12 Spanish Christmas Movies to Watch This Xmas

Spanish Christmas Movies

What makes you thrilled to bits about the holiday season? Are you one of us who loves enjoying movies of contrasting genres while tucked in bed?  

Christmas is right around the corner. The radios and televisions are about to be spammed with Xmas music and wishes.

Are you also bored of the Christmas Classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Elf” and “A Christmas Story”? Yes…!

No worries. We have done some research and have handpicked the top 12 Spanish Christmas Movies for you. We bet.

These action-packed movies will make your Christmas vacations joyous and full of fun.

Spanish Christmas Movies You Better Not Miss Out!

Are you feeling festive this winter? Then you better keep your eyes on the trending and traditional Spanish Christmas Movies.

They will make you live and sense different cultures. Additionally, you can update your Spanish language skills too. 

What are you waiting for? Heads downward!

1. Plácido (1961)

Are you a fan of dark and witty humor? Then, Placido is one in the buckets of renowned Spanish Christmas Movies for you.

The situation in this series is portrayed to be on Christmas Eve. The narrative of the movie is to show the double-face and diplomatic face of riches. The wealthy townsfolk hold a charity dinner for homeless people. 

On the other side, Placido is a truck driver drenched in debt and struggling through his life. However, finding English subtitles are hard to find for Placido. 

Therefore, we can say that you’ll have to use your Spanish listening skills watching this movie.

2. Los Reyes Magos (2003)

If you believe in and like religious holy movies, then Los Reyes Magos is the ideal deal for you. The movie portrays biblical beliefs.

In the scene, there are three kings also known as “magi”, on a mission to deliver gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh to baby Jesus. 

However, there’s an antagonist, wicked King Herod, who’s a stumbling block in their plan. Therefore, never miss the criminal plotting of this film in the mentioned Spanish Christmas Movies.

3. Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad (1999)

Are you into cross-cultural movies? Then this Mexican and USA mixed film is here to soothe your cravings. What about Spanish Christmas Movies

Well, take a look at the title. As it suggests, the film is filled with Spanglish. The mom and his boy are on the go, leaving their house in Florida to spend Xmas eve with their family in Mexico. 

However, while they are traveling, they discover and explore the true meaning of relationships and the holy season of Christmas.

We recommend this picture for newbie Spanish learners.

4. Klaus (2019)

The feature film revolves around a postman, Jesper Johansson. He has proven to be the worst pupil of the academy. Jesper is sent to the frozen town of the north. 

However, the trip proves to be miraculous for a reclusive toymaker named “Klaus” there. Jesper helps Klaus see life from another angle out of his comfort zone. 

The movie is worth a watch and an inspiring one in the scribe of Spanish Christmas Movies.

5. Noche de Reyes (2001)

If you are tired of your hectic routine and want a change, then “Noche de Reyes” is here for you. The light-hearted comedy and extravagance of the movie will leave you in splits. 

In the movie, an affair is discovered. As a consequence, the family is occupied with saving their business amid the holiday season.

It is the most celebrated movie among other Spanish Christmas Movies. If you also want a change of heart this season, do give Noche de Reyes a shot.

6. El Expreso Polar (The Polar Express) (2004)

Are you a fan of mysterious animated movies? If yes, then you’ll love El Expreso Polar. 

In the movie, a young boy named Stern is on a venture; to clear his doubts and suspicions. He embarks on a magical journey to the North pole via the Polar Express. 

Have you already watched it in English? No worries, the Spanish version is easily accessible on all DVDs. Additionally, this is one of the best Spanish Christmas Movies for kids. 

El Expreso Polar is recommended for Spanish learners as the use of language is easy in this film in the list of Spanish Christmas Movies.

7. Operación Regalo (2011)

Do you like adventurous and inspiring themes? If yes, then Operación Regalo might be the right fit for you. 

In the film, the high-tech delivery services of Santa fails and misplace the order of a girl.

However, his clumsy son Arthur Claus denies sitting back. He gets on a voyage to deliver the misplaced gifts in two short hours.

If you have already seen its English version: then it’s the perfect time to reminisce about this movie. Moreover, you can get a hold of Spanish by watching these Spanish Christmas Movies.

8. Santa Claus (1951)

Do you enjoy fictional characters and the plots that arouse curiosity in you? Then, Santa Clause should be your top pick within these Spanish Christmas Movies.

The story stars Santa. He’s working in Outerspace. However, there’s a villain named “Pitch”; who is sent to earth by an evil creature called “Lucifer.” 

Their mission is to put an end to Christmas culture and kill Santa. However, Santa does not accept it as destiny. He fights back to save the world.

9. Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad (2000)

Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad should be your choice if you want to enjoy liberal arts while watching a movie.

This classic movie in the Spanish Christmas Movies is based on Dr. Seuss’ book. 

The innovation behind the picture is love, peace, and harmony. The story begins as everyone in Whoville is busy celebrating Xmas. However, the Grinch has got some other wicked plans under his sleeves. 

During this chaos, he meets a six-year-old Cindy Lou. After that, he truly understands the true meaning of the holiday season.

10. Cambio de Princesa (2018)

Are you all ready to feel the princessy and magical vibes this winter? This creative and imaginational movie in the pits of other  Spanish Christmas Movies is here to revamp your mind.

There are two girls in the movie; they look identical. Moreover, they swap their lifestyles under some hilarious circumstances.

One of them is Margaret, “Duchess of Montenaro”, while the other sister is Stacy, “a baker.” 

After replacing each other, the princess falls in love with an ordinary baker, while Stacy loses her heart to a duke. Now, it will be interesting to watch what faith holds for them.

11. Navidad en Secreto (2014)

Lauren is an ambitious and practical doctor. She is all ready to get settled at her dream post in Boston. However, life has something else in store for her.

A breakthrough makes her accept an opportunity in the small town of Alaska. Unexpectedly, she falls for the quaint city and its inhabitants, including the male lead, Andy Holliday.

Watching this intriguing movie in Spanish will be an exciting task this Christmas. In the bundle of Spanish Christmas Movies, do give it a go.

12. Operación Feliz Navidad (2020)

Do you have Spanish Christmas Movies on this Christmas to-do list? Not adding Operación Feliz Navidad? It is a fair loss.

The famous Netflix movie will surely be fun when dubbed in Spanish. Let Operación Feliz Navidad give warmth to your hearts.

There’s a female lead who’s a Congressional aide named “Erica Mille.” The male hero is called Capt. Andrew Jantz.

They both cross the paths at the beachside. The movie twists them together, the magic of Xmas happens.

Final Words

The ball is in your court; either you’ll like some popcorn, hot chocolate, or some Xmas snacks while swooning over the characters of the given Spanish Christmas Movies.

You’re in luck that you have got such incredible movie options for this holiday season. Nonetheless, our best suggestion is to get those cozy blankets, DVDs, and scrumptious snacks out while treating your eyes with these Spanish Christmas Movies.

Till then, Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas).

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