Xbox One Controller Issues on Windows 10?

Xbox One Controller

Do you know that Microsoft has made it possible for its game consoles and operating system to connect seamlessly?

This was made possible as both platforms have similar codes giving Windows 10 the ability to use the Xbox One controller (plug and play). Interesting, isn’t it?

However, some people have come across a lot of stress when they try to plug in the controller to the Windows PC; this article is for you if you are in that category.

Let’s help you fix that issue and have that smile back on your face.

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Not Connecting To PC

This guide will depend on the model of your Xbox One console controller because the new models come with Bluetooth, while Wi-Fi direct is for older models.

This fix can be used for both new and old models but with a little tweak on the Bluetooth.

Check the Cable for Compatibility

The cable must support both power and data transfer connections, meaning the cable should allow you to charge while you continue with your gaming as it also puts power into the controller.

Try out different cables, and if the Xbox icon lights up, you are on the right track.

Reinstall the Device

Plugging the controller to your PC should automatically install the drivers since it’s built-in; this gives you an edge as you don’t need to reinstall the drivers if any issue pops up.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Device Manager,
  2. Next, you scroll down until you locate the Xbox Controller.
  3. Then you have to right-click and uninstall the device.
  4. Reboot after uninstalling, and the PC should reinstall your controller once it’s plugged back in.

You can use the steps above for other Xbox Wireless Adapter meant for Windows 10.

Try Out Other USB Ports

It might be that the port you plugged the controller into is faulty or have errors. This error is more common if you are using a USB cable instead of a wireless connection.

Try out other ports to see the outcome. It also requires the PC to reinstall the device driver to fix any issues.

Now, Reconnect Your Controller

If you are connecting to a Windows PC via an Xbox Wireless controller, press the pairing button found on the controller.

Still, if it’s Bluetooth enabled, you have to go to the Microsoft support page to get tips on fixing that issue.

Make sure you try each step before you move on to the Xbox official support page for help; one of the listed methods should have your controller up and running in no time. You can share other solutions with us.

Do well to share your thoughts and feedback with us by using the comments section below.

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