5 Best Video Game Streaming Services in 2022

Video Game Streaming Services

The gaming industry will be forever innovative nowadays. You can play popular console and PC gaming titles without owning a console or a PC.

Yes, that’s right, with video game streaming services, you can access remote hardware to play any games on any device you already have.

Video game streaming services let you play games on a device you don’t already own.

Video games require heavy rigs to play some hardcore games, and up until the rise of these streaming services, you could not play them until you get that PC that can run it.

That’s changed. Of course, these services let you access hardcore gaming power for a small fee.

So what device exactly do you need to own, you ask? To get these sweet titles, you can be with a mid-range PC or even a half-decent mobile phone.

This article lists the best video game streaming services your money can buy.

1. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Video Game Streaming Services
  • $14.99/month

As you might have already guessed, Xbox Game Pass has proven to be a valuable buy, as they have 100s of games in their library and offer a pretty solid streaming service.

The Xbox Game Pass features cloud gaming as part of the membership, and it is very accessible on Android devices. This means you can play Xbox and Windows games on your android devices.

Although this feature is still in beta, it has already proven to be significant competition as gamers worldwide have tested and given it an excellent review.

What makes Xbox Game Pass especially lovely is the massive library of games that come with the subscription. This means potentially enormous choice when it comes to streaming.

Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox, recently purchased Activision and all of their games, which means more fun on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now Video Game Streaming Services
  • $9.99/month

The GeForce Now streaming service is a potentially unique one. No, this one doesn’t offer any massive library of games, and it doesn’t offer any games.

What it does, is allow you to stream some of your favorite games from other stores, like Epic Games Store or even your Steam library.

With your GeForce Now subscription, you can stream some of your library’s heavy titles in those stores.

GeForce Now offers another cool feature. It lets you try out the service without paying anything first. It’s sort of like a free trial but in a different way.

You can use the service for free, for just 1 hour to get the feels, but seriously what games can you play in just 1 hour?

The GeForce has stolen the heart of many cause of its ability to stream multiple games from different stores, RTX compatibility, and even the beloved Ray-Tracing in some PCs.

3. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna
  • $5.99/month

Amazon Luna is another service that gamers sleep on, although it doesn’t have as much popularity as others. The Luna service offers game streaming on a channel-based model.

At $5.99/month, you have access to the Amazon Luna game library, and for $14.99, you have access to an even more extensive Ubisoft game library.

The service works exceptionally well with the Amazon Luna controller as their interconnectivity makes feedback and input swifter and improves gameplay experience and performance.

Although the Amazon Luna streaming service hasn’t been getting all of the attention it deserves, it’s another powerful service to consider when looking for the best video game streaming service.

4. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now Video Game Streaming Services
  • $9.99/month

Of course, we all know big daddy Sony. Their PlayStation, without a doubt, has one of the most extensive game libraries out there.

Their PlayStation Now streaming service has been one of the major in the market, as they offer you a mouth-watering library of games.

The main point of the service is that you don’t get to pay for the games that you stream, and you just have access to the massive library and have a good time.

You might be wondering why it’s not at the very top of our list, and it’s Sony, isn’t it? Well, The PlayStation Now services can be a minimal one.

Granted, the game library is massive, but it’s only from PlayStation. We don’t get to see other titles from various stores, and it might be plausible to get something else at that price.

5. Google Stadia

Google Stadia
  • $9.99/month

Google Stadia has been in the mouth of the people since it was first announced. It has gotten coverage from literally every gaming news blog on this planet. So why is it not extremely popular?

Well, Google Stadia has a fatal flaw. It has the most limited library of games compared to every other service on this list. You can play free games with a monthly subscription.

Otherwise, you get to buy every game individually, which sounds like a no-go area to some.

The game you download, though, will remain on Stadia. It cannot be downloaded and ported to anywhere, making gamers a little harsh on this service.

Nonetheless, you can still give it a try if you’re very open to trying something new.


Video game streaming services let you remotely access hardware on the servers. You use a client to log into a powerful PC over the server and allow you to play on that instead of running the games on your PC.

Essentially you are playing games on somebody else powerful gaming PC

These streaming services are the best on the market right now, and you should be able to get your money’s worth. Ranging from $5.99 to – 14.99, games can range from 100 to unlimited.

You should know something, though, and you will need high-speed internet. You are sending input to the remote computer, and it’ll have to send feedback to your device, which means you cannot have a slow network or get lags that can affect your gameplay.

A simple delay in input can get you sniped in a gruesome Call of Duty gameplay.

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