Where Was Gideon’s Way Filmed?

Where Was Gideon's Way Filmed

Gideon’s Way, a popular British television crime series from the mid-1960s, garnered attention for its extensive location shooting in London.

The show, which was based on novels by John Creasey and produced by ITC Entertainment, stood out due to its fast-paced action, strong storylines, and authentic backdrop.

Many viewers found themselves intrigued by the various filming locations utilized throughout the series, including notable spots such as Commander George Gideon’s home in Winnington Road, London N2, Ridley Road, and Scotland Yard headquarters, where the main character was based.

Coupled with the show’s documentary-style direction, these setting elements contributed significantly to Gideon’s Way’s thrilling and highly acclaimed atmosphere.

As fans look back on the series’ influence on British television and the rich history associated with its production, examining the filming locations of Gideon’s Way offers a unique perspective on this classic crime drama.

Delving into the different sites brings to life the diverse landscapes of mid-1960s London and reveals the lengths to which the show’s creators went to achieve a genuine sense of place for their iconic series.

Where Was Gideon’s Way Filmed?

Gideon’s Way, a gripping crime series based on novels by John Creasey, has captured the attention of viewers with its thrilling action stories and documentary-style direction.

Featuring Commander George Gideon, CID, the show adapted its premise from the 1958 movie version, Gideon’s Day, which starred Jack Hawkins.

A significant aspect of the series that added to its charm was its filming location.

The series was filmed at multiple locations, including both on location and at Elstree Studios.

Production for the episodes took place between June 1964 and May 1965, with breaks in between for cast and crew members.

Its realistic portrayal of the bustling city streets and landmarks contributed to its intense, gritty atmosphere.

Some of the notable locations used in the series include the Scotland Yard headquarters, where Commander George Gideon is based, and his home in Winnington Road, London N2.

Other key spots that made an appearance in various episodes were Ridley Road, London E8, and Oakleigh Park South, N20, where Commander Gideon’s house is situated.

Besides these specific sites, Gideon’s Way also featured several iconic London landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, Saint Pancras Way, and Piccadilly Circus, adding an authentic touch to the series.

The extensive use of on-location filming showcased the unique charm and character of London, further enhancing the series’ appeal to viewers.

In conclusion, Gideon’s Way successfully transported audiences into the heart of its crime-solving world with its strategic use of real-life locations, including the bustling city streets and iconic sites of London.

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