Where Was Romance in the Air Filmed?

Where Was Romance in the Air Filmed

If you are a Torrance Coombs fan and love his movies, then you are probably a fan of the movie Romance in the Air. The film is a romantic comedy and very fun to watch.

But fans sometimes get curious about where it is filmed and want to know all the locations in the movie.

So if you are a curious fan, you have landed at the right place because at the end of this article, you will find out where was Romance in the Air filmed?

Romance in the Air Synopsis

Romance in the Air tells a story about Eden, who returns to where she used to spend her summers while growing up. Lake Tahoe reminds her of all the days growing up, and ultimately she reunites with her friend Riley.

Upon meeting her childhood friend, she comprehends that the future might not be so bad, and she still has a chance towards happiness, which is missing in her life.

The movie is played by actors Torrance Coombs, Sashliegha, Cindy Busby, and Tim Flynn. David Brown, and Al Lampkin.

Who produced Romance in the Air?

The popular romance movie is produced by Silver Peak Productions and is also helmed by Brian Brough.

Where was Romance in the Air filmed?

For those who are wondering where was Romance in the Air filmed? Here’s your answer! The movie includes multiple Lake Tahoe and Utah locations.

You can see a scene in the movie where Coombs paddled boarded and is filmed in Lake Tahoe itself. The actors also posted many pictures of the same area they filmed in. They also filmed in Park City, a location in Utah.


Utah is a state in the United States of America, and it is known for its beautiful scenery. The state has a wide variety of landscapes, including mountains and deserts.

Its beauty is also due to its geography. Mountains surround the state on three sides, and the fourth side has an expanse of desert, making it difficult to access.

If you plan to visit the beautiful locations you can find in the movie, then check them out for sure. You can also stop by for pictures!

Lake Tahoe

Are you a fan of paddle boarding and want to experience the fun Coombs did? Well, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for it.

Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which makes it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake also has many activities and attractions that are perfect for tourists to enjoy.

So have fun with family and friends while camping in the beautiful location where Romance in the Air was filmed!

Park City

The most popular activities are skiing and snowboarding. There are over 70 trails for both these activities. You can also try golfing and fishing at this location and other outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking.

Park City, Utah, has several restaurants that serve some of the best food you will find anywhere else in the country.

These restaurants include Le Bistro, The Park Grill, and The Park House Café & Bakery. So while you’re in the area, trying to check out where the movie was filmed. Give these places a shot too!

Bottom Line

So, now you know where was Romance in the air filmed! Fans do get fascinated by movies and locations, so for those who want to relive the moments, then it is recommended you give these places a visit.

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