Simple Mode Vs Advanced Mode: Shooting in Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Shooting

Hey there, time to answer a that looks simple but isn’t really that simple. I started Call of Duty Mobile towards the end of Season 11 and after seeing many Youtube videos, I decided to settle for Advanced mode.

The 80 percent matches I played on Advanced mode when I first started out were painful and since I focused mainly on Multiplayer and Alcatraz Battle Royale, I got killed all the time.

In comes the basic mode and boom, I was getting the kills and XPs and the stars. I got to 112 from 18 on basic mode before I switched back to Advanced mode.

So what’s the difference between both modes and the advantages/disadvantages both hold?

Basic Mode

The basic is more or less like “POINT AND KILL.” It makes shooting very easy as the AI automatically shoots any enemy that gets into your cross hair. This made it very easy to kill enemies when they are coming from a tight lane.

Advantages of the Simple Mode

It is very easy to shoot in the basic mode as all you have to do is get the enemy in your cross hair. This helps alot as you focus mainly on movement.

This is a very good way to build control and quick evading techniques.

Disadvantage of the Simple Mode.

As sweet as it is, the basic mode has its own disadvantages and well?.. lets look at them.

  1. Slow response especially when sniping. Except you are using a KiloBolt rifle, the basic mode is very slow when sniping. The seconds delay before shooting when scoping is enough for the enemy to escape.
  2. You can Aim at scorestreaks. When using the basic mode, you can shoot sentry guns, stealth choppers. SAM turrets etc. In Battle Royale mode, you can’t shoot vehicles and it can be quite frustrating.
  3. The easiest way to deal with a player using the Basic Mode is to lie down and go prone… Yup. A player using basic mode can’t shoot players lying down. You just become a duck that can easily be plucked.
  4. You will lose melee weapons fight. The time it will take your knife, baseball bat, or axe to fix its scope on the enemy and strike is enough for the enemy to kill you.
  5. You can shoot players that look out of range. Sometimes, you just aim and it just won’t shoot because the players may seem out of range.

The Basic mode can only that get you that far and when it counts, it will disappoint you if the opponent is skilled.

Advanced Mode

Enter the FAT DRAGON. The advanced mode well is for advanced players or those who have at least understood the game. I almost went back to Basic mode the first few days after I switched as I forgot to shoot after aiming.

After getting whopped a few times I finally fell in love with it. Well here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Advanced Mode.

Advantages of the Advanced Mode

Everything you can’t do in Basic is available here. Quick sniping response, allowing players to even use the more advanced 3 Fingers, 4 Fingers and 5 Finger Claw Technique.

Aiming and shooting at will whenever you want. You can shoot and there is a 40% chance that you can hit someone who seems out of range.

You can also aim at score streaks and the freedom that comes with pulling the trigger whenever you want means you can sneak up on a opponent you don’t want to shoot.

Disadvantage of the Advanced Mode

Well, you waste bullets and your accuracy can be off sometimes. For starters, it is very easy to get movement controls and attack controls mixed up.

So which is better?

It all depends on the player. The Basic mode give you the advantage of only worrying about movement and aiming as you don’t have to worry about pulling the trigger. When well used, it can make you a formidable player.

As for the advanced mode, well here we are. I love the fact that I can shoot whenever I want and when using a sniper rifle, I make faster decisions. Majority of the players will go with this mode because it offers numerous advantages over the simple mode.

But if you are just here for the fun, why not use the Basic mode and shoot away?

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