13 Best Audiobook Apps for PC

Best Audiobook Apps for PC

Windows computers are extremely significant in the daily lives of the majority of users. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best audiobook apps for PC. 

You might want to give your eyes a break from reading a book on your computer or e-reader since you’re too exhausted to do so. On the other hand, you want to keep your books. 

Is there a fix for this? There is, of course, and it involves listening to audiobooks.

Many audiobook programs are available that let you play audiobooks and come in various formats. 

You may add bookmarks, modify tags, locate lyrics, find playlists, announce tracks, and more with the audio player tools.

Also, you can have a wonderful experience using audiobook players and effortlessly move through your files. 

You can access various simple playback options to navigate back and forth within the audiobook.

The audiobook program may also recall up to the point at which your file was last played, and it will pick up where you left off. 

When you are sick of reading ebooks, listening to audiobooks can help you relax while still acquiring new information.

Speaking of listening to audiobooks, we should mention the audiobook player apps

Simply put, the market is flooded with players offering a variety of characteristics. For the greatest possible user experience, choose the best audiobook apps for PC. 

1. Boom 3D

One of the best audiobook apps for PC is Boom 3D. Boom 3D, a highly regarded audio enhancement program, can tune itself based on your sound card. 

Using the unique function known as Boom Volume Booster, you may safely enhance the volume of each program operating up to its normal limitations. 

You may enjoy listening to audiobooks with Boom 3D’s Audio Player function. 

All of your locally stored audiobooks can be enjoyed with unrivaled Boom effects. You can also arrange audiobook collections and playlists of your favorite titles. 

You can have a high-performance audiobook listening experience with its 3D effects with any headphones, player, or streaming service and customize the reader’s tone of voice using its special audio effects tool. 

2. Audible

Excellent free and premium title options on Audible, along with simple playback options Users who wish to try out the service can get started by browsing the free audiobooks, podcasts, meditations, and sleep sound available in Audible’s Free Listen collection. 

Users can buy individual audiobooks or subscribe to receive monthly credits to spend on audiobooks.

You may access a variety of audiobooks with a membership that you can listen to without using any of your credit. 

The ability to change reading speed, add bookmarks, set sleep timers, and use Audible’s widgets to return directly to the last listen from the home screen are all available to users.

Additionally, Audible provides the one-of-a-kind Whispersync feature, which enables seamless switching between Kindle books and audiobooks. 

3. Music Bee

 Next on our list of best audiobook apps for PC is Music Bee. MusicBee, in contrast to other music players, includes a few useful features for audiobooks. 

It has bookmark support and the ability to resume playback, both of which are crucial.

There’s a catch, though. If you don’t transfer your MP3 files to the Audiobooks page, these functions won’t function. 

Perform right-click on the audiobook collection or file, choose Audiobooks from the Send to menu, and then click Send.

Now, whenever you close the app while an audiobook is playing, it will remember where you were and resume playback when you open the app again. 

You can start and stop storing a bookmark by pressing the shortcut Ctrl+D, and you can access your stored bookmarks in the sidebar. 

4. Windows Media Player

The finest free player for playing music, video, audiobooks, and photos is Windows Media Player, which Microsoft created. Windows Media Player is one of the best audiobook apps for PC.

Many replay options are available, including the ability to fast forward, modify the playback speed, go back to the beginning, and more. 

Windows Media Player can create DVDs, stream media files, rip music from music CDs, and create data discs in addition to playing media. With album art information, managing all digital media files is simple. 

5. Free Audio Reader

A simple audiobook reader tool called Free Audio Reader (FAR) has several features that may be used to add bookmarks, update tags, make playlists, examine cover art, etc. 

The program also functions as a text-to-speech program and a slideshow player.

The files will resume playing when you pause the playback, so you may pick up where you left off. The program can play MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, FSB, FBM, and TXT files. 

The following playing options are among those that are available: top, index, text file, and more. 

You can store the playlists created by this software and edit, repeat, and shuffle them. You must select the Open option to add an audiobook to the playlist. 

The next step is to choose the files and include them in the playlist. To play the first file, click the Play button, or double-click any other file you want to play. 

You may read TXT files with the TextRead function of this free audiobook player. The following actions have more options: open, play, skip ahead, skip back, stop, and adjust playback volume. 

Text can be copied, pasted, and the font of the displayed text can all be changed using the software.

You can play and pause the reading by pressing the play and pause buttons. You can save the bookmarks in FBM format. 

6. WorkAudioBook

Unquestionably, the most feature-rich audiobook player for Windows is WorkAudioBook.

It is one of the best audiobook apps for PC. Although the design is somewhat old, I’m sure you’ll still adore it if you can get past that. 

Not only does it let you add bookmarks and restart playback, but it also lets you give your bookmarks tags and comments.

Those things can be useful when you have many bookmarks and insufficient time stamps. 

As you listen to a book, you can make notes. Additionally, WorkAudioBook includes typing practice tools for you. Choose Writing Practice, then start typing. 

All of the notes you take can be saved and edited. You may navigate the audiobook phrase by phrase to add quotes because of the granular controls, eliminating the need to interrupt playback again. 

7. 1BY1 Music Player

1BY1 Music Player is next on our list of best audiobook apps for PC. It also goes by the name of the directory player.

The toolbar, file explorer, and status bar are the only three elements of its simple user interface. To quickly configure these options, click the tiny gear symbol. 

Gapless playback of all audiobook formats, including OGG, MP3, FLAC, WAV, MP4, and AAC, is supported by a 1By1 free music player.

When a song is over, it will immediately move on to the next one without any annoying pauses.

The Android and Windows versions of the 1BY1 audiobook player are available for download from the Google Play store. 

8. Audiobook

This software for playing audiobooks is available for free and has an easy-to-use interface.

The program’s ability to remember the current state of the file being played and resume from the same spot whenever you like is its coolest feature. 

By selecting the option to add from folders or individual files, you may add audiobooks that are available in the MP3 format to the audiobook library. 

For quick identification, the application shows the audio book’s cover. Additionally, make playlists and arrange all kinds of audiobooks in them. 

The play control, exit, settings, and slider are basic controls for the player. The file name or path will be displayed. 

9. Audiobook Player

Audiobook player is one of the best audiobook apps for PC. The software unquestionably has a more user-friendly layout and a wide range of functionalities. 

With Audiobook Player, you may add bookmarks to books, set a sleep timer, restart playback from where you left off, and alter playback speed. 

Additionally, the app’s functions, which initially included certain in-app purchases, are now free. Isn’t that wonderful? 

The software also lets you fast-forward to a specific point in the book, which is useful if you move from one player to another and want to pick up where you left off. 

This software offers a dark theme option, a fantastic method to prevent having a large, bright screen in your face when using it.

That comes in handy when you listen to audiobooks in bed at night. 

10. Trout

This is another straightforward free audiobook reader with many features, but it won’t tax your computer’s resources.

Drag them onto the application’s home screen to import folders or tracks. Trout can handle just about any file you can throw, including MP3, AIFF, OGA, OGG, WAV, MOD, IT, and MTM. 

You may even add additional plugins for more specialized formats. Being a well-designed tiny player, it performs significantly faster than iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Additionally, it offers capabilities like Last.fm syncing, CD import using freeDB resources, and more. 

11. AudioBooked

AudioBooked is also one of the best audiobook apps for PC. It has a contemporary UI and a few useful features. 

In addition to having a restart playback capability, Audiobooked also lets you choose the rewind length when playback is resumed.

That is especially useful for folks like me who frequently need to catch up on where they left off in a book. 

If you want to listen to audiobooks before bed, you may set sleep timers and add bookmarks. 

The application is free to download and use, but it also has some in-app purchases that allow you to access extra features like playing speed control, limitless bookmarks, OneDrive sync, and more. 

12. MP3 Book Helper

A free audiobook player called MP3 Book Helper lets you play and manage your audiobooks.

In addition to playing and organizing audiobooks, the software allows you to alter file tags, swap tag fields, export tags, and import tags. 

You can obtain information on the artist and the album from the FreeDB database on the web. 

Play, Stop, Pause, Next Rewind, Previous Rewind, and a Leap to 10, 20, 30, and 60 Seconds in the Past are available options. 

This software can only produce playlists, PAR/SFV, SFV/SV, SVF, and MD5 files. It can also produce playlists and SVF files only. 

You can add, open, delete, save tags as text files, load tags from text files, and show images and lyrics using the toolbar.

Your tags can also be exported as CSV files in a standard or customized format. 

From CSV files, tags can be imported. To read a CSV file, you must pick it and click the Read File button.

The Generate option also allows you to make a playlist in the M3U format, which you may use to create MD5 files and other things. 

Several audiobook file filtering choices are available, including duplicate only, no duplicate, loaded only, load missing, missing only, corrupted, and more. 

13. Angel’s Vox

Last on our list of best audiobook book apps for PC is Angel’s Vox. The first audiobook player for Windows that is commercially available is this one.

It will help you learn new languages, save you valuable time, and has many other special features for listening to audiobooks. 

It has a straightforward interface and supports MP3, OGG, MPEG-4, and Wav audio file formats. 

The program contains a sleep timer feature, the ability to store a volume level and playback speed, and speed up playback to save time.

The gadget lets you gradually drop the volume level after the planned period. 

These are some of the best audiobook apps for PC. Each has unique features and benefits, so choosing the one that best suits your needs are important.

Whether you’re looking for a simple player or something more advanced, there’s an app for you. 

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