7 Viking Shows on Netflix

Viking Shows on Netflix

If you are a fan of Viking shows, you will note that Vikings were known to be seafaring warriors who always traveled across lands to attack and trade from some European homes and other parts of Europe and the world.

But when they entered Britain, they were welcomed, but as that is not their way – the Viking way, they fought them as well.

Also, Vikings mostly spoke a language called Norse, and the word Viking itself means pirate. Because of this, it was assumed that anyone who raids a ship was a Viking.

It was also believed that not all Vikings were evil. Some Vikings were thought to be peaceful warriors and farmers who came to trade goods peacefully.

Others were skillful artisans who all wanted not war but a safe place to expand the horizons of their craft.

Since Vikings were mighty, they did not just raid the weaker lands; they also invaded even the strongest ones. They were able to withstand the strongest of warriors, defeat, and even conquer their lands.

If the above explanation and description of Vikings got your time and attention, then you need to watch some interesting Viking shows on Netflix, which are available now.

1.Vikings (2012)

Prior to its spinoff, Vikings: Valhalla, Vikings was the first in the series of Viking Shows on Netflix.

The sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok, a Viking who is one of the most well-known mythical Norse heroes and famed for being the scourge of Anglo-Saxon England and West Francia, served as the inspiration for the television series Vikings.

The television drama gives the impression that Ragnar was a simple farmer before he became famous for his raids on England and ultimately became king of all of Scandinavia with the help of his family and other warriors.

In the show’s latter seasons, the focus shifts to his sons and the exploits they had around the world, including in England, Scandinavia, Kievan Rus’, the Mediterranean, and North America.

2. Vikings: Valhalla (2022)

This is currently one of the best Viking shows on Netflix right now. So if you are a fan of Viking shows, and once you finish one, you always want more, then you need to try this one of these Viking Shows on Netflix.

Its original series, Vikings, premiered in 2013 and aired for almost a decade. Then Netflix decided to continue the show with a new historical movie sequel to the parent series.

The first season had eight episodes premiered on February 2022. Still, Netflix ordered 24 episodes in November 2019, so the series is already renewed to have a second and a third season.

Given how famous Vikings was, it is not a surprise that Vikings: Valhalla has also become a significant hit on Netflix.

3. The Last Kingdom (2015)

The Last Kingdom is one of the Viking shows on Netflix if you are looking for one. It depicts the year 872 in a historical city in England.

It tells the story of Vikings who wanted to invade more but were opposed by the Saxons, the native warriors of England.

They tried to hold the captured ground and expand, but the Saxons tried to stop them and chase them out of their country.

Ubba (Ubbe Lothbrok) and Guthrum are real characters, adapted from actual instances, but the other characters are fictional, and the show is for most of it.

The show also illustrates that politics back then and now are the same, and it really shows the reality of the battle between the Vikings and Saxons, but along the line, many characters died unexpectedly.

The show gets more captivating the more you watch it. All the seasons have something new to offer, and the end of each episode keeps you hungry for more.

It is one of the best historical Viking shows on Netflix out there. It is a must-watch for those looking for the perfect blend of good Viking action and history.

4. Norsemen (2016)

If there are drama series better than Viking shows on Netflix, it is the one with lots of comedy. Norsemen is that show for you.

It is a Norwegian comedy show set up in the year 790 and entails the life of a group of Vikings who live together in a village.

The show pictures various problems and fights the Vikings have to deal with in their neighboring villages.

One of the conflicts is the fight with a neighboring tribe that wanted to invade the village of Norheim and modernize them to make them like their own tribe.

But these problems and fights have been portrayed amusingly, and the solutions the Vikings find to their problems are always hilarious.

In its first season, this show was a significant hit in the Scandinavian country of Norway and received more than one million viewers. These figures were huge for a country with a population of about five million.

In America, this show came out with the name Vikigane and is often compared with the drama series Vikings. But the two shows are very different in their genres and stand out in their way.

This show can be seen as more of a parody of Vikings. However, this is one of the Viking shows on Netflix that is great in all ramifications and deserves some accolades, especially for those looking for comedy Viking shows.

5. Knight Fall (2017)

This is another exciting series amongst other Viking shows on Netflix. It explains the last few days of the Knights Templar during the 14th century.

Though it has been highly criticized for its historical inaccuracies, many people even call it a crime against the historical facts it should have followed.

Nevertheless, the show never tried to portray itself as a historically accurate movie or even a show based on actual events, which invalidates the negative hype.

Those who want to enjoy the movie leave the show’s historical accuracy behind and watch it for its plot, character, and unpredictability, then the show becomes a must-watch.

The show has excellent sets and incredible actors, especially after getting past the first episode. It is one of the underrated Viking shows on Netflix because most people seek natural history, not history, with its rolled-up controversies.

It also has a bit of fictitious entertainment from betrayal, sex, and other typical stuff. If you want to enjoy the show, ignore the historical preachers and watch it solely for entertainment, then you will love it.

6. Roman Empire (2016)

Roman Empire is tagged as one of the documentary Viking shows on Netflix, but it aligns differently from many historical events.

It has few historical references to the Roman Empire’s history, but most of which are probably coincidental.

Nevertheless, the show is good and gets exciting and entertaining in the long run. It is not for people for pure drama or those looking for a pure historical-based documentary.

The show instead touches upon various significant historical events and turning points and, at the same time, manages to keep the viewer completely hooked to the show, as it has some spicy entertainment.

It is for people who want drama with elements of both historical similarities drama and engaging drama.

7. Marco Polo (2014)

It focuses primarily on the ventures of the famous explorer Marco Polo who gets himself entangled in the Mongol Empire. So it is not a Viking show, but it entails something similar in the Chinese lands.

The show, amongst other Viking shows on Netflix, may need to be more accurate historically. However, it still manages to engage its viewers immensely, all thanks to the wonderful performances and superb directing.

It is not as bad as it looks into the great Asian culture. It can be compared to the likes of Game of Thrones and Vikings.

So sit back, relax and watch a darn good adventure that unfolds and displays the most beautiful locations and cinematography.

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