18 Best 2015 Horror Movies

2015 horror movies

Are you looking for a good horror movie to watch sometime this week? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with our list of the best horror movies that came out in 2015.

Horror movies are the best and surefire way to blow off steam. Nothing beats knocking a few beers back with a group of friends while watching some 2015 horror movies.

2015, in particular, was a productive year for horror flicks. 2015 has been an excellent year for horror movies, and I have watched many of them.

They had scared me, amused me, taken me to places I had never been before, and made me look over my shoulder as I walked home in the dark in the middle of the night.

There is something magical about seeing a good horror movie, and I thought I would share my top 18 favorite 2015 horror movies with you.

1. The Witch

In New England in the seventeenth century, a banished Puritan own circle of relatives units up a farm with the aid of using the threshold of a large far-flung wooded area wherein no different own circle of relatives lives. Soon, sinister forces then begin haunting them. Personally, this movie has all the right amount of scare for a horror movie that’s why it tops my list of 2015 horror movies.

2. Poltergeist

Second, on my list of 2015 horror movies, we have poltergeist-The Bowens need to keep their youngest daughter after she is taken captive via way of one of the evil spirits in their home.

3. Sinister 2

Courtney Collins, a younger mother, and her dual sons circulate right into a haunted rural residence and begin experiencing a string of supernatural occurrences connected with the demon Bughuul.

The 2015 horror movies list could not be complete without Spinster 2 a classic residence haunting. The Star cast includes James Ransone, Shannyn Sossamon, and Robert Daniel Sloan.

4. Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein groups up with Igor Strausman for groundbreaking studies on immortality in humans.

However, his test takes a terrible flip, and Igor tries to forestall him from wreaking havoc. With a Cast list involving Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, Victor Frankenstein had to make this list of 2015 horror movies. Enjoy this one.

5. The Vatican Tapes

Angela, who has been showing unusual behavior, is determined to be possessed. The scenario regresses after Father Lozano and Vatican exorcists study that they’re up towards a historical evil. Definitely Top 3 of 2015 horror movies.

6. The Visit

Becca and Tyler plan a week-length life at their grandparents` place, whom they’ve by no means seen. Little do they recognize that their go-to can be the maximum terrifying revel in their lives.

7. The Gallows

Next on my list of 2015 horror movies is The Gallows. Here, Twenty years after a scholar dies because of a prop malfunction on stage, a few college students of an excessive college try and restage the play simplest to understand that they too may meet the identical fate.

8. Howl

A teacher that departs from London hits a deer at the tune while passing thru the countryside. When the teach motive forces, Tony, to put off the carcass, he receives attacked and killed by a humanoid.

9. Maggie

A guy takes severe steps to shield Maggie, his daughter, who’s slowly becoming a cannibal after a zombie attack. He spends time with her, reminiscing approximately her childhood, dreading the future.

10. Horror

Six teenage ladies hooked on social media determined to spend their nighttime partying. However, their moves of bullying extrude their lives forever.

11. The Hallow

After transferring to a far-flung residence in a wooded area in Ireland, their own circle of relatives notices an increasing number of ordinary sounds and occurrences. As the mild falls, and with the villagers’ warnings ringing in their ears, they quickly comprehend they should combat to survive.

12. Green Room

After a punk band member learns approximately the crimes of a membership owner, the latter decides to kill him and his participants to shield himself. However, the participants correctly foil his plan.

13. Deathgasm

Two teenage boys unwittingly summon a historical evil entity, referred to as The Blind One, with the aid of using delving into black magic while seeking to break out of their mundane lives.

14. Hellions

A teen (Chloe Rose) faces nighttime of terror while three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door.

15. The Abandoned

In trying to normalize her existence, a disturbed younger girl takes on a quiet task as safety protection in a deserted condo complex. However, on her first night time on obligation, she discovers a frightening presence deep withinside the bowels of the building.

16. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

During the winter, college students are stranded in a prestigious Catholic boarding school. However, they quickly recognize that if you want to live to tell the tale, they may need to combat a sinister unseen evil force.

17. Stung

Paul and Julia go to Mrs. Perch’s united states residence for a lawn party. However, a poisonous mishap with the fertilizer makes a colony of wasps mutate into massive predators, which attacks her guests.

18. Muck

Finally on my list of 2015 horror movies is Muck. An organization of peculiar murderers assaults five friends, trapping them in a far-flung home. They ship out certainly considered one among their organization to move and assist. However, they want to try to live till assistance arrives.


I’ve already seen several horror movies this year, and here are a few highlights: Dismissed in the role of a “stripped-down version” of Exorcist, The Forest was extremely well made.

With low-budget filmmaking, excellent casting, and memorable performances, this story was able to stand out in a crowd.

These movies were quite a bit creepy in places; I wouldn’t say it was completely terrifying, but they did get under my skin at times.

This trend of very scary films has continued with films like The Boy, Quinceanera, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil creeping into my thoughts and dreams.

2015 also brought us another phenomenal horror film: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night from veteran Iranian filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour.

Although, Despite its title, the film is actually about much more than that; a female protagonist who walks the streets of an unnamed city at night amid the dangers presented by local gang members, who keep appearances behind heavy security.

One thing’s for sure: we have a lot more horror movies coming this year from some of our favorite directors (Wes Ball, David Slade to name just a few), so be sure not to miss any!

We hope that this article has been informative, engaging, and helped you to better plan for the road ahead.

There’s a world of horror movies out there, so don’t be afraid to explore and find the ones that will make the perfect fit for your taste. In the end, all you need is a good scare.

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