Top 16 Bible Video Games to Play Right Now

bible video games

Have you been low on faith and want to revamp your Christianity understanding and beliefs?  If yes then, would you like something; that would be entertaining and make your religious practices practicable? 

If these are all the queries you have in your mind, then you can consider playing the latest Bible video games. Yes, they do exist!

The industry is full of guts, gore, and explicit graphics. Also, the Christian gaming market is small. However, we have kept this unfortunate situation in our mind. 

Therefore, we have thoughtfully assembled a list of 16 Bible video games for you that will teach you the valuable meaning of life while keeping you engaged. 

Heads downward as learning has become fun for you now.

Bible Video Games for Christians

It has become hard to cope up with religious cognition and awareness nowadays. It’s time for you to keep your fate updated and take pleasure in the latest Bible video games

We have ranked Bible video games from 2021 up to the previous years.

1. Life Academy – ArtCity

Platform(s): Windows

Who knew there would exist a platform for showcasing Christian art? It’s time for you to meet people with mutual thoughts. How? You get to display, promote, support, and dispense Bible Art.

In Life Academy: ArtCity, the developers have given the players a chance to show their talents and skills. In this virtual world, you get to share your best work. 

This release of 2021 can be the best within the list of Bible video games. Hence, share your all self-made photos, paintings, music, and video clips and conquer the world.

2. Life Academy – Jesus in the Matrix

Platform(s): Windows

Jesus in the Matrix version of this game holds deep values about crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. The game revolves around life before redemption and after.

The game’s scenario gives you the freedom to be a believer and a non-believer. If you’re a Christian, then you can discover some hidden facts about your life.

On the other hand, if you’re already a Christian, you can be an evangelist in your area. The game’s cards work as forceful arrows that can also change people’s hearts.

This version of Life Academy features a damned world that is spiritually dead. Therefore, a Godly figure is yet to come. The world needs God’s message to change the wrong worldview of people.

3. Our Church and Halloween

Platform(s): PlayStation 4

Our Church and Halloween is a role-playing game that stars a young resident in a small town. The game tests the thinking process and mind of men.

One day James receives a letter while living in his village on the edge of an island. What does the message hold? 

It claims that if James gets to the mountaintop before Halloween, he can retrieve his deceased parents. Can the dead be backed up? No. Right?

Play this game and decide for yourself, what will be James’ choice?

4. LOGOS Bible Video Game

Platform(s):  Windows, Mac, Linux

LOGOS is bringing all shades and learnings of the Bible to all the believers. The makers have changed nothing in LOGOS according to their needs; they have shown every aspect of the  Bible.

Some people have found this honesty controversial, and however, others are taking inspiration from it. The gaming developers have included all the Genesis, Noah, and Exodus stories.

All Christian fellows have found this jaw-dropping game audiovisuals and graphics amazing. Hence, if you are still left out, we recommend giving this  Bible-based game a shot.

5. Adam’s Venture – Origins

Platform(s):  Nintendo Switch

Are you ready to embark on a bold journey in Adam’s Venture this winter? Let’s get you into discovering ancient ruins and recovering mysterious artifacts.

Players can outsmart the evil Clairvaux company. The best part is that you’re alone in this battle; you can always rely on your accomplice Evelyn.

The incredible next-gen visuals, new gameplay, and new animation work are the talk of the town among gamers nowadays.

Hence, giving Adam’s Venture – Origins a chance is a must. Dress into the characters and traverse long forgotten tombs and crumbling cities.

6. Lucifer – Paradise Lost

Platform(s):  Windows

Lucifer – Paradise Lost has been the most awaited Jesus RPG prequel in the last years. In this retro arcade-styled four-directional shooter, character yourself as Lucifer and be the devious dark angel.

With the conveniences of our modern HD output, you can reminisce about the glory of old games. We suggest you be the tough nut if you want to be the dark prince of hell.

With that, we declare Lucifer – Paradise Lost as the best in the race of retro arcade games.

7. Doom – Eternal

Platform(s):  PS4, XONE, PC

The protagonists in Doom: Eternal are on the mission to end hell’s consumption of Earth. Doomguy also has an alternative plan of foiling alien Maykr’s plans to exterminate humanity.

This first-person shooter player game comes with two game modes. The first is a single-game mode, and the second is Battle Mode. You can either be a Doom Slayer or a demon in the game.

Regardless, another Horde mode of this game came in 2021. The strong storytelling is of all praise and on point. Hence, play this game and let us know your thoughts.

8. The Secrets of Jesus

Platform(s):  Windows, Linux

The story of the Secrets of Jesus stars Jesus, Romans, and his love life. However, it is not going to be that easy. 

Why? Because the lead player has yet to solve many puzzling levels and riddles to be solved. The fascinating framework of this game is full of dark humor, biblical quotes, allusions to the Holy Scripture.

Enjoy the religious fairytale of the Secrets of Jesus and get into the adventure of the competitive paths and lanes. Play this game and decide for yourself whether you’ll be playing the detective or not.

9. Airship Genesis – Pathway to Jesus

Platform(s):  iOS, Android

In Airship Genesis, the players are getting a chance to lead the Genesis Exploration Squad. The narrative puzzle adventure of this game makes you fixed on the meaning of life.

Players get to witness the major events of Jesus’s life. Therefore, they end up knowing; the value and struggles of the game through this game.

Get your hands on these 40 puzzles, and let us know what you think.

10. To Light – Ex Umbra

Platform(s): Windows, Mac

In this game, the world is plagued by tangible darkness. In such diverse circumstances, a princess and a young man happen to have the blessings of God.

They must go on a voyage to find the light. Sounds appealing? Right?

Then, give this game a chance to know if the thriving Kingdom of Ecclesia can survive or not.


 Platform(s): Windows

All gamers should get their spirits high this season as they are about to walk through the haunted city.

God has chosen two game characters; to be Demon Hunters in this game. In NIMCOR3, God has bestowed Erik and his wife Jannete with the ability to touch any weapon and make it deadly.

What comes to your mind? Is it some punishment from the past life? Or something else. Try for yourself and get to know yourself.

13. Pangolin’s Puzzle

Platform(s): iOS, Android

In this game, the skill of Pangolin to solve brain-teasing logic grid puzzles is being tested. Therefore, it’s time to make your brain flexible because the game requires much attention and brainstorming.

The game keeps you interested in the dream-like realm of imaginational and African landscape visuals. The game has stressed much on the sensitive topic of saving pangolins and facts about them.

Are you interested in Pangolin? Then, get this game.

14. Alpha/Omega

Platform(s): Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Alpha/Omega is giving you a chance to battle through mega-events of the Bible. Where would you get to party with animals and angels?

Well, here you can. The exciting spiritual combat makes you wade off real-life temptations. Let’s play this game and get started.

15. Superbook Bible Trivia Game

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Enjoy getting overwhelmed with the Bible with your family. Yes, you heard it, right.

The game helps you expand your thinking span and educate yourself more about the Bible. A loveable SUPERBOOK robot gets on your service when you play the game.

The game helps you test yourself as the game is full of Bible questions and answers. Take on the Superbook Bible Trivia Game’s quiz and see how many questions you can answer.

16. Bible Crush

Platform(s): Android

Get to know and refresh your schooling about the Bible by getting to the awesome fruity world of the Bible Crush.

A range of vibrant fruits is used in this game. Here, you have to match three similar fruits to win the game. There’s a Bible-based Trivia quiz at each quest too. 

Hence, gaining information while enjoying this saga game is like a dream come true for believers. The more levels you pass, the more tricky and delightful examinations you get to take.

We never knew Bible video games would come with so much jollification.

Final Words

What are you waiting for? Get these clubbable, fun-loving, yet informing Bible video games. We have summed up the top 16 newest, convivial, and pleasing games for you. 

Hence, you can catch up with the missed lessons of the Bible and avail the witty side of games too.

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