Top 5 Video Game Streaming Platforms

Video Game Streaming Platforms

If you’re a gamer, the thought of streaming has crossed your mind more than once, these recent years, we’ve seen the rise of popular streamers like Ninja, Pokimane, and Valkyrae take the big stages, and they all have their primary video game streaming platforms.

The best video game lives streaming platforms are here if you’re looking to get started. Depending on why you want to stream, it might be crazy choosing a platform you want to stream.

Choosing the right one might be hard for you. There are only a few giants in the business, and giants equal proper monetizations methods.

On the other hand, if you’re a hobbyist, there is something for you. Let’s get right into it

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1. Twitch

Formerly, Twitch is the current giant of the video game streaming platforms. It was co-founded by Justin Khan, initially as, which later changed to Twitch.

It is currently owned by Amazon and has blown up the market since then. We’ve seen huge millionaires from the video game streaming platform.

E-sport events worldwide have also chosen Twitch to air their tournaments live, which attracts tons of gamers to the platform to come and watch. 

You are not limited to PC games, though. Twitch has become the platform for all kinds of gamers. Apart from PC, you can stream from your Xbox, PlayStation, and even mobile(if you use the appropriate software).

Twitch is also known to have a very cloggy interface, although that is changing with new UI updates. It is also free, and you need to make an account and set up your profile.

Twitch also has a brilliant monetization strategy. You apply as an affiliate, and you get to monetize your streams, set up twitch subs, mean monthly subscriptions, and bits that cost money if you’re approved.

So basically a lot of money. Although you cannot simply apply after creating an account, you need certain criteria and must have grown a substantial audience to be considered.

2. Facebook Gaming is a video game streaming platform owned by Facebook, Facebook already has a huge user base, so its streaming platform kicked off well.

Facebook gaming is a portion of the platform dedicated to streamers playing their favorite games to a large Facebook Audience.

Facebook Gaming has been growing relatively well as a video game streaming platform.

New streamers start there cause of their already growing following or friends list on the platform since allows you to stream directly to your timeline, which means your friends can watch while you play.

The monetization of Facebook gaming is somewhat unconventional, though there is not a hard-set requirement to join the Facebook Gaming partner program.

Unlike Twitch, Facebook reaches out to streamers they find attractive and offer them the deal. Once offered, you get to charge monthly subscriptions like Twitch and video ads.

To be eligible for Facebook’s Level Up program, you must complete 4 hours of the stream for 14 weeks. Once you’re eligible, Facebook allows your viewers to gift your stars, and one star is equivalent to 1 cent.

3. YouTube Gaming

Big daddy YouTube also wants a piece of the action. YouTube has already made its name by empowering vloggers and creators. It’s no surprise that gamers will look to the platform as their home for content.

As gamers began to rise, YouTube Gaming became more vibrant, and YouTube optimized their live streaming platform more for gamers.

YouTube has grown in popularity as more gamers find it more comfortable as their platform. Since it has the same SEO strategy as Google search, people can find creators from just a simple search.

The monetization strategy might be the most straightforward among the others on the list. It requires you to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours before you can monetize your videos.

You also have access to set up monthly subscription fees that your fans can decide to support you.

YouTube is also very known for its ability to archive your streams into videos automatically, which helps keep everything organized.

You can also stream your games at 1080p, and 4K, which other platforms don’t support, so Youtube brings this to the table. People drawn to clear streams will choose YouTube as their primary video game streaming platform.

4. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a popular streaming platform that has recently allowed PC users to stream their favorite games on the platform. Bigo Live was primarily known for just personal streams, but it recently made a move to allow gamers to stream something nice.

Bigo Live streamers also allow their users to earn money from their streams, the primary method being gifts from your watchers. You can turn those gifts you get into the money.

You can decide to start streaming on Bigo as a gamer if you’re just a hobbyist, hoping to make money, but if you’re very ambitious and want to make it on the big stages like Ninja, Courage, and the likes, you should check the above lists.

5. Gosu Gamers

Gosu Gamers is a somewhat unconventional video game streaming platform, but it jas existed as far back as 2002. It has since become home to e-sport tournaments and young gamers willing to showcase their gaming skills.

Although it might not have started as a powerhouse, it has become one of the most popular e-sport platforms where matches are held, and you get to see results and important match fixes. 

Gosu Gamers might be the platform for you if you want to showcase those gaming abilities to get noticed by an organization and maybe get yourself a team since Scouters are primarily looking at streams for some talent.

Suppose you play games like Dota 2, PUBG, and Call of Duty.


As you can tell, there isn’t a boatload of video game streaming platforms. The one listed in this article is carefully selected to serve specific purposes.

If you’re passionate about earning and making it big, the giants above like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming.

The other two are just for hobbyists who want to gather experience in the streaming space or showcase their gaming talent.

Starting your journey as a streamer isn’t a straightforward task. Feel free to explore and check all of the platforms you like, and know that it’s okay to switch from one platform until you find the perfect one.

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