Is Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll?

Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll

When it comes to finding the latest information on whether Vinland Saga is available on Crunchyroll, fans of the series might have experienced some confusion in the past.

Vinland Saga, an animated historical fiction adapted from the manga of the same name, has garnered a significant following since its release, making accessibility on popular streaming platforms a hot topic.

Initially, Vinland Saga was not available on Crunchyroll, causing fans to seek alternative streaming services.

However, things have changed, and now viewers looking to catch up on this epic tale can indeed find it on Crunchyroll.

The platform has made the series available in most international regions, providing a convenient way for fans to enjoy the adventures of Thorfinn and his journey through the world of the Vikings.

In addition to Crunchyroll, Vinland Saga can also be found on other streaming services, making it even more accessible to viewers around the world.

With the confirmation of the production of Vinland Saga Season 2, fans can look forward to enjoying new episodes on their favorite platform, including Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and of course, Crunchyroll.

Is Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll?

Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll

Yes, Vinland Saga is available on Crunchyroll. Vinland Saga Season 2 was added to the Crunchyroll library following its initial release.

The anime is based on the manga by Makoto Yukimura and is directed by Shuhei Yabuta at studio MAPPA, alongside series composition by Hiroshi Seko.

Crunchyroll not only offers Vinland Saga Season 2 but also provides its users with an English dubbed version of the show.

The English dub cast and crew were revealed along with the release date.

By providing both subtitled and English dubbed versions, Crunchyroll accommodates the preferences of a wider range of anime fans.

Vinland Saga gained popularity with its story of revenge, hatred, war, and self-discovery, set in a harsh and frozen Icelandic village.

The show revolves around Thorfinn, a young inhabitant of the village where war has become commonplace.

Vinland Saga Season 2 continues to expand on this captivating storyline, with fans eagerly anticipating new episodes.

In conclusion, fans of Vinland Saga can enjoy both the subtitled and English dubbed versions of Season 2 on Crunchyroll.

This streaming platform provides access to a wide range of anime, including Vinland Saga and many other popular titles.

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga has gained significant popularity among anime fans, and many are curious about where to watch the series.

Crunchyroll is one of the go-to platforms for streaming anime, and fortunately, Vinland Saga is available on the platform.

Crunchyroll hosts VINLAND SAGA Season 2 (English Dub) Awakening, allowing fans to enjoy the story with English-speaking voice actors.

For those who prefer the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, Vinland Saga Season 2 can also be found on Netflix internationally, excluding China.

The platform started streaming the second season from January 9, 2023.

Apart from Crunchyroll and Netflix, Vinland Saga Season 1 is also available on other streaming platforms such as Amazon and HiDive.

Amazon Prime has the series subbed, while HiDive offers it subbed with an English dub starting August 31.

Furthermore, as of July 7, 2022, Vinland Saga Season 1 became accessible on Netflix in sub and English dubs in all regions worldwide except China.

In summary, fans of Vinland Saga can enjoy the series on platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon, and HiDive, with options for both subtitled and dubbed versions depending on user preferences and regional restrictions.


In summary, Vinland Saga is available on Crunchyroll. The platform began streaming the anime’s second season in January 2023, with new episodes regularly released on Mondays.

The availability of Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll allows fans to easily access and enjoy this ambitious historical drama.

Adapted from Makoto Yukimura’s popular manga series, Vinland Saga follows the story of Thorfinn, a young warrior seeking revenge and personal growth amidst the turbulent political climate of 11th-century Europe.

With its rich narrative and striking animation, the anime has garnered praise from viewers and critics alike.

With an increasing demand for global content, platforms like Crunchyroll offer various language options to cater to diverse audiences.

Fans can look forward to Vinland Saga’s continued success and further expansion in the global anime landscape.

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