11 Video Games That Start With E

Video Games that start with E

While some long-term family preferences are still popular, violent video games like multiplayer online shooters are also dominant, which may be about parents.

That’s why each video game comes with an age rating and content from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which makes it essential for parents to educate themselves about these criteria to determine which video games are suitable for their children.

“Video games are highly valued, but parents should also be aware of other areas in which their children may be exposed to violence, such as movies, T.V., and the Internet. Parents should make phone calls about their children and violent video games,” said mang Jain, founder of ed-tech games SplashLearn.

We have taken the time to select the list of video games that start with E.

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and the Cosmic Garden

Explore with E.T. on the journey back to the homeland. Your goal is to help E.T. complete the Cosmic Garden! Prepare to work in the E.T. space shuttle laboratory.

You create exotic, exotic, and crazy plant species by growing and separating outdoor plants. Get help from E.T. stupid Space Bee and Space Slug.

It’s not easy; you will face growing situations that test your ability to adapt and overcome unexpected situations. Make enough different plants to get the great wealth of E.T. – Award of Reward! and add its name to our list of video games that start with E.

2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Digital Companion

E.T .: Digital Planner keeps all kinds of communication information, saves your calendar, lets you create a to-do list, and more. It has a real-time clock so you won’t miss a beat – and password-protected privacy.

This fun and friendly digital assistant will delight you with cartoons, pictures, color, music, and five games. You can check E.T.’s knowledge of trivia, mindfulness of playing, doing tile puzzles, cycling competition, or caring for Flopgopple. E.T. is a visible pet.

3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Escape from Planet Earth

As long-time fans of the old film know, it is not easy to visit another planet. This G.B.C. hand-drawn game closely resembles the masterpiece of Steven Spielberg’s 1982 science fiction novel, which puts you in E.T.’s shoes. Or his human friend, Elliot.

Yes, the main purpose of the game is to collect the components needed to build the inter-planetary connection E.T. can use “calling home.” Earth-based authorities will try to catch you during all this time, so make sure you bring your mind and thoughts to the table.

There are 45 requirements in total, each introducing new traps and obstacles to avoid, and the game has three different difficulty levels to catch. With six main game locations and ten details areas, E.T. ADDITIONAL TERRESTRIAL: Escape from Planet Earth has an unusually high and playful value, amazing graphics, and gameplay beyond what you can move the stick into—putting this game on our list of video games that start with E.

4. E.X. Troopers

E.X. Troopers Video Games that start with E

This is another game on our list of video games that start with E. Capcom’s E.X. Troopers may not be the latest or greatest game of the Japanese 3DS.

Still, it certainly does not deserve to be included here more than any other game we have put together about Importing News again – like this, and its highly anticipated PS3 port is the only EX. Troopers Game so far – sadly still the latest, biggest, and only in the series.

5. E.A. Playground

E.A. Playground is a specially designed unique gameplay available only with Nintendo’s Wii console and D.S. handheld platform.

Each version will use different system features to give gamers a unique multiplayer experience. Blow up the Nintendo D.S. microphone to shoot spitballs and fight your friends and family in dodgeball – every game brings its twists to the controls of the ultimate, annual party game! And when family and friends are not around, you can still have fun at the E.A. Playground.

Explore the world alone as you enter different locations, unlock new missions, make insane friends within the game and collect rewards and stickers to improve your skills along the way.

6. Earth Atlantis

In the long line of Indie Switch releases, Earth Atlantis stands out as one of the few hell games to be found on the platform.

This game stands out because it’s not just an old hell of bullets, but a mixture mixed to test, in the form of underwater Metroidvania. The big question here is, does this combination work as well as it sounds? Well, the answer to that is a little complicated.

7. Eagle Talon Vs. Horde of the Flies

Become a warrior leader of the Eagle Talon, collect art objects and friends, and suppress Horde of the Flies’ ambitions for world domination!

This game will require you to use your head! Pass through various sections, cities, forests, deserts, and airports while avoiding the deadly attacks of the Horde of the Flies!

Each character has their strengths, so have strategies to clear the stages as quickly as possible and get the highest score! Making it to our list of video games that start with E.

8. Eyeshield 21: M.A.X. Devil Power

At M.A.X. Devil Power, you will carefully plan each game as a coach in a football game. A touch screen controls the game, and the rules for which you are awarded points in real football are kept here.

Various teams for the game include Deimon Devil Bats, the biggest football team, Oujou White Knights, Taiyo Sphinx, Nasa Aliens, Seibu Wild Gunmen, Zokugaku Chameleons, Koigahama Cupids, and Kyoshin Poseidon.

The latest team can be unlocked by installing Eyeshield 21: Devilbats Devildays in the Game Boy Advance slot of the Nintendo D.S. and DS Lite. This option is not available on DSi and DSi XL.

9. Earth’s Dawn

Earth’s dawn is coming, and the end of the planet is hanging in the balance! Register as a member of the A.N.T.I. – a team of superpowers empowered by foreign technology – and strive to reclaim the Earth from the invasion of aliens known as E.B.E. before it is too late …

Full of fast-paced sci-fi action, Earth’s Dawn offers a 2D side-scrolling game with a beautiful hand-drawn style.

The combat is logical but deceptively deep with the combo, finishes, and levels after encountering the enemy, all adding depth to the game.

The trees of RPG style skills, equipment design, and character appearances open things even further. Choose your path through 100 missions, win prizes by clearing it in style, earn new plot twists after a land strike, and fight against senior bosses to crush the E.B.E. The threat is permanent!

10. eFootball P.E.S. 2020

Football P.E.S. 2020 ushers in the new decade of industry-leading imitation football with the bold promise to transform eFootball and introduce the sport to global audiences.

The P.E.S. series continues to pursue its commitment to reality, bringing with it several influential changes that include all playtime with a sense of freedom and complete control.

After signing up for the talented midfielder Andrés Iniesta, the latest installment in the series was built with a renewed focus on immersion and authenticity.

Prepare to be amazed by the new football skills and well-crafted football physics that will help you use greater control of your game than ever before.

Take the manager’s seat in the fully renovated Master League and enjoy the unique satisfaction of planning an amazing victory behind your team. You have lost the power of the crowd as you strive to dominate in a new competitive mode, Matchday.

Lastly, be aware of the visuals and sound effects available in incomparable detail due to the enhancement of images and sound.

11. Evil Dead: The Game

This product authorizes you to download both the PS4 ™ digital version and the PS5 ™ digital version of this game.

The legendary hero in the thrilling series Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ash Williams, has replaced Company. Although this is not his first time using a saw, Ash knows how to escape a horrible death. Wander through the fog like Ash and flee from evil again.

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