20 Fun Games Like Factorio

Games Like Factorio

Games like Factorio provide similar resource management and strategy experience that tests your ability to build a prosperous settlement.

Players in Factorio assume the role of space explorers as they arrive on an alien planet before Earth colonists who intend to occupy it to establish a valuable base of operations.

However, things did not go as planned, and players will soon find themselves crash-landing and under attack from planet creatures, with survival being your top priority.

In Factorio, which combines strategy, survival, and economic management, players are urged to create automated procedures to help them advance.

Players must gather resources for various goals alone or with friends against the backdrop of relentless alien attacks that grow more frequently as you pollute the planet in this multiplayer game with varying scenario objectives.

There are many games like Factorio in the building sector, and many of them are similar enough to provide the same sense of sincere accomplishment.

Check out the list below for some fantastic suggestions if you’re interested in playing games similar to Factorio.

Table of Contents

  1. Mindustry
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Hydroneer
  4. Automation Empire
  5. Subnautica
  6. RimWorld
  7. Cities: Skylines
  8. Dyson Sphere Program
  9. Kubifactorium
  10. Shapez.io
  11. Factory Town
  12. Automachef
  13. The Planet Crafter
  14. Raft
  15. Prison Architect
  16. Autonauts
  17. Gunsmith
  18. Infinifactory
  19. OpenTTD
  20. Oxygen Not Included


You will adore this game if you like Factorio. Due to the game’s resemblance to Factorio, players have given it the moniker “Factorio-lite.”

However, since you must construct conveyors to fit armor into your turrets and place towers strategically to prevent enemies from destroying your base, it has an increased focus on the tower defense elements.

At first glance, Mindustry appears to be filled with factories, conveyor belts, and objects moving from one thing to another. But this is how games like these play out. Mindustry is a level-based game, whereas Factorio is an open-world game.


An open-world game, Satisfactory, focuses on factory building, combat, and exploration. You can play this game alone or with friends, where you can explore an alien world and construct factories over vast plains or at different altitudes.

At first glance, Satisfactory appears to be merely a 3D adaptation of Factorio. However, once you begin exploring all this game has to offer, it becomes clear that there is much more to it.

For instance, Satisfactory emphasizes exploration more and provides a level of immersion that Factorio can’t match.

However, this game is more than just exploration; otherwise, you would not have included it on this list. Additionally, you can construct mines, harvest modules, and automate your factories.


In the sandbox mining game Hydroneer, you can search for gold and other priceless resources. You must also install automation and water pipelines in this first-person, open-world game.

Although fishing isn’t the game’s main attraction, you can have fun while playing Hydroneer and indulge in such pastimes as it sometimes feels good to take a break from mining.

Furthermore, for the construction of mechanical and hydroelectric structures, Hydroneer provides a modular construction system.

Additionally, you can build hydro pipeline networks, regulate pressure, and create resources, weapons, and jewelry.

To achieve the highest efficiency level, construct the base of operations as per your specifications. This is one of the best games like factorio.

Automation Empire

This game offers some intriguing concepts and is still expanding all the time. If you’re looking for something that checks most of the same boxes, it should help scratch the itch a little bit, even though it probably has one too many ideas similar to Factorio to give you a completely unique feeling.

Furthermore, this is a fun game that allows you to maneuver as many trucks, drones, and other vehicles as possible to carry out deliveries. The goal of this game is automation; can you figure out a way to ensure that nothing goes wrong?


Subnautica is first and foremost a survival-crafting adventure, then a simulator. You see, your character has crashed and ended up on a planet with an ocean. Returning home is the ultimate goal, but getting there requires continually delving deeper for supplies.

It’s also among the best construction sims available. For instance, it has an exciting sandbox campaign where you can explore at your leisure and learn more about the planet. More importantly, it has a dedicated development team that releases frequent updates.

Beautiful, static, open-world map with a variety of biomes. You go on exploration trips to lava fields, underwater tunnels, reefs, and sea chasms.

Also, you gather supplies, use those tools to make bases, and do tech research. You wouldn’t want to explore at night because there is a cycle between day and night. Subnautica is one of the best games like factorio


A top-down simulation of building a future colony called RimWorld features an AI storyteller. Random occurrences and outside factors are under the storyteller’s control. You can select from a variety of AIs for various gameplay experiences. The maps are procedurally generated similarly.

The campaign begins with three arbitrary survivors lost in a distant world. You must first make do with your three remaining colonists before capturing more through combat. Giving orders to the colonists regarding what to build, gather, and where to work constitutes the gameplay.

Furthermore, the AI will take your colonists’ lives into account to determine how they behave and perform. Personalities, characteristics, abilities, backgrounds, hunger, fatigue, wounds, illnesses, addictions, moods, family relationships, etc., are some of these aspects.

Cities: Skylines

The most played game on the list is probably Skylines, the best city sim builder. Despite its age, it has seen an increase in popularity on Steam since 2021, with about 18K players actively playing at any given time.

This is a simulation of a contemporary but traditional city. You can create, improve, manage, expand, and maintain an actual city from scratch using a variety of gameplay mechanics and elements.

There are various levels of difficulty and management in the simulation. You will have to balance issues like water, police, electricity, education, fire fighting, security, health care, taxes, and the economy as the city major.

As you make decisions, your citizens will respond, either helping or hindering the growth and development of your city. This is one of the games like factorio.

Dyson Sphere Program

A game that simulates factory automation is called the Dyson Sphere Program. The gameplay involves constructing an industrial complex in space in a sci-fi setting. Nevertheless, it is an Early Access game, and future updates might add a multiplayer component.

A supercomputer in the distant future enabled interstellar travel. To power the machine, though, there are not enough resources.

You are assigned the role of a space engineer, and your task is to build Dyson Spheres. These enormous structures revolve around a star to capture its energy.

Furthermore, you can construct across planets in the open world of the universe. With a top-down/third-person hybrid, you control the engineer. For instance, as your factory grows, you can zoom out and “scroll” the planet.

You create interstellar factories and automated production lines as a space engineer. It all comes down to micro-managing systems like power networks, construction, resource gathering, and material transport. You manage and create an enormous, interstellar automated production line using specialized tools.


Kubifaktorium might be interesting if you prefer a more overt base builder or colony scene type element. This game’s primary distinction from Factorio (and the other games on this list) is that you can watch your employees go about their daily lives and complete projects.

In Kubifaktorium, you are in charge of a community’s expansion. Along with various biomes to explore, the game offers a wealth of resources to discover, challenging automation and transportation systems to construct, and fascinating production chains to master.

The core of your colony consists of those who gather resources, cultivate crops and make tools and weapons.

Furthermore, Keeping your colony productive requires managing the abilities and requirements of your colonists. There is no such thing as a universal colonist. Each colonist possesses unique talents and skills that develop with work.

Transporting the resources you require gets more challenging as your colony expands and more of your products are produced.


It is based on logistics, Shapez.io. You don’t use any resources, unlike Factorio. You merely construct factories on top of factories. Your objective is to continue producing and completing the tasks required by the missions.

It begins pretty simply, and you may think, “Is this game worth it? ” This is because the game gives you only a basic set of tools and abilities when you first start playing.

Moreover, the number of factories and tools required to produce an effective stream of enormous and disparate shapez will overwhelm you as you complete each mission and focus on the resources you need to upgrade things.

Factory Town

Factory Town is a different game that is less stressful than Factorio in terms of enemies and combat and has a 3D advantage.

There are employees on-screen to gather the resources, just like in Kubifaktorium. The fun starts once you master the construction of conveyor belts, which happens quickly.

You have teams that help you transport goods between markets and production facilities. It makes sense to use mechanical systems to automate their work to the greatest extent possible. Using sorters, chutes powered by gravity, railroads, and conveyor belts to arrange items.

At $10, Factory Town is also affordable. Overall, it’s a fun alternative that shares many of the same components as games like Kubifaktorium. This is one of the best games like factorio.


What do you think about creating kitchens for a fast-food tycoon who is robotic but thinks he is human?

That ought to be intriguing. Automachef also does not let down. Building an automated robotic kitchen in this game will enable you to prepare and serve meals quickly.

I advise you to play this game, especially if you are unfamiliar with this genre. It has a level-based structure, unlike Factorio, where you take on specific missions of escalating difficulty. Additionally, Automachef’s difficulty curve is not overly challenging.

You won’t get tired of the gameplay because this game has a friendly theme and aesthetic.

Furthermore, automachef also provides computers that can be programmed using assembly language. It is a visual editor that lets you control robotic arms and other machines however you please. This is one of the best games like factorio.

The Planet Crafter

The main gameplay objective in the survival open-world game Planet Crafter is terraforming an alien planet. You must change a hostile environment so that other people can live there.

Additionally, you play in the first person. You must first travel the world on foot or in a vehicle to find resources. You then employ these resources to create tools, investigate technology, and construct buildings.

There are also aspects of survival. You have to control the heat, pressure, and oxygen levels. The goal is to achieve the ideal ratios to create a safe and hospitable biosphere. Buildings produce either heat, oxygen, or atmospheric pressure.

Furthermore, the map is still modest for a game in early access. There is a lot to discover even though it is an offline-only experience. You can “geo-engineer” your base specifically anywhere on the planet.

Also necessary to consider as you explore are your character’s thirst, oxygen needs, body temperature, and health—tough systems to manage.


On a small wooden raft, you begin the game alone. You are tasked with using a plastic hook to collect trash from the ocean from a first-person perspective. Then you construct a multi-story raft where you can live and sail using the scrap as resources.

Playing continues as usual. That entails looking for resources in the ocean and islands and using them to construct. Keeping the meat fresh, ocean currents, shark attacks, and island-hopping are additional systems.

Next, you must control your hunger and thirst. You construct fishing nets, hooks, and other gear for food. You create water purifiers to sanitize ocean water.

Also, you can gather fruits and seeds on islands to plant on specific plots, so there is also a farming system. This is one of the best games like factorio.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is the city-building game for you if you want one with a unique twist. Also, Prison Architect is one of the most intricate city-building games you’re likely to play. You will want to avoid going to jail after playing this game.

Although the game isn’t exactly hyper-realistic, the creators did a fantastic job of including as many aspects of managing a prison as they could.

You are the prison’s warden. To prevent floods, fires, fights, or full-blown riots, invest in optimizing your compound but don’t restrict crowd flow.

You can fight gang activity, infestation, and other complicated problems that could disrupt your prison with the help of federal resources.

However, don’t forget to spend money on exercise and therapy programs to teach the prisoners discipline and order.

Furthermore, prison Architect has add-ons with scenarios like Going Green, Cleared for Transport, Island Bound, and more that will provide you with various difficulties and adventures to experience. This is one of the best games like factorio.


A game called Autonauts takes place in space and is similar to Factorio. In the game Autonauts, you construct and design the world of your dreams.

You can build bots, teach them how to work, and cultivate an agricultural paradise of industry and enlightenment using Scratch-style programming. The goal of the game is to create the richest colony imaginable.

Autonauts has various captivating features that keep you glued to your game screen. Some features include ventures with few opportunities to colonize and optimize, amusing programming with a low learning curve, charming creativity for designing a particular play area, and excellent automation.

Furthermore, Autonauts is ideal if you love Factorio but want something more intricate than just tilling soil or mining ore.


In the strategy game Gunsmith, the player takes control of an unfortunate gunsmith who must first purchase and fix his goods before selling them to other players. The game has received compliments on its vibrant colors and excellent 3D graphics.

A priceless gun from components kept in inventory slots is displayed alongside the precise and responsive controls.

In the strategy game Gunsmith, you control a factory that makes weapons. Also, your task is to upgrade and materialize your weapons to use them in combat. Also, to make guns more effective in battle, you must gather raw materials, make them, and upgrade them.

Law enforcement officials and other players will be a problem for you because they want to occupy your buildings, steal your inventory, etc.

You can’t simply command an entire factory in Factorio as you can in Gunsmith. It’s a much more challenging game. Also, you must plow fields, construct mines and factories, dig tunnels, and create transportation systems. This is one of the best games like factorio


The game Infinifactory is about creating industrial robots. You’ll be in charge of building robots that can design and produce things, explore gloomy underground caverns, and solve puzzles as a master engineer.

It is based on the idea that anything is possible with the right proportion of construction robots, resources, and energy. Infinifactory has a much stronger focus on puzzles than Factorio does.

Resources are coming in at a specific rate, so you need to process them quickly. You will put the materials you collect to good use in your factory complex, where you will transform them into things you can use to either expand or enhance your facilities.

If your factory isn’t sturdy, it will collapse. There are various running and construction modes, and you cannot move things on the fly.


OpenTTD, a game based on the well-known “Transportation Tycoon Deluxe,” has been around since 2004 and already has a sizable library of vehicles. Unmissable if you enjoy the genre (or if you enjoy transport games).

In the turn-based strategy game OpenTTD, you manage the railroad traffic, transporting people and goods to cities, towns, and villages. You can amass a vast fortune by experimenting with various policies and constructing your railways wisely!

Furthermore, to make money, you use a land, sea, and rail network to move people and goods over long distances by road, rail, ocean, and air.

Try this if you want to improve your problem-solving skills and use all of your brain’s potential.

Oxygen Not Included

If you enjoy Factorio, you’ll adore ONI. This game has a vastness that can be difficult to grasp, but once you learn its fundamental mechanics, you will be in a great position.

Even though some people don’t like how intense this game can get in terms of science, those who have an interest in or background in science are likely to find a friend in Oxygen Not Included.

Although it’s not for everyone, it’s more likely suitable for someone. A fun and thought-provoking game that will challenge your mental faculties as you contend with constantly shifting circumstances.

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