Top 19 Lesbian Video Game Characters

Lesbian video game characters

Lesbian video game characters can provide a safe place for young lesbian gamers to explore their identities.

What makes a lesbian character good is essential and inessential. Below is a list of lesbian video game characters.

1. The Gorion’s Ward

As the female protagonist in Baldur’s Gate, the player character is not able to romance anyone, but she is able to romance three newly introduced characters.

Dorn Il-Khan is available for a relationship with a player of either gender, while the male human Rasaad Bashir and the female Neera are only available for straight relationships.

The Gorion’s Ward is one of the two main protagonists of Baldur’s Gate, alongside Gorion’s Ward. The player chooses the two characters at the start of the game.

The character can be either male or female and will always be referred to as “him” or “her” by other characters in-game, regardless of what gender they choose.

The Gorion’s Ward has three different possible origins: Human Noble (Human Noble Origin), Half-Elven (Half-Elven Origin), and Human Commoner (Human Commoner Origin). The Gorion’s Ward is one of the lesbian video game characters.

2. Max Caulfield

 Max Caulfield discovers she has the ability to reserve time at any moment, and she must use her power to save her town from being destroyed by the storm. Max Caulfield’s lesbian was a hint at the original game, giving the audience the same-sex romances they were waiting for.

Max is one of the most powerful and confident lesbian video game characters who have an important role in the story.

She is a photographer at Blackwell Academy who can travel through time and space, which makes her an invaluable ally to the main character.

She has a lot of depth to her story and goes through some major changes over the course of the game. She’s also pretty cute!

3. Tiny Tina

Tiny tina confesses that she likes Maya and asks if she likes her in turn. Lead writer Anthony Burch confirmed that she is lesbian during the Torgues Campaign of Carnage production.

It was planned to depict Tiny Tina having a crush on Moxxi, but the dialogue concerning this was recently deleted before it was released.

Tiny Tina is a quirky, wise-cracking 13-year-old explosives expert who’s the size of a 10-year-old. She’s joined by her friends Moxxi and Lilith, as well as a number of other characters, on the mission to save Pandora from Handsome Jack (although she doesn’t seem to know that he’s evil).

Tiny Tina is often seen in combat situations with her pets, including Mr. Shank and Roland. In Borderlands 2, she was revealed to be the daughter of Professor Nakayama, who was working on a project called Project Omega when Hyperion agents killed him.

4. Ellie

Ellie is one of the most realistic female characters lesbian in video games. She commits acts, and we see every little emotion she feels in the process. She later realizes her grief on leading her nowhere, and she needs to stop.

The fact that she is a lesbian is another part of her characterization. Lesbian video game characters are complex; sometimes they get ugly, and when they endure a lot of shit, it gets more uglier.

Ellie has proven to be an extraordinarily complex character over the course of the last of us; she is resilient, Ruthless, Vulnerable, and capable of change.

Ellie accompanied her female friend Riley; she displays Romantic interest and shares a kiss. Ellie was actually praised for creating these believable, strong lesbian video game characters.

5. Sera

Sera is a lesbian, she is only available as a romance option if the player picks a female character, and the two of them can also get married.

Lesbian video game characters were likely portrayed with exaggerated sexiness; in some years how it became one of the most prevalent forms of entertainment for Children and adults.

Sera is a female elven archer who is known to be a bit of a tomboy. However, she’s also bisexual and not afraid to show it.

In the game, Sera will flirt with male and female characters, regardless of gender. However, when you get close to another character she’s flirting with, she gets quite frustrated.

In fact, if you don’t want her to see you as a competition, you should avoid flirting with anyone else while she’s around. She also has a crush on Iron Bull (one of the party members), but he doesn’t seem interested in her at all.

6. Carol

Carol is a character from the Walking Dead game series. She is one of the playable protagonists in the first season of The Walking Dead and the third season of Telltale’s spin-off series 400 Days.

She also appears in The Walking Dead: Michonne, where she acts as a supporting character for Michonne.

In The Walking Dead: Season 1, Carol lives with her son and husband in Macon, Georgia. After her son dies at the hands of the undead, Carol joins forces with Lee Everett and his group to escape from Atlanta and find safety elsewhere.

Carol is a strong, independent woman who knows how to survive independently. However, her tough exterior hides a vulnerable side which she shows when she begins to care for Clementine after her father dies.

7. Mary Saotome

Mary is the main character of The Witch’s House and its sequel, The Witch’s House 2. She is a young girl who has been trapped in a haunted mansion for many years with only her possessed teddy bear as company.

Mary is somewhat short-tempered and has trouble trusting people, but she eventually befriends the player character.

Unfortunately, despite being a playable character in The Witch’s House 2, Mary only appears in cutscenes and is never heard speaking.

She has long black hair and wears a white dress with red ribbons around it. Her eyes are usually closed shut due to her blindness, though they are revealed to be red when she becomes enraged by something that scares her.

She lives in a large Victorian mansion known as the Witch’s House. This is a great addition to our list of lesbian video game characters.

8. Athena

Athena is a lesbian, and the playable character Athena and the supporting character Janey Springs are lesbians. Janey sequentially flirts with Athena, causing her to become shameful.

Their relationship is confirmed later in an interaction where Athgivesgive high five to Tiny Tina, even though Athena is initially defensive to talk about it. It is shown that Athena and Janey moved together to Hollow Point, a subterranean city on Pandora.

Athena and Janey are in a relationship. Depending on the player’s choices, a scene may be available where Janey kisses Athena on the cheek and refers to her as her girlfriend.

There is an unmissable scene where Athena is interrupted by a call from Janey, once again referring to her as her girlfriend.

9. Veronica Santangelo

Veronica Santangelo is one of the best lesbian video game characters in the video game series Yakuza. She appeared in the original PlayStation 2 version of the first game and then in all subsequent titles.

Veronica is a reporter for The Liberty Times newspaper who works with Kiryu Kazuma in order to get information about the Yakuza. She then becomes his love interest in Yakuza 2.

Veronica is very intelligent and well-informed on many topics, including politics and economics. She is also a very good shot with firearms, as seen during her appearance in Yakuza 3’s

“The Battle Royale” minigame where she uses an Uzi submachine gun to fight off multiple attackers at once.

In Yakuza 4, she is shown to be an excellent markswoman with a sniper rifle, shooting down targets from a distance without even looking at them through her scope.

While she has known Kiryu since their days together in college (a fact that Majima Goro implied), she does not seem to have any romantic feelings toward him at first.

However, after Kiryu saves her life twice (once from being hit by a car), she develops feelings for him over time. After this point, she no longer refers to him as “Kiryu”.

10. Chloe

The main plot is the development of Max and Chloe’s relationship, and they can end up romantically. Max may have the choice to kiss Warren, his best friend, or Chloe at different points in the game.

Lesbian video game characters have many positive effects; for example, an educational video game taught participants about biases such as confirmation bias and fundamental error.

Chloe admits that she had romantic feelings toward Rachel. Depending on the player’s actions, Rachel may open up and reveal that she has romantic feelings toward Chloe too.

At some point, Chloe may have the choice to kiss Rachel. Rachel also had a relationship with Frank before the plot of Life Is Strange. Steph Gingrich also suggested being a lesbian, according to Chloe’s diary.

11. Stephanie Friday

She is in a relationship with the playable character Braddock. Gerard is a tailor who sews enchanting clothes when bribed with beefcake trading cards, and Pierre is a vendor for items and weapons.

Towards the end of the game, a third major character is revealed to be gay. He is directed to fall in love with and engage in romantic interactions with other Sims of either gender.

It featured an attractive twenty-something man in a nightclub flirting with a woman until he is suddenly drawn to an attractive man in the club and, after a brief pause, agrees to date him.

12. Pratty

Pretty is a fictional character in the game Hyperdimension Neptunia. She is a CPU (Console Patron Unit) and a member of Purple Heart’s party. Her main attributes are her strength and agility, making her suitable for physical attacks.

Pretty is first seen in the game Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 as one of the four main CPUs fighting to save Gamindustri from Arfoire’s rule. After Arfoire’s defeat, she becomes an idol singer.

As one of the best lesbian video game characters, She performs concerts all over the world, traveling between dimensions with her friends Uzume Tennouboshi and Chihiro Inaba, whom she has grown close to over time.

In Neptunia Victory, Pratty joins Purple Heart in her quest to save the universe from ASIC by defeating Arfoire once again. This is another great addition to our list of lesbian video game characters.

However, when she encounters Arfoire at Planeptune’s Basilica, she gets corrupted by Dark Purple due to her curiosity about what it is like to be evil.

This corruption causes her to attack Neptune, but she eventually regains control of herself after realizing what she had done was wrong and helps Neptune defeat Dark Purple.

13. Nicki Burke

Nicki Burke is the major antagonist of the video game “Eternal Darkness,” where she’s portrayed as a powerful sorceress who wants to become a God. She is one of the most powerful lesbian video game characters in Eternal Darkness.

She’s also one of the most popular lesbian characters in gaming history. Nicki Burke was created by Silicon Knights, a Canadian studio that developed Eternal Darkness for Nintendo’s GameCube console in 2002.

The game was an ambitious project with a $2 million budget and a team made up of more than 80 people from around the world.

The story follows Alexandra Roivas, a young woman who must face off against Nicki and other forces from beyond space and time.

In order to do so, Roivas must use ancient relics known as “sanity stones” to access her past lives and learn about her destiny as well as her family history.

Nicki Burke is perhaps best known for being an antagonist in Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, but she actually has two other appearances in other games by Silicon Knights: Eternal Darkness:

The New Nightmare (a 2003 expansion pack) and Too Human (a 2008 Xbox 360 title). In both games, she appears as a boss character — meaning she’ll try to defeat players through combat rather than simply blocking their progress as

14. Lexi

Lexi is one of the lesbian video game characters in the video game Mass Effect 2. The character was created by Bioware’s lead writer Mac Walters as a way to show that Shepard (the player character) was not the only person on board the Normandy who was gay.

Shepard can either romance her or flirt with her, but she will not have sex with him or her. She is another great addition to our list of lesbian video game characters.

Lexi is a Quarian race member, meaning she’s been alive for hundreds of years and has had to leave her parents behind long ago to live on her own ship.

She has a Ph.D. in exobiology and is interested in learning more about other species and cultures.

She’s also very friendly and easygoing, making it easy to become friends and even flirt with her if you so choose.

Still, it only goes as far as that unless you’re willing to change your relationship status with her through dialogue choices after getting closer by talking about other things first, like favorite movies or foods.

15. Tsuzura Hanatemari

Tsuzura Hanatemari is a playable character in the PlayStation 2 game Katamari Damacy. She is not a lesbian, but she is a trans woman.

Tsuzura Hanatemari’s gender identity was changed to female by her father in order to make her more popular with boys.

Her father was worried that no boy would like him because of his lack of masculinity, so he changed his daughter’s gender identity so that she could become an idol for boys.

Tsuzura Hanatemari’s gender identity has always been male, but she has been forced to be female since birth by her father. Her mother abandoned them both when Tsuzura Hanatemari was still young.

Tsuzura Hanatemari is very feminine and loves wearing cute clothes and makeup, but all of this is forced on her by her father because he wants people to think she’s a girl.

16. Sachiko Juraku

Sachiko Juraku is a character from the game Katawa Shoujo. She is a student at Yamaku High School who has congenital heart disease.

Sachiko is a kind and gentle person who feels sympathy toward those around her. She tries hard to make everyone feel comfortable around her and is generally liked by all students at Yamaku.

She loves cats and has several of them at home, as well as one named Manami, whom she had as a child. Sachiko’s favorite food is rice balls, which she often eats for breakfast.

Sachiko can sometimes be very emotional and tends to cry if something upsets her or she feels guilty about something she’s done wrong.

In Yamaku Academy, she is part of the Student Council and serves as its Secretary (her duties are similar to those of the Vice President).

Other members elected her because they saw how hardworking she was and how much effort she put into her work (also because they knew that being an officer would make her happy).

17. Ruby

Ruby is a playable character in the game and is one of the main characters in the game’s story. She’s also an extremely skilled warrior and leader.

She has short black hair and wears a red cloak with a hood, red tights, and black boots. She’s armed with two swords that she uses to fight off enemies.

Ruby is a close friend of Yang Xiao Long, another lesbian character who appears in the show. Ruby and Yang are both students at Beacon Academy, where they met during their first semester as first-year students.

They’ve been close ever since then, though there was some tension between them for a while after Ruby accidentally revealed herself as someone who had feelings for Weiss Schnee, another student at Beacon Academy and a member of Team RWBY.

18. Tracer

Tracer is a character from the video game Overwatch. She is a time-jumping adventurer and former Overwatch agent who has a major crush on her best friend, Lena Oxton (herself an Overwatch agent).

Tracer is a playable hero in Overwatch. She has the ability to “blink” through space and rewind time, allowing her to move swiftly about the battlefield or help allies recover from near death.

She can also deploy time bombs that do damage over time. Tracer’s Matrix-like chronal manipulation abilities earned her the nickname “Ginger Ninja” by fans.

As a child, she was inspired to join Overwatch by tales of its agents’ heroic deeds. She quickly rose through its ranks as a pilot and became one of its best agents.

She participates in many operations against Talon, including stopping one of their agents from stealing Doomfist’s gauntlet.

During an operation in London, Widowmaker shoots Tracer in the shoulder with an arrow piercing through her chest and lung before escaping due to Reaper teleporting them away with his chronal accelerator device before he shuts down all systems in London.

This caused global chaos and panic, which eventually brought down Overwatch due to a lack of funding after its involvement in global affairs was deemed too costly for global stability.

19. Chantal

Chantal is among the lesbian video game characters from sandman. It is said that Chantal has died of AIDs related complications.

Chantal is resident in Hal’s house with Zelda. They are usually referred to as spider women due to their consuming and large collection of spiders.

After the walker moves into the house, everyone starts having an intimidating dream that makes them start bleeding into each other, and the dream is able to repair the damage. Chantal’s dream is abstract, and it involves a recurring story.

It is shown how Zelda and Chantal are sleeping naked together. They consider themselves to be each other’s soulmates, comforting each other after having nightmares.

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