What is Gaming Mode and How to enable it on Windows 10 PC?

The World’s number one operating system, Microsoft’s Windows, offers a lot of features that made it above everyone else.

Windows 10 is its latest iteration, and it comes with fantastic and user-friendly features. Now and then, Microsoft pops out updates to enhance its operating system’s performance, one of which is the Game Mode that was adding following a recent update.

Game Mode is a feature that enhances your gaming experience. If you are a fan of Windows games, then this feature is for you, and it will improve your gaming experience in so much way than you can imagine.

Enough chitchat lets proceed to how you can enable the Game Mode feature on your Windows 10 PC.

What is Windows 10 Game Mode?

Windows Game Mode is a gaming feature that was added in a recent Windows 10 update. It’s a feature that helps improve your gaming experience in Windows 10.

Its primary purpose is to optimize and make your games run smoothly on the platform. However, this feature is not only useful to game lovers but also heavy multitasks users.

It was previously meant for just gamers, but now its settings have been relocated to include other users (multi-tasks users).

Now that you’ve known about the Game Mode feature, follow the instructions below to enable Game Mode feature on your Windows 10 PC:

Navigate to the Settings using the start menu and then tap on the Gaming option in the Settings page.

Next, click on the Game Mode to turn it on; while on the same gaming page, go to the Game Bar section on click to enable it.

Now, open/run any game of your choice and then use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows Key + G.’ This will automatically open the Game Bar.

In the Game Bar section, click on the ‘Use Game Mode for this game’ to enable optimization and improved gaming experience.

To get a better user experience, you are required you restart the game to allow the changes to take effect.

While some games will not experience optimization and improved experience, the Game Mode is more useful for background tasks and multitasking.

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