Top 11 Xbox One Motocross Games

Xbox One Motocross Games

Xbox one motocross games have become a widely played game in the world.

With the new inventions of technology, the game has even become more exciting and fun to play.

In this article, I shall give you the best Xbox one motocross games that you can find.

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What is Xbox?

Developed by Microsoft, The Xbox one is a console that one uses to play video games.

Microsoft developed it after its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Microsoft describes this console as “an all-in-one entertainment system”; therefore, they called it Xbox one.

Though it is a gaming console, you can use it for other functions as well. It competes with Nintendo’s Wii U, Switch, and Sony’s play station with its inbuilt features.

What are motocross games?

If you are a fan of video games, you should know about motocross games. But if you do not, here is what you need to know.

Motocross is a video sports game adapted to the basic version of the sport with the same name. It involves a rider riding a bike on natural terrains with obstacles in between.

A thrilling sport, the videogame is packed with action that keeps your heart racing till you cross the finish line.

What are Xbox one motocross games?

With the knowledge of Xbox one and motocross games, we can say that Xbox one Motocross games are games played with Xbox one.

These are active bike games that you play using the gaming console developed by Microsoft.

Playing the motocross games on the Xbox one makes it fun and exciting. With simple and easy-to-use controls, both the young and the old can play these games.

Best Xbox one motocross games

1. MXGP 2020

What could be better than the MXGP 2020? Aside from the excitement it incites, this game was the first people played on modern consoles.

In this game, you get the natural feeling of riding. You feel the resistance when you are in the mud and the impact of your vehicle on the hard ground.

The game approach requires you to do only one thing; race. With that, there is a mode where you are free to roam around and a track editor you can use to create your tracks.

This Xbox One motocross game is indeed a game-changer.

2. Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is one of the best videogames ever.

As the name implies, it combines addictive real motorbike racing with clear and social visuals of advanced gaming consoles.

With unique setting, content, and features, you can never get bored.

Take on the challenges it offers and use your skills to maneuver through obstacle-ridden tracks. Strive to beat new records and be the best.

Better still, if the tracks are not enough for you, you can create your race tracks with the track editor.

With all Its features, expect to see new challenges and tricks that make it even more addictive.

3. MXGP PRO (2018)

A new version from its predecessor, the MXGP Pro, has better and advanced features making it one that you should not miss.

For one, the visuals are so much clearer and now feels more real than their predecessor. Now, you have faster controls and more realistic whips.

Like a mechanic, you can adjust your bike’s configuration to win a race with the new Pro Physics.

It allows you to practice in a vast compound where you can explore or decide to compete. All of the tracks and riders from the former season still await you.

4. Monster energy supercross 3

Monster energy supercross 3 comes with new features that we all expected to see. The visuals are top-notch and give you a real-life impression.

Some soundtracks go well with your ride and the cheering of the crowd. More impressive is the fact that there are now female riders included in the series.

As with other series, the game keeps your adrenaline pumping as you race through tracks.

5. ATV Drift & Tricks: Definitive Edition

There is nothing new about having the opportunity to jump behind the wheel and take on several opponents. However, flying into the air and doing other stunts while doing so is new!

You get to hit the woodlands and the mountain road pulling leaps and stunts as you soar through the air. Drifting, Tricking and having an awesome is the theme of the game. 

So whether you are racing alone or with friends in the multiplayer version, this ATV racing will definitely keep you entertained.

6. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2

When you plan weekly activities in the newly redesigned career mode, you can live like a champion and achieve your goals.

New challenges, sponsors, and incredible prizes are all waiting for you to take part in them!

There are four different tracks to put your custom rider’s abilities to the test, depending on whether you want to ride free or compete against other players.

Prepare to compete against more than 80 official 2018 national 250SX and 450SX riders, including Jason Anderson, Marvin Musquin, and Eli Tomac, the reigning 450SX world champion.


With this Xbox One motocross game, you can compete in standard races with over three laps. The player must remain at the top of the scoreboard to win regularly while doing “new” stunts.

Perform and combine as many tricks as you can before you run out of gas. In the end, the player with the highest score wins. Five-lap short races are also available.

Also, a trick system is in the game, which maintains track of the tricks performed by the player.

As a player’s “thrill bar” fills up, they will be able to access higher-level maneuvers. The player can do a “special trick” with a high enough jump if the bar is full.

8. MX vs ATV

Also, available Nintendo Switch and PS4, this Xbox one motocross game has so much activity.

Because of the speed, there is a lot of bouncing around. So, you’ll need to work very hard to steady your bike while riding on the track.

You’ll experience riding across several environments and participate in the best event series.

9. MX Nitro: Unleashed

MX Nitro invites you to enter the world of motocross riding and experience the thrill of victory!

Drive at breakneck speeds through new metropolitan landscapes, including gritty streets and a bustling subway system to reach your destination.

Freestyle through the air with 55 death-defying feats to gain Nitro speed boosts in your battles against new harsh enemies.

MX Nitro is one of the Xbox one Motocross games you shouldn’t miss.

10. Offroad Racing – Buggy X ATV X Moto

Offroad Racing offers a wide choice of all-terrain vehicles for those wishing to get away from it all.

Enjoy the change of scenery while exploring real-like offroad terrain on a quad bike or motocross race.

There are different single-player game options:

  • Dedicate your life to offroad racing in Season mode.
  • Complete your mission on Championship mode.
  • Do you have a limited amount of time

The Race-against-the-clock and Single race options will appeal to you.

11. X360 MX vs ATV: untamed

Take control of the off-road. Dirt bikes, ATVs, Monster Trucks, and the new ORV Sport compete for off-road supremacy.

In addition, Eight different racing series in one ultimate off-road championship, plus new EnduroCross and Open cross events.

Introduce new power slides, whips, and scrubs using revolutionary real-world physics.

You can also make your automobiles more powerful and faster by upgrading their engines.

12. Urban trial tricky deluxe edition

Allow the exciting, fast-paced gameplay, vibrant sights, and seamless controls to sweep you away.

Allow yourself to be taken away by the fun, fast-paced gameplay, bright visuals, and smooth controls.

Ride freely, go back and forth, and be swept away by the fun, fast-paced gameplay, vivid images, and smooth controls.


With these Xbox one motocross games, you can get the best experience of riding. With their unique features, the journey promises never to be boring.

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