What Does POG Mean in Gaming?

What Does POG Mean in Gaming

You may have heard the word POG if you are a gamer.

Twitch communities use the terms Pog, Poggers, or PogChamp, to express excitement, surprise, or excitement when their favorite streamer does something amazing.

What is the origin and proper use of POG? This article will discuss the meaning of POG, where does POG come from? and other POG definitions.

What does POG mean?

Since 2012 the PogChamp emoticon has been released, the word POG, a nickname, has become more and more beautiful, cool and amazing.

In this sense, POG can be used to show Cool !. The verb pog, which describes the look of an amazing face, can also be used.

Before the advent of the Internet and the rise of gaming culture, POG – a small piece of cardboard, was used by young people to play games in the 1990s. Gambling uses POG to refer to Play of the games.

To make POGChamp, POG can be combined with Champ, which is an acronym for Play of Champions.

It is often used in online games such as Overwatch or League of Legends and streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube.

Where does POG come from?

Another millennium can associate POG with circular cardboard pieces from the 1990’s. However, in this context, the POG comes from “PogChamp,” which Twitch viewers began using to express their excitement in 2012.

On October 26, 2011, gootecks ​​broadcast the phrase “pog heroes” during the promotion of the promotion, and Twitch finally linked a summary version of the sentence with an emote containing gootecks ​​face.

Over time, POG spawned the word “poggers”, which many players use to describe something good. Twitch also offered poggers an emote in 2017 featuring Pepe the Frog in amazement.

Who uses POG?

Before Twitch, sports fans sometimes referred to the game’s highlights as “POG.” However, it is often used by gaming broadcasters (someone who interrupts the online game) on Twitch (and on social media, TikTok) to respond to an amazing feat.

Unfortunately, it has become so overused that many people use POG with sarcasm to refer to ordinary things.

Full form POG game play

“POG” is often used for play to mean “play game.”

Before the advent of the internet and sports culture, “pog” was a small, circular cardboard that was widely used to play the game of children and adults in the 1990s.

“POG” can also be used with “champ” to make “POGChamp.” This is a form of the acronym “play of champion champion.”

This means that the player has done very well in the game and will be a standout player in the game and earn a “game play.”

Here is one of the best Example

Example :

Gaming Streamer: Live stream starts in 15 minutes. Check out my sick plays and the road to the finals. My goal is to get POG three times today.

Stream Watcher 1: Yeah man, go get ’em!

Stream Watcher 2: Can’t way, gonna be #pogchamp for sure!

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