10 Fighters With Most Finishes in UFC History

Fighters with most finishes in UFC history

The UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the sport has seen a lot of different combatants over the years, as well as a lot of finishes since it was first brought to the public.

This is a mixed martial arts (MMA) organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. This is the world’s largest MMA promotion organization, with the highest-ranked competitors on its roster.

Fighters from all over the world train and practice to compete in the UFC. Throughout its history, the UFC has had a large number of fighters with the most finishes.

Zuffa, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of endeavor group holding, owns and operates UFC. The UFC produces events in twelve distinct weight classes, making it the world’s largest and most popular mixed martial arts competition.

The UFC has hosted 500 events as of 2020, with athletes climbing the ranks of Fighters with the Most Finishes in UFC History. In 1993, the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado, hosted the first-ever UFC event.

The early UFC tournaments were designed to select the greatest martial arts in competition with few regulations and no weight division.

The UFC has grown in popularity over the years and is currently the world’s largest mixed martial arts competition. 

1. Vincente Luque, 13

This American-born martial artist currently fights in the welterweight division and was born November 27, 1991, in Westwood, New Jersey.

He currently owns the record for 13 finishes, which puts his name on our list of Fighters with the most finishes in UFC history.

Luque made his debut in June 2009 and had an impressive record of 7-4-1. In February 2015, he was announced as an ultimate fighter, one of the fighters selected for the UFC, which kicked off his campaign, and since then, he has recorded 13 finishes, adding his name to our list of Fighters with the Most Finishes in UFC History.

2. Dustin Poirier, 13

This former interim UFC lightweight champion is an American mixed martial artist who was born on January 19, 1989.

With his several victories, he has climbed to the top of our list of UFC fighters with the most finishes.

This mixed martial artist is ranked number 2 in the lightweight division as of December 2021, as well as number 8 in the UFC men’s pound for pound ranking, making him a difficult opponent for any fighter and demonstrating why he is on our list of UFC fighters with the most finishes.

This mixed martial artist debuted in the professional ranks in 2009, with an impressive 7-0 record in his first few matches.

When his caged fight category united with the UFC in 2010 and all fighters were sent to the UFC, this mixed martial artist became an ultimate fighter.

3. Joe Lauzon, 13

This American mixed martial artist was born on May 22, 1984, and competes in the UFC’s lightweight division.

Because he is a well-rounded fighter, this mixed martial artist is tied with Nate Diaz for the third most post-fight bonus awards in UFC history.

With his countless finishes, he has firmly established himself on our list of UFC fighters with the most finishes. He fought for the first time as an amateur fighter in 2002, going 5-3, which is an amazing record for an amateur fighter.

4. Anderson Silva, 14

This Brazilian mixed martial artist was born on April 14, 1975, he is a former UFC middleweight champion, recording many finishes, putting his name on our list of Fighters with most finishes in UFC history.

This mixed martial artist has proven to be a very formidable opponent to other martial artists, recording numerous wins and challenging numerous known fighters.

5. Donald Cerrone, 16

This American mixed martial artist is known professionally with the name “cowboy,” he is currently fighting in the welterweight category of the UFC and has recorded many wins in his career with numerous finishes, which also brings his name to our list of Fighters with the most finishes in UFC history.

On November 10, 2018, this mixed martial artist got ahead of Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping for the most wins in UFC history with 21, and also went ahead of Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort for the most finishes in UFC history with 15, putting his name on our list of Fighters with most finishes in UFC history.

6. Charles Oliveira, 17

On October 17, 1989, this Brazilian mixed martial artist was born. He currently competes in the UFC’s lightweight division, where he has a long series of victories and finishes, putting him at the top of our list of UFC fighters with the most finishes.

This Brazilian mixed martial artist is the current Lightweight Champion of the UFC. The mixed martial artist has many UFC records, including the most submission wins (15) and finishes (18) in the organization’s history.

He is currently ranked 5th in the UFC’s men’s pound-for-pound rankings as of December 13, 2021.

7. Vitor Belfort, 14

Vitor Belfort boasts some of the most impressive knockouts in UFC history, as he has knocked out numerous opponents with his knees and legs.

Belfort did his fair share of damage in the UFC, whether it was two head kicks to Dan Henderson or a devastating knockout of Randy Couture to win the Heavyweight Championship.

8. Anderson Silva, 14

Anderson Silva is clearly past his prime and hasn’t won a fight in eight years, yet few competitors have achieved the same level of consistency as he did in his prime.

After a DQ defeat to Yushin Okami, Silva went on to win 17 consecutive fights, 15 of which were finishes. Silva earned a title opportunity by knocking out Chris Leben, and then he knocked out Rich Franklin to win the Middleweight Championship.

Silva has had one of the most illustrious careers in the sport’s history.

9. Frank Mir, 13

Frank Mir was one of the most prolific UFC submission artists, with eight wins to his credit, as well as knockout victories against Todd Duffee, Antonio Silva, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. The kneebar vs. Brock Lesnar in UFC 81 is a must-see. Mir has the record for the most submission wins in UFC Heavyweight history.

10. Matt Hughes, 13

Matt Hughes finished 35 of his 45 career victories, and his eight title fight finishes are second only to Anderson Silva in UFC history.

Hughes won the Welterweight Championship by finishing BJ Penn, Royce Gracie, Georges St-Pierre, and Carlos Newton. Hughes’ resume may be compared to any in the sport and comes out on top.

While each combatant has his own approach, they all want to finish the fight on their terms. Nobody wants a fight to end in a draw because it exposes them to the unknown and the risk of being robbed.

You never know what the judges are looking for or how they will grade the competition. Fighters who win by knockout or submission are often in the top echelon of their division.

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