Xbox One S: An Economical 4K Entertainment

Xbox One S

Xbox One S Microsoft is the cheapest mid-cycle upgrade to Xbox One, which offers 4K multimedia support and a better name for the Xbox.

On the hardware side, its miniaturization will surely surpass the PlayStation 4, which is still smaller and more subtle than the original Xbox One. On the software side, Xbox One S is Microsoft’s standard for Windows 10.

Although older Xbox One consoles can be upgraded to the same software, there are confusions on how Xbox and Windows 10 work together. An updated console has been configured for clarity.

A heavy load rests on the shoulders of this console, too heavy for an individual upgrade. Sony has not only released a “thin” PlayStation 4 but a considerably improved version of its console, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft also has its own powerful Xbox One X, which is currently the most powerful console, but the Xbox One S is a much cheaper alternative.

Despite the low price, with exciting new features like the Game Pass that complement Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One, the One S does not have the improvements expected from a console update, nor the beginning of a new generation.

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Smaller, but not so miniature

Many persons liked the original Xbox One look and concluded it held up better visually than the PlayStation 4, which with its clunky corners, never looks entirely decent.

In functional areas, the Xbox One had a big problem. It was great, most people housed in a home entertainment cabinet other than an A / V receiver.

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Microsoft has corrected this by reducing the Xbox One S by 40%. Sounds good, right? However, the number is wrong. The box is only a few inches narrower and an inch shorter than the original. Food is now also internal.

Less miniaturization than expected means that the new Xbox compensates for the thin PlayStation 4. The Xbox One S is broader, and the hair taller but not as extensive.

Although the new Xbox isn’t as minute as it looks in number, it is undeniably attractive. It is minimalist, uniform, and simple, with clean and defined lines. Here’s the original two-sided design: half of the Xbox One S is flat, while the other half is full of exhaust vents.

Unlike the original, the ventilated half uses a ribbed grid instead of diagonal slats. It reminds of pixels and feels like home on a game console.

The large cut-out of the fan upwards slightly spoils the look seen from above, but due to its position, it is difficult to notice when you place it in the A/V box.

So many people only look at the Xbox One S from the front, and from this angle, the most attractive console of this generation is secure.

Fun and functional

With the original Xbox One, it is difficult to communicate with the touch power button. Other buttons, such as the controller sync buttons, were physically but awkwardly placed.

While the new Xbox isn’t as small as it looks in number, it is undeniably attractive.
Fortunately, the Xbox One S solves these problems.

The front panel includes a physical power button, a controller sync button, and a disk eject button. Everything is easy to find and use, even in a vague media room. There is also a USB 3.0 port at the front, a little disappointing. However, the PlayStation 4 has two.

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Finally, in the lower right corner is an IR Blaster that can be used to control other IR devices via your Xbox One with repetitive IR signals that these devices recognize.

On the back, the Xbox One S includes two HDMI ports (one input, one output), two other USB 3.0 ports (one for Kinect), S/PDIF, and Ethernet.

In general, the connection is almost identical to the original, with one notable exception. The Xbox One S lowers the dedicated Kinect port. You will need a USB adapter to connect the old Kinect to the new console.

Aside from the hassle of buying adapters (Microsoft ships them for free, at least if you contact Xbox support), this change means that Kinect users have one less USB port than before.

Still, the Xbox One proffers more connectivity than the PlayStation 4. Still, the Xbox One offers more congruence than the PlayStation 4. Microsoft has released the Xbox One as a one-stop solution for everything from games to television.

While it is questionable whether its features have become popular, they remain something that the PlayStation 4 isn’t trying to emulate at all.

It’s still the Xbox One

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S has a new design, but it’s not a whole new console. With the exception of the above, everything else stays the same. Here is the problem. The Xbox One sold poorly compared to the PlayStation 4, for a simple reason.

Most games will be played on any console, but Sony is more powerful, and the games are a little better. Sony also offers world-class exclusives that the Xbox will never see.

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The Xbox One S does nothing to resolve this problem. It is slightly faster due to the higher clock speeds on the GPU and associated ESRAM.

It is enough to get an extra pair of images in titles that operate at an unlocked frame rate and can shed a tear in some games, but the difference is usually not noticed in the game.

We only know this thanks to at the digital foundry of Eurogamer, one of the few publications that were supposed to create a frame using console frame analysis. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about improving game performance in the official Xbox One S multimedia guide.

Microsoft has lost this generation of so-called “console wars.” The Xbox One S hasn’t changed that.

Is there a better alternative?

The Xbox One S achieves parity with the standard PlayStation 4 in almost all areas; however, the ubiquity of the console among gamers can cause the PlayStation 4 versions of cross-platform games to gain more attention from their developers.

How long will it take?

It depends on how often you want to update your console. The most potent version of Microsoft’s Xbox One, the “Xbox One X,” is now available at relatively low prices. And the next generation is yet to arrive this year with the launch of the Xbox X series.

While most games like Halo Infinite will still be compatible with the Xbox One S for at least a year, this generation’s time is running out for this generation.

Should you buy The Xbox One S?

No. The Xbox One S is an old console that won’t make sense to most new generation gamers on the road.


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