7 Most Anticipated Upcoming NFT Games

Upcoming NFT Games

As long as you have been following the blockchain industry, you must have come across NFTs.

These are digital representations of real-life products you can buy with cryptocurrencies due to their blockchain.

NFT platforms are popular for artworks, but it has grown to encompass games. Players can now possess digital characters and exchange them for fiat money.

With NFTs’ popularity, developers have begun producing more games for players to invest in.

Though there are several options that we expect to see soon, some already show promises of making a name on the platform.

Here, I have compiled the best upcoming NFT games that any player should look forward to.

1. Battle of guardians


  • Exciting graphics
  • Allows communication with other players
  • Features three game modes to choose from – Arena, story, and tournament mode


  • It requires an entry fee to participate in games

When it comes to multiplayer NFT fighting games, nothing beats Battle of Guardians (BOG). The game boasts an epic multi-realm action set in a large gaming universe.

This game by Solana network is a one-on-one game where players compete for rewards by defeating their opponents.

Its gameplay pattern is influenced by developers’ consideration of modern-day interests. After an extensive survey, they discovered that action games ranked highest in the gaming industry.

Aside from this, action games are only getting more popular and have little or no tendency to reduce their market value.

As a result, it will help in the long-term stabilization of the economy while also allowing players to have a good time. The graphics are also outstanding, the action exciting.

Battle of Guardians will utilize the NFT system, giving players the ability to do more than just fight. They will trade and exchange NFT characters and other game-related items.

Owners of these characters can also rent them out, giving them more means to generate income.

The NFT Synthesis mechanism also enables players to create new characters by combining the game’s previous characters. In other words, you can connect a character’s fighting abilities with the wisdom of another.

Combining characters might reduce the number of NFT you have, but the value of your combined work will increase in the long run.

2. Rainmaker


  • Develops players’ abilities
  • Provides opportunities to win cash prizes
  • You can trade its tokens on popular Ethereum NFT platforms


 Withdrawal can be long and complicated

Rainmaker has been on board for a while, but it still remains one of the upcoming NFT games.

Like all NFT games, it operates on Blockchain technology where users can earn money by simply playing a game. With this, rainmaker slowly rose to prominence in 2021 and will climb up the ladder in subsequent years.

Rainmaker brings together crypto lovers and stock enthusiasts to compete against one another in several exciting contests.

These contests use real-time stock and cryptocurrency market events to test your decision-making abilities.

Thus, if you’re good at prediction and managing your portfolio, you can earn a lot from this participation. This game also provides users with the opportunity to win fantastic rewards daily.

The platform builds newcomers in the industry by providing them with training and development opportunities.

Afterward, they can plunge into the real market world and make rational decisions that could benefit them for a lifetime.

Some Rainmaker clients have begun to invest long-term and have made significant progress in their financial goals.

Players can also trade their tokens on major Ethereum NFT exchanges like Kraken and Bittrex.

3. RaceFi


  •  Allows third-parties to bet
  • Stunning graphics
  • Features a garage which could be an asset
  • Its tokens are available for purchase on different platforms


  • It has room for over-speculation, which could affect your investment

RaceFi might not be as common as other NFT games, but it is one to look out for. Using the best of technology, Solana merged machine and artificial intelligence.

Cars are the most significant assets in the game because you need them to play. Each automobile has its own distinguishing traits, such as parts and artwork, separating it from other models.

Starting with the visuals, every aspect of this NFT game are just breathtaking, and the game itself is equally outstanding.

You can make money by playing its ranking game modes. Playing continuously also allows you to own real properties that are only applicable to the game.

To gain Ethereum while playing, you must first collect a specific quantity of fantasy points. In cryptocurrency terms, 205 fantasy points are worth 0.01 ETH, and 250 fantasy points are worth 0.02 ETH.

RaceFi uses NFT technology which has gained a significant amount of attention. Even though it is only accessible for Android, it can become one of the most popular games because of its NFT integration.

4. Polygonum


  • Allows players to earn money while playing
  • You can buy characters and sell them on marketplaces


  • Might be complex for beginners

Another of the upcoming NFT games, Polygonum, is slowly gaining attention. It is a free-to-play, cross-platform game that includes Crypto, NFT, and an Open Gaming World.

It is a one-of-a-kind shooter-crypto game with a pleasing interface, precise mechanics, and an active player community. Its developers ensure to examine each component to ensure that players have the best experience.

In its Open World, you can make money by engaging in in-game activities such as trading and battling with other players.

5. Age of Rust


  • Has an interesting gameplay
  • Supports the Enjin coin


  • Still needs a lot of development

Age of rust is one of the upcoming NFT games that still need a lot of work before it can be ready for the world. However, it has attracted attention because of the developer’s promise that Enjin coin will support its items.

Age of rust is an adventure game with better graphics than Riven and King’s Quest. The game offers three puzzles, and you must complete each one before moving to the next stage.

The first puzzle is easy to get through, but the second necessitates a crypto item to be solved.

The third is a treasure hunt where you follow cues and solve complex problems to get through. If you solve this puzzle before other players, you get 20 bitcoins as a reward.

Age of rusts uses tokens called Rustbits. They are currently unavailable, but you can purchase them from other collectors.

6. 9 Lives


  • Features stunning graphics
  •  Allows players to practice before engaging in real duels


  • Game collectibles might be limited
  • The gameplay might be confusing

Touchhour, Inc. is developing 9 Lives Arena, a 1 vs. 1 PvP role-playing game. Many anticipate that 9 Lives Arena would have novel features such as perpetual death, account progression, and mobile-controlled crafting aid. It will also include in-game equipment that has been “blueprint” produced.

As a result of the aesthetics of its pre-release gameplay clip, blockchain game 9 Lives Arena has gained attention in the gaming community.

Aside from that, it’s gained considerable attention for its use of Enjin Coin, a well-known gaming cryptocurrency. Enjin Coin will support these designs, making it easy for players to use the NFT platform.

Despite all of the anticipation, 9 Lives Arena is still a work in development.

7. Blockchain Cuties


  • Features unique characters
  • Has a well-defined system


  • Has a competitive market 

Blockchain Cuties is a game you’ll fall in love with from the first play. Its mode of operations is similar to Etheremon and Axie Infinity.

Here, you breed monsters called cuties until they are ready to go into battle. However, you would have to make a little investment to enjoy these games’ features.

Newcomers to Blockchain Cuties may not want to put any money into the game at first. As a result, the game provides players with a free practice Cutie to send on excursions.

You can breed this cutie in preparation for when you get an actual one that you can send out.

Unfortunately, the developers have no cuties for sale, but you can find several in the marketplace. However, when you purchase a cutie, you cannot breed it with the one from the tutorial.

After raising the monster, you can send it on quests to defeat foes and return with the loot.

The game has several places where your monster can go on adventures. There are the snowy mountains, the windy hills, and the crimson caverns, each with their unique setting.


NFT games create a new form of gaming experience by utilizing decentralized technologies. As a result, the finest crypto games are profitable, providing amusement and a steady stream of cash for many participants.

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