplomat who took over the Institute and led a manhunt on Jace.

Alec replaced him after he was sent back to Idris to face punishment for his actions.  

Furthermore, he created a heavenly fire serum that turns Downworlders into humans against their will. The Clave arrested him when they learned of his actions. 

27. Lisa Berry

Lisa played the role of Sister Cleophas Garroway in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Cleophas is a former Circle member, Iron’s sister, and Luke’s younger sister. 

28. Will Tudor

Will played the role of Sebastian Verlag/Jonathan Morgenstern in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Jonathan is Jocelyn and Valentine’s firstborn son, Clary’s brother.  

However, Valentine sent him to Edom because he had murderous tendencies since he was injected with demon blood before his birth.

Meanwhile, in Edom, Lilith took care of him and loved him like her own son.  

However, in season 2, he escaped Edom, stole the Soul-Sword, and took the identity of Sebastian Verlag, who is an English Shadowhunter.  

He later killed Sebastian. Jace killed Jonathan and pushed him into a river after his cover was blown. Although, before he died, Jonathan was able to call out to Lilith and summon an army of wraith demons.  

Finally, Jonathan appeared briefly in season 3 in Jace’s nightmares and illusions before Lilith resurrected Jonathan, who Clary killed again. 

29. Tessa Mossey

Tessa played the role of Heidi McKenzie in the Shadowhunters cast. Moreover, Heidi is a human Simon met at a bleeder den.  

Then, another vampire accidentally drains her blood. However, in season 3, Raphael resurrected her as a vampire and conducted experiments on her in his pursuit to become a day lighter like Simon.

Consequentially, she became a great danger to the human realm. 

30. Noah Danby

Noah played the role of Russell in the Shadowhunters cast. Russell is a werewolf who is a tough member of Luke’s pack. Moreover, he became the pack’s alpha after Luke retired. However, Griffin killed him.

Hence, making Maia the new alpha. 

31. Sarah Hyland

Sarah played the role of the Seelie Queen in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, the Seelie Queen is the ruler of the Seelie court who took an interest in Simon’s daylight status.

In addition, Lola Flanery also played the role of the Seelie Queen with Sarah Hyland. 

32. Andreas Apergis

Andreas played the role of Malachi Dieudonne in the Shadowhunters cast. Even though Malachi was the Consul of the Clave, he was also secretly working with Valentine. Jace killed him, and he was replaced with Jia Penhallow. 

33. Romaine Waite

Romaine played the role of Griffin in the Shadowhunters cast. Moreover, Griffin is the new leader of Brooklyn’s vampire clan after Raphael was banished. 

34. Francoise Yip

Francoise played the role of Jia Penhallow in the Shadowhunters cast. Jia became the new Consul of the Clave after Malachi died.  

35. Jack J. Yang

Jack played the role of Asmodeus in the Shadowhunters cast. Asmodeus is a Greater Demon as well as Magnus’ father. 

36. Anna Hopkins

Anna played the role of Lilith in the Shadowhunters cast. Moreover, Lilith is a Greater Demon as well as being the ruler of Edom.

Additionally, in the series finale, Isabelle killed her using the Heavenly Fire embedded in her veins.  

37. Alexandra Ordolis

Alexandra played the role of Olivia “Ollie” Wilson in the Shadowhunters cast. Besides, Ollie is a former NYPD cop, Luke’s former partner, and Sam’s girlfriend. 

38. Tara Joshi

Tara played Samantha “Sam” in the Shadowhunters cast, who happens to be Ollie’s girlfriend. 

39. Stephanie Belding

Stephanie played the role of Iris Rouse in the Shadowhunters cast, who is a warlock with the ability to resurrect dead people. 

40. Ariana Williams

Ariana played the role of Madzie in the Shadowhunters cast, who is Iris’ goddaughter.  

Conclusively, these are some characters that could be found in one or all three seasons of the series.

Whenever you are watching Shadowhunters, this article will help you put a name to the faces of some of the characters in the series. 

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