Where Was Get Even Filmed?

Where Was Get Even Filmed

Are you curious about where the popular British teen thriller series, Get Even was filmed?

This TV series, which premiered on BBC iPlayer in February 2020, has certainly caught the attention of viewers as it chronicles the story of a group of schoolgirls who form a secret society to expose bullies.

Adapted by Holly Phillips from the book series Don’t Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil, the show’s unique premise and mysterious atmosphere have left many fans intrigued about the shooting locations that have helped bring this captivating story to life.

As you dive into the world of “Get Even,” it’s important to know that the primary filming location for the show is in the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester, England.

The production team landed on this place largely because of the school setting, with the fictional Bannerman School playing a significant role in the series.

The charming town of Bolton provides the perfect backdrop for the school and the series as a whole, giving life to the scenes that unfold throughout the episodes.

To better immerse yourself in the world of “Get Even,” taking a closer look at the town of Bolton can certainly enhance your viewing experience.

It’s fascinating to see how real-life locations are transformed on-screen to create the thrilling atmosphere you encounter while watching the series.

With this knowledge in mind, you can appreciate the thought and effort that goes into creating the captivating environment of your favorite British teen thriller.

Where Was Get Even Filmed?

Filming Locations

Get Even, a British teen thriller TV series that premiered on BBC iPlayer in 2020, was mainly filmed in the town of Bolton, Greater Manchester, England.

The production aimed to find the perfect location for the story, which revolves around a group of private school girls seeking revenge against bullies.

Bannerman Independent School

The fictional Bannerman Independent School is a crucial setting for the series.

This elite private school is where the four teenage girls – Kitty, Margot, Bree, and Olivia – attend and form their secret society, DGM (Don’t Get Mad), to expose and seek justice against bullies. Bolton School served as the backdrop for Bannerman.

The show, adapted by Holly Phillips from the book series Don’t Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil, has a unique mix of teen drama, revenge, and thriller elements.

It features an impressive young cast, including Kim Adis, Bethany Antonia, Jessica Alexander, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Isaac Rouse, and Joe Flynn, among many others.

Get Even has gained a devoted audience, with many enjoying the compelling storylines and the captivating performances of the talented cast.

The filming locations in Bolton and the striking Bannerman Independent School provide a vivid and memorable backdrop for the thrilling events that unfold throughout the series.

Now available on Netflix, you can delve into the world of Get Even and enjoy the journey these four strong-willed girls embark on in their fight against injustice.

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