24 12 Monkeys TV Cast and Their Roles

12 Monkeys Tv Cast

The series was labeled as cast-contingent. This means that 12 monkeys TV cast was selected to suit the script before the series was filmed.

This was because the network felt like the series would not get an audience without the right talents. Thus, this shows a lot of effort was put into selecting the movie. 

Moreover, the series is a science fiction mystery drama with a time-traveling plot adapted from the 1995 film 12 monkeys.

Initially, Chris Marker’s 1962 La Jetee inspired both the 1995 film and 2015 series.

Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett created this series, N.B.C. Universal TV Distribution distributed it.

This series premiered on January 16, 2015, it aired forty-seven episodes in four seasons, and the last episode was aired on July 6, 2018.

Each episode ran for approximately 40-48 minutes. This series got some awards nominations and won two awards for its cinematography.

Additionally, the series is about two strangers, James Cole and Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly, who had to team up and go on a time-traveling mission to stop the destructive plans of a mysterious organization called the Army 12 Monkeys while dealing with issues in the current timeline.

This article throws some insight on the characters in 12 monkeys T.V. series cast; 

1. Aaron Stanford

Aaron is a significant character in the 12 monkeys TV cast. He played the role of James Cole.

James Cole is a scavenger in 2043 who was recruited to travel back in 2015 to stop the Army of the 12 monkeys’ organization and prevent them from releasing a deadly virus.  

As of 2043, the virus had killed over seven billion humans in 2017, and its mutation would end the human race.

In the series, Cole and Cassie try to unveil the identity and whereabouts of the mysterious leader of the Army of the 12 monkeys, which is called “the Witness.”

2. Amanda Schull

Amanda is part of the 12 monkeys TV series cast as Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly.

Cassie is a brilliant virologist who recorded the virus’s origins, and Cole, Katarina Jones, the scientist who recruited Cole.

Cassie helped Cole in stopping the organization and finding the identity of its leader. 

3. Kirk Acevedo

Kirk is also part of the 12 monkeys TV cast. He played the role of Jose Ramse, who is Cole’s best friend.  

Cole and Jose fled from a brutal pack of scavengers. Moreover, Kirk is a 49 years old American actor with a wife, Kiersten Warren, and two kids.

He is best known for his Oz, Fringe, Arrow, Band of Brothers, and the movie Dawn of the Apes. 

4. Noah Bean

Noah is part of the 12 monkeys TV series cast. He played the role of Aaron Maker. Aaron was Cassie’s ex-boyfriend and was also a political insider.  

Besides, Noah is a 42 years old American actor who is married to Lyndsy Fonseca, and they have one kid. He is best known for his roles in Nikita, Damages, and The Pill. 

5. Todd Stashwick

Todd is part of the 12 monkeys TVcast. He played the role of Theodore Deacon. Theodore is the leader of a brutal group of scavengers called the West VII. Jose and James are running from this group.

Moreover, Todd is a 52 years old American actor and writer. He has featured in many T.V. series, Leverage, Teen Wolf, Hawaii FIve-0, S.W.A.T., C.S.I.: Miami, C.S.I.: N.Y., Heroes, and L.A.’s Finest, among others.

6. Emily Hampshire

Emily is part of the 12 monkeys TV series cast. She played Jennifer Goines, an unstable math genius who Cole met in a psych ward in 2015.  

She is also the daughter of Leland Goines. Moreover, Emily is a 39 years old award-winning Canadian actress, who is best known for her roles in Snow Cake, Boy Meets Girl, Ruby Gloom, and Schitt’s Creek. 

7. Barbara Sukowa

Barbara is Katarina Jones in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Katarina is a physicist who found Cassie’s records about the origin of the virus.

She is also the leader of Project Splinter, the team that recruited James to travel to the past.  

Additionally, she is the inventor and operator of the time machine.

Besides, Barbara is a 71 years old award-winning German theatre and film actress best known for her works in Rosa Luxemburg (1986), Hannah Arendt (2012), M. Butterfly (1993), Lola (1981), and Europa (1990). 

8. Tom Noonan

Tom played Tall Man or Pallid Man. The tall man is the criminal face or muscle of the Army of the 12 monkeys.  

Besides, Tom is a 70 years old American actor, screenwriter, and director. He is best known for his roles in Manhunter, The Monster Squad, RoboCop 2, and Hell on Wheels. 

9. Romina D’Ugo

Romina played Max in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Max is one of the scavengers from the West VII group and Cole’s former lover. 

10. Demore Barnes

Demore played Marcus Whitley in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Marcus is a soldier of the U.S. military, one of the few lefts.  

Moreover, Demore is a 45 years old Canadian actor, best known for his roles in The Unit, American Gods, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Supernatural, and Hannibal. 

11. Ramon De Ocampo

Ramon played Oliver Peters in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Oliver was Markridge Group’s medical researcher in seasons 1 and 2. 

12. Alisen Down

Alisen played Olivia Kirschner in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Olivia was one of the high-ranking members of the Army of the 12 monkeys and tall man’s sister.  

Besides, Alisen is 45 years old Canadian TV and film actress. She is best known for her roles in Mysterious Ways and Battlestar Galactica. 

13. Amy Sloan

Amy played Elena in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Elena is the mother of Ramse’s son. Additionally, Amy is a 43 years old Canadian actress.  

She is featured in many series, including N.C.I.S., Cold Case, Big Shots, Hawthorne, and L.A.’s Finest. 

14. Andrew Gillies

Andrew played Julian Adler in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Julian is another one of Project Splinter’s scientists. 

15. Michael Hogan

Michael played David Eckland in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. David is an intelligent and charismatic scientist from the future. He had worked with Jones’ in another reality.  

Moreover, Michael is a 72 years old Canadian actor, best known for his roles in Battlestar Galactica, Teen Wolf, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Peanut Butter, and Mass Effect. 

16. Scottie Thompson

Scottie played the role of an unnamed woman in the 12 monkeys TV cast. She is the mother of the Tall Man and Olivia. She is also a menacing and calculating time traveler.  

Besides, Scottie is 39 years old American TV, stage, and film actress. She is best known for her roles in N.C.I.S. and Graceland. 

17. Jay Karnes

Jay played Robert Gale in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Robert is a savvy F.B.I. agent from the 1940s. He suspects Cole is from the future and has something to do with some gruesome murders.  

Furthermore, Jay is a 58 years old American actor, married to Julia Campbell with two kids. He is best known for his Sons of Anarchy, The Crossing, Graceland, and The Shield. 

18. Brooke Williams

Brooke played the role of Hannah Jones in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Hannah is also called Zeit.

She is the biological daughter of Katarina and Elliot Jones, and her death was Jones’ motivation for the invention of time travel to stop the release of the virus.  

Moreover, Brooke is a 37 years old New Zealand actress, best known for her roles in Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Spartacus: Vengeance. 

19. Murray Furrow

Murray played the role of Dr. Lasky in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Dr. Lasky is another one of the Project Splinter scientists. 

20. Hannah Waddingham

Hannah played Magdalena in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Magdalena is one of the members of the Army of the 12 monkeys charged with the responsibility of protecting the leader, who is called “The Witness.”  

She is known for being both expedient and ruthless in her methods. Besides, Hannah is a 47 years old award-winning English actress and singer.

She is best known for her roles in Games of Thrones and Les Miserables. 

21. Faran Tahir

Faran played Mallick in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Mallick is a devout and imposing enforcer of the Army of the 12 monkeys, and he lives in Titan.  

Moreover, Faran is a 58 years old Pakistani-American actor, who is best known for his roles in Supernatural, Supergirl, Iron Man, Once Upon a Time, and Star Trek. 

22. James Callis

James played the role of Athan Cole in the series. Athan is the son of James Cole and Cassie Railly.

The Army of the 12 monkeys raised him to be their leader, also known as “The Witness.”  

Moreover, James is a 50 years old award-winning English actor best known for his role in Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Bridget Jones’ Baby, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 

23. Julian Richings

Julian played the role of an advisor to Olivia in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. Besides, Julian is a 64 years old award-winning British-Canadian actor best known for his roles in Supernatural and Man of Steel.

He has featured in over 20 TV series and 50 films. 

24. Abigail Hardingham

Abigail played the role of Emma in the 12 monkeys TV cast. Emma was Olivia’s daughter, who was also known as Marion Woods.  

Moreover, Abigail is 30 years old award-winning British actress best known for her roles in The Missing and Nina Forever. 

These are some of the characters in the 12 monkeys TV series cast. The series is worth watching because it is a sci-fi movie based on one of the classic time-traveling novels written in this century. 

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