15 Fun Snowboarding Video Games to Play

Snowboarding Video Games

Since the release of the much-loved Heavy Shreddin’ for the NES in 1990, snowboarding video games have been a staple of sports gaming. 

While players who enjoy Madden NFL or MLB games are often interested in their real-life counterparts. Snowboarding games seem to appeal to all audiences due to their sense of speed and immersion. 

Typically, there are a few options available. Let’s take a look at some of the best snowboarding video games ever released.

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1. SSX

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox

SSX (2012) is the best snowboarding game to date, with a wild soundtrack and a vast range of stages to ride. Besides, an SSX game has never looked so polished, and Electronic Arts knocked it out of the park with this one. 

Combo chains are suitable for both novice and experienced players. However, the grinding is a lot of fun. It’s a thrilling game that has to be played to fully appreciate its genius.

2. Steep

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Steep is a must-have for anyone looking for one of the most contemporary and well-made snowboarding video games on the market. Furthermore, it is visually stunning and plays just as well. 

This game offers a variety of gameplay possibilities, ranging from free-roaming across spectacular slopes to racing against gamers from all over the world. 

In addition, the game is ideal for all types of extreme sports fans, as it includes activities such as skiing and wingsuit gliding. The game’s appearance, performance, and variety of playing modes make it an excellent pick for the current generation of consoles.

3. The Snowboard Game

Platforms: PC

Let It Roll AB, a firm made up of only one individual who enjoys gaming, created the Snowboard Game. Which is incredible given the level of attention to detail that has gone into this work of art. 

However, There are five handcrafted mountains to conquer in the game, each having storyline quests and spectacular multiplayer events.

Additionally, The aesthetics and gameplay are both centered on realism, which this title does admirably.

4. Shaun: White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 2, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

In the mid-2000s, Ubisoft appeared to be on the verge of making Shaun White a household brand for snowboarding games in the same manner that Tony Hawk had become a household name for skating games. 

While this series didn’t quite reach the same heights as that smash hit, the few games that were released were more than adequate for most. 

Furthermore, This is especially true of the Wii version of Shaun White Snowboarding, which was released in 2008. The game borrows SSX’s arcade-style elements while maximizing the Wii’s motion control capabilities. 

5. 1080 Snowboarding

Platforms: Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii u

While the gameplay mechanics aren’t as polished as newer games. 1080 Snowboarding is one of the best games for snowboarding nostalgia. 

Additionally, The game was a big advance in the sector when it first came out in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. Incredible tricks, challenging races, and a variety of other elements were added. 

However, There are a variety of unique characters to choose from. And a fantastic split-screen feature in which you can race your friends to discover who is the greatest.

Without these games, the snowboarding video games market would not be where it is now.

6. Dark Summit

Platforms: Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2.

Dark Summit isn’t the most well-made game out there. Objects are frequently passed through by players without clashing with them. 

The game has its share of glitches, but it’s still a wonderful snowboarding game worth playing. Furthermore, I is praised for having genuinely enjoyable gameplay that takes on average 7 hours to complete. 

However, There are few ways to critique Dark Summit’s ingenuity, even if it doesn’t accomplish much to surprise gamers.

7. Infinite Air With Mark McMorris

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

It has a great Career mode that will keep you entertained while you learn these snowboarding video games principles. 

However, the real fun begins when you start making your own trails. And, even better, riding down ones made by other community members. Typically, with this one, you’ll have something fresh to look forward to every week.

8. Amped 2

Platform: Xbox

It is likely the most popular game in the Amped series, despite not being the first (or the last). It had a great career mode and engaging gameplay.

But the game’s crown treasure was the vast region that players could explore.

In addition Many of the characters were genuine snowboarders, and the soundtrack could be changed. Furthermore, Many gamers appreciated the game because it was one of the first in the space to offer online races.

However, It was one of the best snowboarding video games of 2004. And one of the best snowboarding games ever, thanks to all of these exciting and rather unique aspects.

9. 1080 Avalanche

Platform: GameCube.

Despite other hits like SSX and Shaun White thriving at the time, this game comes straight from the snowboarding-heavy era of the mid-2000s. 

However, It stresses speed through time trials and intense avalanche avoidance battles. 

Despite the learning curve required with some of the timing and balancing suggestions, there are still plenty of gratifying tricks to do.

Additionally, Split-screen multiplayer possibilities add to the fun of this entertaining game.

10. Stoked: Big Air Edition

Platforms: Xbox 360, Microsoft windows.

In contrast to the massive competitive aspect of other popular snowboarding games, it concentrates on a more intimate freestyle riding experience (such as the SSX series). 

However, It includes various trails from around the world as well as the option to set your own drop point, allowing you to attack the trails in a variety of ways. 

While these snowboarding video games were originally developed by Bongfish GmbH for the Xbox 360, it were re-released for Windows in 2011, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

11. Snowboard Kids

Platforms: Nintendo 64, and PlayStation.

If Mario Kart is the kid-friendly version of racing games, this Racdym title can be compared to snowboarding video games. 

In addition, The game even has a similar gameplay mechanic, with the player being thrown numerous hazards, ramps, items, and even currency. 

However, This blocky racer features nine colorful courses that are navigated by a variety of colorful characters and accompanied by upbeat music. 

Furthermore, The game is a mix of arcade-style racing with extreme sports stunts thrown in for good measure. Snowboard Kids, a 1998 game, pulls out the player’s inner-child with some entertaining gameplay, even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

12. Alto’s Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Switch, iOS, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

When it first came out, critics were enraged by its gorgeous and simplistic style. And it should be clear why after only a few minutes of playing this game. 

However, it offers an engrossing mood reminiscent of Journey or Abzu, which blends wonderfully with straightforward gameplay (based on tapping the screen to jump and do backflips).

13. Cool Boarders

Platforms: Android, PlayStation and PlayStation 3

Cool Boarders 2 is a follow-up to the surprisingly popular 1996 game Cool Boarders, and it improves on the formula in every aspect. 

Additionally, UEP Systems, the creators, put a lot of effort into this. Mostly motivated by their prior victory, and while it’s difficult to tell which is the best, I believe CB2 nails the nail on the head.

However, it has both race and trick modes, as well as the ability to design your border, which was really amazing and creative at the time. Bonus points for being the most evocative of the 1990s of all the games on the list.

14. Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games

Platforms: Wii and Nintendo DS

The snowboarding competitions in this snowboarding video games are exciting and fast-paced, and newbies will find it simple to get started. 

Furthermore, if you’re a competitive type, every multiplayer session is a blast, and you’ll soon find yourself begging your buddies for a rematch as if a million dollars were on the line. 

However, this is a terrific choice to consider if you want to sit down with some pals and have some casual gaming fun. At the very least, it is deserving of a place on our list!

15. SSX Tricky

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox

SSX (2001) was undoubtedly a fantastic snowboarding game, but SSX Tricky expanded on the original concept by adding layers of excitement. 

Additionally, players who can max out the “Tricky Meter” can perform even more advanced snowboarding tricks and earn a lot of points. 

Unlike its predecessor, which was a PlayStation 2 exclusive, SSX Tricky was released on a variety of platforms at the time, including Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, and PlayStation 2. This game provides an outstanding experience even by today’s standards.

In Conclusions, There have been a number of excellent snowboarding games produced throughout the years that can help you keep the stoke going even when the snow isn’t falling.

Additionally, any of the aforementioned snowboarding games are a terrific way to enjoy snowboarding without ever leaving your sofa.

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