13 Best Christmas Movies on HBO in 2021

Best Christmas Movies on HBO Max

Spending time with family is the most important aspect of the holidays. What better way to do it than by watching one (or more) of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max?  

You can even watch them throughout the year! We’ll propose our favorite holiday movies in this post, so get your hot chocolate ready and snuggle up with your loved ones for a good time.   

There are many ways to get into the holiday mood, but viewing the best Christmas movies on HBO max should be at the top of your list.  

Set aside some holiday classics like The Family Stone and A Christmas Carol after you’ve exhausted yourself baking cookies and decorating your Christmas tree. (Yes, both of those classic holiday films can be found on HBO Max.)  

Some of the best Christmas movies on HBO max are listed below.  

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1. Last Christmas

YouTube video

You wouldn’t think you could make an entire Christmas movie out of a parody of a little-known Wham! Holiday song, but that’s why you’re not Paul Feig and Emma Thompson.  

Furthermore, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding play would-be lovers who meet by happenstance in London and enjoy a sequence of wonderful exchanges.  

Besides, Clarke’s, Kate is a depressed young woman whose life is transformed by Golding’s Tom affects her in ways she doesn’t completely comprehend. 

2. Elf

YouTube video

Elf is one of the best Christmas movies on HBO max for the family. Buddy grew up as an elf, but he’s not your usual legendary creature.

He happened to be a baby who got inside Santa’s luggage and grew up in the North Pole.  

Additionally, he was never able to fit in, so he returns to New York in the quest for his long-lost family. Only to discover a less-than-pleasant bunch of individuals who don’t even believe in Santa Claus.  

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Of course, this oddball figure is hell-bent on saving Christmas, and he has a lot of fun doing so. This is a fantastic film to see with the kids, and Will Ferrell is sure to keep things lighthearted. 

3. Almost Christmas

YouTube video

Do you want to watch a film that will help you feel better about your broken family? Warm-up with the Meyers, who reconvene in their childhood home after the loss of their mother.  

What’s the result? There is an equal number of holiday brawls, jokes, and celebrations. 

4. Black Christmas

YouTube video

This is the second remake of a 1974 horror film, and it centers around a bunch of sorority sisters at fictional Hawthorne College trying to escape the clutches of a mysterious killer.  

The tale is updated to address university rape culture and the need to reconcile with the troubled past of many of the college’s founders and namesakes.

But it’s still a traditional slasher at its core, although with an icicle in place of a machete on occasion. 

5. Christmas in Compton

YouTube video

Characters and bizarre stories abound in Compton, and this Christmas film is no exception. Christmas in Compton is one of the best HBO Christmas movies.  

Big Earl is the owner of a Christmas tree farm and expects nothing less than success. Meanwhile, Derrick, his son, is trying to make a name for himself as a music producer.  

Additionally, In an attempt to prove his worth, he jeopardizes the family business and his relationship with his father.

All of this occurs less than a week before Christmas, so a joyful holiday is not guaranteed. 

6. Unaccompanied Minors

YouTube video

On Christmas Eve, a blizzard shuts down the fictional Hoover Airport in Washington, DC, canceling all flights, including those of a half-dozen unaccompanied youngsters.  

Who are herded into the “Unaccompanied Minors Room” by airport personnel? Furthermore, apart from the inconvenience of spending the holidays in an airport lounge.  

There’s a bigger issue: older brother Spencer realizes that his still-believing sister Katherine’s faith in Santa Claus will be shaken if she doesn’t receive a present.  

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While they’re stuck in the airport, he enlists the help of a motley crew of misfits to save her holiday. 

7. Miracle on 34th Street

YouTube video

After a drunk Santa Claus threatens to destroy Christmas, Dorey Walker recruits Kris Kringle to work for Cole’s Department Store.  

Furthermore, At the parade, the new Santa performs a fantastic job, and all of New York’s children begin to believe he is the real deal. Besides, Kris seems to agree, but Susan, Corey’s daughter, was more difficult to persuade.  

However, if her desires come true, she swears to believe. Kris is retaliated upon by a drunk Santa. The problem leads to legal issues, but Dorey’s boyfriend is a lawyer who can support her.  

Furthermore, this is one of the best Christmas movies on HBO max of all time, and it’ll bring back memories of your childhood that you’ll want to share with your kids. It’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie. 

8. Home Alone

YouTube video

Did you know that new Home Alone movies are continually being released? Home Alone has always been one of the best HBO Christmas movies.  

Although it was launched in 2012, this version is just as entertaining as the original. This one had to be added to HBO Max’s list of excellent Christmas movies.  

However, You’re familiar with the procedure. A young boy finds himself alone at home and must defend his home from intruders.  

They’re chasing valuable paintings this time, but no criminal can beat inventive booby traps and childish wits. Furthermore, he also has to protect his sister, which is a nice change of pace. 

9. All I Want for Christmas is You

YouTube video

An animated film based on Mariah Carey’s holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You”? It is one of the best Christmas movies on HBO max.  

When you consider that the film features Carey’s voice and music, as well as a puppy plot, it’s clear that this is a must-see. 

10. Trapped in Paradise

YouTube video

Many people feel that the holidays are a time for forgiveness and change. When a group of bank robbers plan a heist and ends up in a town that appears to be too good to be true, they realize this.  

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Furthermore, Friendly residents and a misplaced getaway car driver disrupt their intentions. On this list of our best Christmas movies on HBO Max, this is a terrific choice for a nice laugh. 

11. Home for the Holiday

YouTube video

When you’re down on your luck, there’s nothing worse than having to face your family around the holidays (forcing cheer isn’t easy). Home for the Holidays is one of the best HBO Christmas movies.   

In this 1990s picture, however, Holly Hunter is in this situation. Additionally, the drama also has an armo.com feel to it, so your heart will melt as you watch this wonderful story. 

12. The Polar Express

YouTube video

The Polar Express is a film based on a best-selling book of the same name. While it is a CGI film from 2004, it features some fantastic animation and a tale that we know the whole family will enjoy.  

However, A strange train appears outside a boy’s window. Therefore, he is transported to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

If he wasn’t already a believer, this journey, friends, and optimism would undoubtedly convert him. 

13. All is Bright

YouTube video

To be honest, the pacing, and plotline of this mostly-forgotten 2013 indie comedy are about a couple of mismatched conmen.  

And erstwhile accomplices-turned Christmas-tree salespeople are a little inconsistent. But the cast alone is reason enough to give it a shot.  

Furthermore, The Dark Comedy stars the always-excellent Paul Giamatti and the ageless, and-lovable Paul Rudd, and you can’t go wrong with either of these national treasures, let alone both. 

Finally, if you prefer original Christmas romances and family-friendly movies, Disney plus has plenty to offer.   

To help you decide where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max right now. Some are pleasurable as discovering a gift in an advent calendar, while others are as divisive as a fruitcake. 

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