11 Best VR eSports Games for Fun Virtual Reality Experience

VR eSport Games
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VR eSports Games are unique compared to the traditional console or PC-based eSports for various reasons.

For example, the ability to experience realistic visuals and interact with teammates to strategize adds additional layers of complexity never-before-seen in the eSports community.

These factors offer entirely new experiences for players and viewers alike. Electronic sports (eSports) are a popular phenomenon that is rapidly growing.

The market research group Newzoo determined that global eSports revenues will reach $906 million in 2017. Virtual reality (VR) has already made its way into the video game industry, and it may also become part of eSport competitions relatively soon.

So let’s get straight to the point: What are the best VR eSports games?

1. Onward VR

This is the era of virtual reality and gaming. Virtual reality has already taken over the gaming world, evidenced by the wide range of exciting virtual reality games that people can enjoy on their VR headsets.

One such game is Onward VR, a tactical mil-sim shooter developed by a veteran in the VR esports games industry.

Travis Klug, the creator of this video game, took inspiration from his years in the military. He used those experiences to develop a thrilling video game that can be played using virtual reality headsets.

In this game, players will be able to choose from different roles such as rifleman and team leader, and they can also play with people from all around the world.

Onward VR is not only an exciting VR esports games; it also helps players sharpen their real-life shooting skills and improve their combat tactics.

The core of this virtual reality game is team-based gameplay that requires players to communicate effectively with one another.

This communication involves telling teammates when they need to move forward or when they need to attack enemies.

2. Echo Arena

So, how does Echo Arena feel? The short answer is that it feels like a cross between being inside an actual zero-gravity chamber and playing VR esports games where you’re floating through space.

I could describe the experience in more detail, but the video above probably gives you a better idea. The zero-gravity effect makes playing Echo Arena an incredibly unique experience.

Your body is accustomed to the pull of gravity, so when you have none — when you’re weightless — you have to rely on your inner ear to tell you which way is up.

When I first started playing, I was constantly flipping upside down and spinning out of control. But after a few minutes of practice, my body acclimated, and I was able to move about as quickly as if I were walking on level ground.

It’s tricky to wrap your head around at first, but it feels natural and intuitive once it clicks.

3. Population: One

Many people thought that the Oculus Quest war would not happen, but it did. That is possible, but BigBox VR did an amazing job and raised the VR esports game bar with Population: One.

The game is fun to play, easy to learn, and challenging to master. There are leader boards where you can see how you compare with other players, including your friends, and it’s much easier to interact with them to enjoy the game together.

The game is addictive. Although the game is not set for competitive VR esports games, some players’ efforts are to organize scrimmages by setting a timely queue using Discord coordination.

At that point, you will get your competitive edge by playing the game, either in stores or with friends. I can not recommend Population: One enough, and I think you will like it in Quest.

4. Blaston

Blaston is a multiplayer VR esports games with a simulation of movement and shooting. The game’s main goal is to kill as many virtual opponents before killing you.

After choosing the type of weapon, you have to choose the location where you will start your battle: in the city or the country. Then you are ready to play.

The controls are intuitive and easy to learn: you can use both controllers and motion controllers. Just move your hands, and the gun will follow your movements.

5. Elven Assassin

This is one of my favorite VR esports games – single-player or multiplayer. Whether you want to enter and kill hordes of enemies trying to destroy your defenses, work with Elven Assassins’ team to defend your city, or compete with others in a player death game against a player, Wenkly Studio has given you little. The least of it all in this fun game.

While Elven Assassin may not be the best at cardio, it is an amazing extra-body and basic exercise that provides a delightful VR esports experience for athletes who enjoy perfecting their skills to become the best they can be.

Playing this game and developing accurate shooting skills with your bow and arrow. One warning about this game. It does give you a good run for your arms and shoulders, so make sure you stretch in advance!

6. Racket: Nx

If you like racquetball, Racket: Nx might be right for you. You can enjoy a solid run on your own or take part in a multiplayer tournament.

One Hamsa’s Racket: The Nx is played inside a large glass dome, so it kind of makes you feel like you are inside a big pin machine.

When you hit a ball, it touches the dome, and you get points depending on where it hits and how it rolls. You can learn to control the ball to get high scores.

7. MarineVerse

Although the VR esports game cruise community is small, this is one of the most dedicated community groups I have ever seen. They are friendly, helpful, and willing to share their favorite sports.

The MarineVerse Cup is a multiplayer boating VR esports games that allow anyone with a VR headset to sail for daily and weekly races and special events.

Leader boards and many jokes are going on in the community as sailors try to highlight each other’s moments on various subjects.

MarineVerse has done an excellent job of simulating navigation in immersed reality. The game incorporates a different atmosphere, and you will need to think fast as you cut the sheets and pull the wires. If you are interested in a well-designed VR cruise game, it is.

Note: This game is in a beta of Oculus Quest. Connect with the MarineVerse team and meet other Quest sailors on the MarineVerse Discord server. They will tell you how to join the beta of the MarineVerse Cup Quest.

8. Pro Putt

Topgolf’s Pro Putt is a leading golfer in the real world. It is easy to play and hard to understand something that golfers or those interested in trying on the game can enjoy and improve their skills before it turns green.

There is a large practice area in the game with four lessons that use a physics model to make it feel like the ball is rolling in a real green space.

While there are long-distance holes where you will need to hit the ball continuously, the game focuses on placement, as the name suggests.

This is beneficial in a home environment where you use a VR headset, and as the setting makes up a good portion of the player’s score (41.3%) in golf, it is important to fix it.

Players can claim success from Pro Putt, and there are also boasting leader boards. The game also includes playing against the AI ​​bot, and multiplayer options include playing with friends or competing with a random player.

There was a VR golf tournament for charity earlier this summer, and there will be a lot of official events, so if golf is your sport, be sure to check this out.

9. Rec Room Paintball

Join your friends for an unforgettable realistic paintball. This is one of the biggest races competing in the real world, so you will never have to struggle to find competition, but you will need to learn to escape incoming attacks and teleport tactics to be able to spy on enemies and hide behind obstacles when you want less.

If you like cartoon characters, fun conversation, and paintball, you can probably enjoy Rec Room Paintball!

10. VR eSports Leagues

The VR eSports league (VRE) has announced the first VR eSport game title to be included in the 2016 VRE season. This year’s competition will be hosted in San Luis Obispo, California, at Cal Poly State University.

VR eSports is a growing industry with an increasingly devoted following. According to Dustin Clingman, more than 1,000 people attended last year’s event, founder of the VR eSport League and director of Cal Poly’s eSports program.

Professional teams across the U.S. are already playing several games, he said. Teams are formed when two or more people come together to compete in an online multiplayer game. In this case, the teams must play games involving virtual reality technology.

11. After-h

The popularity of VR has been rapidly increasing since 2016, when the first affordable VR headsets became available to the general public.

The new technology immediately captured the imagination of both gamers and non-gamers, who were eager to experience hitherto unseen levels of immersion and interactivity.

This enthusiasm was further fuelled by the launch of several high-quality VR esports games, ranging from simulators to first-person shooters and various fantasy adventures.

Such was the enthusiasm for VR that, in 2018, it became one of the most popular forms of entertainment among American teenagers, with more than half having tried it at least once.

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