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the Office Cast

The office cast is an ensemble cast. This means there are multiple principal actors in the series assigned approximately the same amount of screen time.  

Besides, the office is an American mockumentary sitcom TV series based on the BBC’s 2001-2003 series, The Office that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant created.  

Furthermore, Greg Daniels developed the 2005’s The Office to suit an American audience. This series aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, lasting 201 episodes in 9 seasons.  

Each episode ran for 22-42minutes. NBC Universal Television Distribution distributed it.

In addition, the series received several award nominations and won, including four Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Peabody Award.

Moreover, Rolling Stone named The Office one of the 100 greatest TV shows of all time.  

Additionally, the series is about the everyday work lives of employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of a fictional company, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

The Office cast is star-studded, from Steve Carell to Rainn Wilson to John Krasinski to B. J Novak.

Some of The Office cast are: 

1. Steve Carell

Steve played the role of Michael Scott in The Office cast. Michael is the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch. He could be referred to as the series’s protagonist, who overestimates his importance to the employees.  

Even though he makes inappropriate jokes and comments; and often offends his employees, even leading to reprimanding from his superiors, he has a close relationship with them.  

However, he later left Dunder Mifflin Inc. with Pam Beesly and Ryan Howard to form Michael Scott Paper Company at the end of season 5.  

In season 7, he proposes to the HR representative, Holly Flax, and they moved to Colorado to take care of her aging parents, thus leaving the managerial position. Additionally, Michael consistently inserts “that’s what she said” jokes in every conversation. 

2. Rainn Wilson

Rainn played the role of Dwight Schrute in The Office cast. Dwight is a salesman and the assistant to Micheal, the regional manager. Even though Dwight is a competent salesman, he lacks general knowledge.  

He is also quite gullible, naive, and ignorant. His traits lead to Jim, his desk-mate and fellow salesman, tricking and pranking him several times. 

Furthermore, Dwight is assistant to the regional manager but often calls himself assistant regional manager, always attempting to elevate himself to second in command.  

Also, he wants authority over his co-workers and enjoys it when Michael or anyone else in the office gives him any minor task. He is also quite resourceful in crises. 

Apart from working in Dunder Mifflin, Dwight runs bed and breakfast at Schrute Farms, has a beet plantation, and is the owner of the business park where Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch is located.  

Additionally, he loves martial arts and the justice system. Dwight gradually climbs the corporate ladder throughout the series and eventually becomes the regional manager in season 9. 

3. John Krasinski

John played the role of Jim Halpert in The Office cast. Jim is a salesman who is known for wittiness and practical jokes on Dwight.  

Besides, Jim is an intelligent, mild-mannered straight man who has feelings for the receptionist, Pam Beesley, whom he later married in season 6. His co-worker, Andy Bernard, often calls him “Big Tuna” as a nickname. 

Furthermore, when Jim initially came to the company, he insisted that his job as a salesman was only temporary, that he would jump in front of a train if he advances higher and make it a career.  

However, he succeeded professionally and was labeled one of the best salesmen as everyone loves him. Throughout the series, he progressed in position, thus, becoming assistant regional manager, co-manager, and then president of new acquisitions, Athleap, Austin, Texas. 

4. Jenna Fischer

Jenna played Pam Beesly in The Office cast. Pam is shy, artistically inclined, and assertive but amicable.

Initially, she was a receptionist at the firm but was later promoted to the saleswoman, then an office administrator before leaving in the series finale.  

Moreover, she fell in love with Jim, married him, and started a family with him in the series. Also, she usually collaborates with Jim on his pranks on Dwight. 

At the beginning of the series, she was engaged to a co-worker who works at the warehouse, Roy.

Roy and Pam dated for eight years and were engaged for three years before openly ending the engagement.

The engagement is a sore spot for Pam, which became one of Michael’s running gags. 

5. B. J Novak

Novak played Ryan Howard in The Office cast. Ryan was initially a temporary worker but later became a salesman in season 3.  

Later in the series, he became the company’s youngest vice president, North-East Region, and director of new media.

However, he lost his job when it was discovered that his innovations were corporate fraud.  

Then, he got a job at a bowling alley. Furthermore, when Michael went to open his firm, he hired Ryan briefly. Eventually, Ryan returned to working temporarily again at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch. 

6. Angela Kinsey

Angela played Angela Martin in The Office cast. She is the senior accountant who is uptight and judgemental. She likes to keep things orderly and ensures that situations remain as business-like as possible.  

Also, she is the head of the Party Planning committee and safety officer of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch. 

Moreover, she started secretly dating Dwight at the end of season 2. They had a child together in season 8 and eventually married in season 9. While she and Dwight were secretly dating, she got engaged to the salesman, Andy Bernard, in season 4.  

She even had a short-lived marriage with a Pennsylvania State Senator, Robert Lipton, who was initially believed to be the father of her child. Dwight often calls her “Monkey” to keep their relationship a secret. 

7. Brian Baumgartner

Brain played the role of Kevin Malone in The Office cast. Kevin is a dim-witted man who has juvenile humor and frequently indulges in gambling.  

Despite these traits, he is lovable. Although he is part of the accounting team, he lacks communication skills and loves music as a drummer in a band. Also, Kevin is of Irish descent and did not grow up in Scranton. 

In season 9, it was revealed that Kevin has been cooking the books at Dunder Mifflin all through the series, and Dwight fired him. Kevin owned the bar Jim, and the guys went for Dwight’s bachelor’s party.  

In conclusion, Dwight told him that he sacked him because of his constant mistakes and misses him. Kevin forgave Dwight and attended his wedding. 

8. Oscar Nunez

Oscar played the role of Oscar Martinez in The Office cast. He is intelligent, cultured, and patronizing.

Also, he is gay and has a Hispanic heritage, which makes him a target for most of Michael’s unintentional offensive jokes and comments. He is also part of the accounting team. 

Furthermore, Oscar became openly gay when Michael outed him without his permission. His relationship with Michael is conflicted because Michael tends to make jokes which Oscar finds offensive.  

Also, he often asks pointed financial questions, which his co-worker and Michael manage to avoid answering. He is also labeled a “know-it-all” and the smartest in the office. 

Lastly, Oscar is reserved, and his co-workers’ antics often exasperates him. However, he has a strong friendship with Kevin, with Oscar being the calm one and Kevin being the fun-loving one of the duo. 

9. Leslie David Baker

Leslie played Stanley Hudson in The Office cast. Stanley is a grumpy salesman who cannot stand Michael’s jokes and comments about his black American heritage.  

Also, he does not care for time-wasting office meetings and usually opts for playing crossword puzzles or sleeping during them. He has diabetes. 

Additionally, Stanley is lazy and hates his life and job. His ultimate goal is to retire. He has a good work relationship with most of his co-workers, mostly Phyllis Vance, with who he shares a desk.

Furthermore, Stanley does not like Michael.

Even though he rarely opposes Michael directly, he barely hides his disgust and disrespect for him. 

10. Ed Helms

Ed played Andy Bernard in The Office cast. Andy is a preppy salesman with anger issues who was transferred to Scranton from Stamford when the two offices merged. Andy is insecure due to the strained relationship he has with his parents.  

Yet, he demonstrates a self-centered and arrogant attitude. He had a long-term relationship with Angela Martin, even engaging her, but the relationship failed. Also, he had another failed relationship with Erin Hannon after Angela. 

Furthermore, Andy was introduced in the series as the regional director in charge of sales at Dunder Mifflin, Stamford branch in season 3. In season 8, he became the regional manager of the Scranton branch after Micheal left.  

However, the position was brief as he was sacked, then reinstated. In season 9, Andy was sacked, reinstated a couple of times before he finally left to pursue a career in entertainment. 

11. Mindy Kaling

Mindy played the role of Kelly Kapoor in The Office cast. Kelly was a shallow and talkative customer service representative at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch.

She often gossips about topics that a teenager might discuss, such as celebrity gossip, boys, and dating. Throughout the series, she talks about wanting to get married and have babies. 

Additionally, she had an on-and-off relationship with Ryan, and during one of their off periods, she dated Darryl Philbin. In the final season, she got engaged to a doctor and moved to Miami, Ohio, thinking the move was to Miami, Florida.

Later on, she returned and rekindled her relationship with Ryan after two years, literally running from her marriage. 

12. Kate Flannery

Kate played the role of Meredith Palmer in The Office cast. Meredith is a promiscuous alcoholic supply relations representative.

Furthermore, Meredith is socially inappropriate and has been married twice with two kids. Apart from being a fan of complex rock music, she revealed that she was a former boxer. 

Additionally, it was shown that she was sexually attracted to Jim, which frightens him. In season 1, it was discussed that she is an accountant but was later moved to the supply relations department.

Also, Meredith is the one who often suffers from any physically injuring consequences of the shenanigans which happen in the office.  

13. Melora Hardin

Melora played Jan Levinson in The Office cast. Jan is the vice president for regional sales in the company. She directly supervises Michael.

However, she has a notable dysfunctional romantic relationship with Michael.  

Additionally, Jan’s no-nonsense management style and Michael’s casual approach conflicts several times in the series. Later on, Jan was sacked due to her erratic and sexually domineering state of mind. 

Furthermore, Jan is often seen on camera when speaking to Michael on the phone because her office is in New York.  

However, she makes the two- and a half-hour drives to Scranton when it is necessary. Also, Jan is quite vain and tends to act smug about her parenting style in Pam’s presence. 

14. Ellie Kemper

Ellie played the role of Kelly Erin Hannon in The Office cast. Erin is a naive and bubbly receptionist who replaced Pam when she moved to Michael Scott Paper company. Moreover, she is called Erin to differentiate her from Kelly Kapoor.  

She is the nicest and most optimistic Dunder Mifflin employee who loves being a receptionist. Also, she dramatically admires her co-workers, including Michael and Dwight. 

Furthermore, Dwight, Andy, and Ryan admitted to being attracted to Erin. However, she dated Andy and had to end it with him when she discovered that he was engaged to Angela.  

Andy’s neglect of her feelings and cockiness also contributed to the breakup. In season 9, she started dating the new guy, Pete. Although she was employed as a receptionist, she was promoted to sales in the series. 

15. David Denman

David played the role of Roy Anderson in The Office cast. Roy worked at the warehouse dock and was Pam’s ex-fiance.  

Also, he is a good friend of Darryl Philbin, the warehouse foreman. Although he is boorish, selfish, and inconsiderate, he is not cruel or verbally abusive. In addition, he was fired when he attacked Jim in season 3. 

16. Amy Ryan

Amy played Holly Flax in The Office cast. Holly is an HR representative that replaced Toby. Moreover, she is more obedient to Michael’s antics and ideas than Toby.

She shares a similar sense of humor and personality traits with Michael. However, she is more rational.  

Later on, she started dating Michael, and with the help of co-workers, Michael proposed to her. Additionally, she and Michael move to Colorado to care for her parents, get married, and start together. 

17. Kathy Bates

Kathy played Joleen “Jo” Bennett in The Office cast. Jo is the CEO of Sabre, the company that buys Dunder Mifflin in season 6.

Moreover, she is a stubborn, forthright Southern woman who wrote an autobiography titled Take a Good Look.  

Additionally, she is a breast cancer survivor, owns two harlequin Great Danes, a licensed pilot, and a friend of Nancy Pelosi. 

Furthermore, she gives up her position as CEO but remained as the chairman of the board in season 8. She also revealed that she sold the firm to David Wallace and planned to liquidate all of Sabre’s assets.

Thus, permanently dissolving the company. 

18. Zach Woods

Zach played Gabe Lewis in The Office cast. Gabe was the coordinating director of emerging regions for Sabre and was assigned to oversee the recently purchased Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch.  

Moreover, Gabe is quietly insecure and often works inhuman hours, leading to his having no social life. Besides, he has a rocky relationship with his co-workers, which was more evident after his breakup with Erin and how he treated Andy. 

Initially, when he came to the Scranton branch, he tried to make the workers respect him, but that failed because he had no power.  

The staff paid him no attention, and he became a joke to them; most times, he is insulted and mocked. Later on, Gabe was transferred back to Florida because of his rocky relationship with the Scranton branch staff. 

19. Catherine Tate

Catherine played Nellie Bertram in The Office cast. Nellie is an old friend of Jo Benneth, who was first shown when she was interviewed for the regional manager position.

In addition, Nellie is an outspoken and crass English woman with an anti-Irish sentiment.

Even though she was Jo’s friend, she did not get the job, and she revealed that she went on a shopping spree because of the rejection, buying 13 pianos.  

However, she returned to Sabre and presented the idea of a chain of retail stores to Jo. Jo loved the idea so much that she employed Nellie as the president of Sabre’s special projects. So, she can oversee the new project.  

Furthermore, Nellie always wanted to adopt a child, but the adoption agency constantly rejected her. However, her wish came true in the series finale. 

20. James Spader

James played Robert California in The Office cast. Robert was the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre after he persuaded Jo to appoint him in her place.  

He is also known as Bob Kazamakis. Moreover, Robert is enigmatic, inspiring, and even intimidating to the staff of the Scranton branch, especially to Andy Bernard.  

Furthermore, Robert has been married three times and also has a young son named Bert. However, Robert leaves the company after David Wallace purchased it from Jo. 

21. Clark Duke

Clark played the role of Clark Green in The Office cast. He is one of two new staff members hired as customer service representatives.  

Clark is said to have gigantic inner ears, which is useful. Furthermore, his resemblance to Dwight led several co-workers to refer to him as “Dwight Jr.”

However, he has nothing in common with Dwight. Clark was later promoted to sales. 

22. Jake Lacy

Jake played Pete Miller in The Office cast. Pete was the other customer service representative that was employed along with Clark Green.  

They both tried to catch up on customers’ complaints that Kelly neglected while at Dunder Mifflin.

Also, Jake has several parallels to Jim, which led to several co-workers calling him “New Jim.” Later on, he and Erin started dating.  

23. Andy Buckley

Andy played the role of David Wallace in The Office cast. In season 2, David was employed as the new CFO of Dunder Mifflin.

He is a wealthy executive at the corporate headquarters in New York. Moreover, he lives in an opulent suburban home with his wife, Rachel, and two kids.  

Even though he is wealthy, he understands and tolerates the eccentricities and flaws of Michael and all the employees at the Scranton branch. 

He was fired in season 6 when Sabre merged with Dunder Mifflin in season 6. However, he returned to buy the firm in season 8 after selling his toy vacuum to the US military for $20 million.

Hence, he became the CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. 

24. Rashida Jones

Rashida played Karen Filippelli in The Office cast. Karen is a saleswoman who was transferred to the Scranton branch from the Stamford branch when the two offices merged.  

Additionally, she dated Jim and went with him to interview for a corporate job in New York, which neither of them got. Later on, she left Jim and Scraton. 

Furthermore, she became the regional manager of the Utica branch, where she was married to a dermatologist, Dan, and gave birth. 

25. Craig Robinson

Craig played the role of Darryl Philbin in The Office cast. Darryl is the warehouse foreman. 

26. Paul Lieberstein

Paul played the role of Toby Flenderson in The Office cast. Toby is an HR representative who Michael hates and is the target of Michael’s abuse. Furthermore, Toby desperately needs romance and validation from others.

Also, he has an unrequited crush on Pam Beesly. 

27. Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith played Phyllis Lapin-Vance in The Office cast. He is a shy, motherly saleswoman who later dated and married Bob Vance. 

28. Robert R. Shafer

Robert played the role of Bob Vance in The Office cast. Bob is the owner of Vance Refrigeration, a company whose office is across the hall from Dunder Mifflin. Furthermore, Bob dated and married Phyllis Lapin. 

29. Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton played Creed Bratton in The Office cast. He is the office’s eccentric quality assurance officer who has a mysterious criminal history. 

30. Will Ferrell

Will played the role of Deangelo Vickers in The Office cast. Deangelo is the new regional manager who replaces Michael in season 7 when he moved to Colorado with Holly.  

Furthermore, Deangelo is largely incompetent. He is a biased manager, a terrible salesman, and a poor host of the annual Dundies award show. 

Furthermore, it was revealed that he was hired because he helped prevent the theft of one of Jo’s dogs and not because of his business skills nor experience.  

In the final episode of season 7, Deangelo gets involved in an accident that led to him being hospitalized. Moreover, it was implied that he is in a coma, referred to as being brain dead but technically still alive. 

31. Charles Esten

Charles played the role of Joshua “Josh” Porter in The Office cast. Josh is the former regional manager of the Stamford branch before the merger.  

Moreover, it was implied that Josh is a more competent and responsible boss than Michael. However, some episodes indicated that the Scranton branch was the most productive branch of Dunder Mifflin. 

Furthermore, Josh became Jim’s boss when he was transferred to Stamford, and Jim thought of Josh as a role model.  

However, Michael hated Josh because he thought Jim preferred Josh’s friendship to his. Even when Jim later proves that was not true, Michael still held onto his resentment towards Josh. 

32. Idris Elba

Idris played the role of Charles Miner in The Office cast. After Ryan and Jan, Charles was the vice president of Northeast Sales for Dunder Mifflin in season 5. 

Moreover, Charles has an accounting background and worked previously in Saticoy Steel. He and Michael clash over their managerial styles differences, and he immediately disliked Jim he saw him. 

Charles has a handsome appearance and firm attitude, which affects ladies. Kelly and Angela developed an immediate attraction to him. Later in the series,  

it was revealed that Charles no longer has any authority over the Scranton branch. Besides, it was implied that he lost his job as Michael named Charles as one of the many bosses he has outlasted. 

33. Noel Petok

Noel played the role of Troy L. Underbridge in The Office cast. Troy is a corporate executive who works in banking and encourages Ryan’s partying and drug abuse.  

Troy is so short that Dwight is convinced that he is a hobbit. Furthermore, Troy was a former employee of Dunder Mifflin, and it is assumed he was sacked along with other corporate officers when Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin. 

However, Troy returns to interview for a part-time sales position at the Scranton branch, which Dwight did to prevent Clark from getting the job. 

34. David Koechner

David played the role of Todd Packer in The Office cast. Todd is a boorish, sexually promiscuous, and alcoholic Outside sales representative.

Besides, he tells rude, obscene jokes which are offensive to everyone but funny to Michael.  

Jim and Dwight conspired to get rid of him when he applied for a desk job at the Scranton branch. They told him Sabre was offering a job in Tallahassee.

Although he got the job at Tallahassee, he was later fired. 

These are some of the major characters of The Office cast. As a series that ran nine seasons, the cast is enormous.

This article discusses the main cast you need to watch out for in the series.

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