Where Was Fatherhood Filmed?

Where Was Fatherhood Filmed

Fatherhood movie brings a lot of joy, recollections, realization, and the struggles of a single-parent. What is Matt supposed to do as he finds himself widowed and sole parent of his daughter?

There’s no cap that Fatherhood has not failed in any aspect to amaze the viewers. Let it be the fans of Kevin Hart, the audience who adores cinematics, and the people who are still confused about uncanny resemblances in different locations in the Fatherhood.

Wait, where was Fatherhood Filmed? Did they use more than one location? Well, don’t worry, we have spilled all the beans in this article. Are you ready to explore Fatherhood’s captivating sceneries with us!

Fatherhood Locations

Here’s some news for all the Canadians being thrilled that Matt’s house is in Canada to them rambling after getting the sight of the Common Bridge park (based in Boston). Well, your guess was right about where was Fatherhood filmed?

Temple Hill productions and Sony pictures have pulled all their ropes to provide attractive and eye-pleasing sights of the best locations of Montreal and Massachusetts for you. 

Would you like to know which scene and where was Fatherhood filmed exactly?

  1. Hospital Scene

The hospital setting in Fatherhood has been filmed in Boston Memorial Hospital. 

  1. Matt’s House & Maddy’s School

The big city vibes that you got from where Matt and Maddy have put down their roots are in Canada. The scenes of Matt’s house and Maddy’s school are filmed in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (the neighborhood of Montreal’s West End).

  1. Family Attraction

Most of the spots in Fatherhood are from Boston. The beautiful bridge shown in Fatherhood is the Boston Common Park Bridge. 

Consequently, the park you saw in the movie is also a location in Boston. The production has also utilized notable areas and neighborhoods for other outdoor scenes.

Therefore, you can say that the world-renowned East coast city (Boston) has served your eyes with more pleasing events as the background of the Fatherhood. 

The downtown Waterfront area, the Seaport district, and the flower field scene from the public garden are all the locales of Boston.

Still, you can say that most of the practical portion of Fatherhood is filmed in Montreal city (within Quebec province of Canada).

As you can see that though the crew has utilized the most famous views of Boston, the movie aims to show that Fatherhood was wholly filmed in New England.


While we have identified many locations of the Fatherhood so far, there are still some left.  Don’t frown as we are working to our bones. We will let you know as soon as we get the air about the hidden locations of Fatherhood.

However, before that, do let us know how did you like the oscar-winning performance of Kevin? The  Ride Along, Think Like a Man and Get Hard artist has shown vulnerable skills while getting into the sentimental and emotional yet entertaining character of Matt Logelin. 

In short, Kevin has showcased his incredible and talented side to us. Therefore, we are expecting much more!

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