26 The Thundermans Cast and Roles

Thundermans Cast

The Thundermans Cast is made up of Nickelodeon stars as the series is an American comedy TV series that aired on Nickelodeon.

Moreover, Jed Spingarn created the series, and Patty Gary-Cox produced it.  

The production companies associated with this series are Cross Hoge Productions, Nickelodeon Productions, and Dworkingham Productions.  

In addition, the series was premiered on October 14, 2013, and ran for four seasons with 98 episodes; the last episode was on May 25, 2018. Besides, each episode lasted for about 22 – 23 minutes.  

Additionally, the series revolves around the Thundermans, a family with superpowers trying to live everyday lives in the fictional town of Hodgenville.  

Although Phoebe dreams of being a superhero, her twin, Max, dreams of being the next supervillain.

Meanwhile, Hanks and Barb try to live everyday life without using their powers. On the other hand, Nora and Billy love using their powers any chance they get.  

Also, a former supervillain, Dr. Colosso, was transformed into a rabbit, and he lives with Max, giving him advice on how to be a villain.  

At the end of season 2, Chloe was introduced into the series as the youngest child of the Thundermans.

Some of the characters in the Thundermans cast are; 

1. Kira Kosarin

Kira is on the Thundermans cast as Phoebe Thunderman. Besides, Phoebe is Max’s twin, the older sister to Billy, Nora, and Chloe.  

Also, she is a very responsible, straight-A student who tries to live her daily life without using her powers. However, in season 3, she starts training to become a superhero, she officially became a superhero, and her superhero alias is Thunder Girl.  

Additionally, her powers include telekinesis, freeze breath, heat breath, and later on, she had thundersense, which is a new ability that tells her if she or others are in danger.  

In one of the episodes, in an attempt to stop one of Max’s pranks, she accidentally absorbed Dark Mayhem’s powers and turned evil. However, she returned to her usual self in a later episode. 

2. Jack Griffo

Jack played Max Thunderman in the Thundermans cast. Max is Phoebe’s twin and the older brother of Billy, Nora, and Chloe.  

Also, just like Phoebe, his powers are telekinesis, freeze breath, and heat breathe. Even though Max grew up in a house full of heroes, his goal was to become a supervillain. His reason is not wanting to be second best to Phoebe in being a hero.  

However, at the end of season 3, he changed his heart and decided to use his powers and high-tech gadgets for good and justice.  

Additionally, season 4 shows how Max re-adjusted his life into being a superhero instead of a villain while working with Phoebe in Z-Force training.  

His change of heart affected his friendship with his rabbit, Dr. Colosso, a villain who was turned into a rabbit. Furthermore, Max’s bedroom serves as his lair, where he keeps his gadget and best friend, Dr. Colosso. 

3. Diego Velazquez

Diego played the role of Billy Thunderman in the Thundermans cast. Billy is the second child of the family after the twin.  

He is the older brother of Max, Phoebe, Nora, and Chloe. Moreover, his superpower is super-speed which gives him the superhero alias “Kid Quick.”  

Besides, it was implied that Billy hit his head at birth as he is quite unintelligent and gullible. It was revealed that Barb gave birth to him in the air while Hank was transporting her to the hospital. Thus, there is a possibility that he fell on his head. 

4. Addison Riecke

Addison plays the role of Nora Thunderson in the Thundermans cast. Nora is the third child of the family, the naughty little sister of Phoebe, Max, and Billy, and the older sister of Chloe.  

Besides, Nora’s superpower is laser vision. Thus, her superhero alias is Laser Girl. Moreover, she is quick to involve Billy in her schemes as Billy is scared of her. 

5. Chris Tallman

Chris played the role of Hank Thunderman in the Thundermans cast. Hank is Barb’s husband and the father of Phoebe, Max, Nora, Billy, and Chloe.

Moreover, Hank had to half-unwillingly retire as a superhero so he can provide a stable, average home for his kids.  

His superpowers are super-strength and flight, which he still uses to fly to places worldwide or even travel to space. Also, his superhero alias is Thunderman. 

6. Rosa Blasi

Rosa played the role of Barb Thunderman in the Thundermans cast. Barb is Hank’s wife and the mother of Phoebe, Max, Nora, Billy, and Chloe.  

Unlike Hank, Barb is excellent, leaving her super-heroine life behind to provide a stable home for her kids.

Moreover, she agrees with Hank and Phoebe that Max has to end his insane dream of being a supervillain.  

Additionally, her superpowers are controlling electricity and lightning, which earned her the superhero alias Electress. 

7. Maya Le Clark

Maya played the role of Chloe Thunderman in the Thundermans cast. Chloe is the youngest Thunderman child, making her Phoebe, Max, Billy, and Nora’s younger sister.  

Although her superpower was making bubbles when she was a baby, her permanent superpower is teleportation. Also, her superhero alias is Thunder Baby. 

8. Audrey Whitby

Audrey played the role of Cherry in the Thundermans cast. Cherry is Phoebe’s bubbly best friend who happens to be both tech-savvy and dimwitted.  

Initially, she did not know about the family’s superpowers but found out about it in the episode Chloe was born. 

9. Dana Snyder

Dana voiced Dr. Colosso in the Thundermans cast. Dr. Colosso is a rabbit that lives in Max’s bedroom and is Max’s best friend.  

However, Dr. Colosso was one of the world’s greatest villains in the Villain League and Hank’s former nemesis.

In one of their battles, while Hank was still an activated superhero, he turned Dr. Colosso into a rabbit. Additionally, it was shown that Dr. Colosso likes Max a lot.  

10. Elijah Nelson

Elijah played the role of Evan in the Thundermans cast. Evan is one of the students of Hiddenville High and a member of Sarah’s brilliant students’ group.  

Also, his best friend is Eleanor, his pet iguana. However, it was revealed that Evan is a secret agent of the Hero League assigned to protecting the Thundermans.  

Besides, Evan is posing as a student to keep a close eye on the Thundermans; he also happens to be a 50 years old man with a family.

However, he looks like a teenager because his superpower is that he does not age. 

11. Keely Marshall

Keely played the role of Sarah in the Thundermans cast. Sarah is one of the students of Hiddenville High.

She also happens to be Phoebe’s friend and has a massive crush on Max.  

Furthermore, Sarah is brilliant and the leader of a group of smart students dubbed as “Sarah’s Group.” 

12. Helen Hong

Helen played the role of Mrs. Wong in the Thundermans cast. Mrs. Wong is Darcy’s aunt, who owns a pizza restaurant and is never pleasant to anyone, especially the Thundermans.  

However, she employed Phoebe and Max in her restaurant. She fired them when they destroyed her kitchen, thereby increasing her contempt towards the Thundermans. 

Additionally, in one of the episodes, when she found out about the Thunderman’s secret, she exposed them to the people of Hiddenville.  

Also, she is one of the people who believed Super-President Kickbutt’s fake power removal on The Thundermans. 

13. Jeff Meacham

Jeff played the role of Principal Tad Bradford in the Thundermans cast. Principal Bradford is the principal of Hiddenville High, who hates his job, has a sad life, and dislikes the Thundermans because of Max’s pranks.  

However, it was revealed that Principal Bradford lives at the school. He has a reclining bed behind some of the lockers.

Additionally, he is living a sad and depressing life because he is yet to forget about his first breakup. 

14. Harvey Guillen

Harvey appeared on the Thundermans cast as Cousin Bobbin. A bobbin is the sidekick of Barb’s dead millionaire Uncle Wilfred.  

However, Bobbin acts as the cousin of the Thunderman children. He is highly loyal to the Thundermans and helps them out whenever he can.  

Additionally, Bobbin is very sensitive; Bobbin became rich when Uncle Wilfred died and left all his enormous fortune and mansion for Bobbin. 

15. Tanner Stine

Tanner appears as Oyster on Thundermans cast. Oyster plays guitar for Max’s new band. Initially, Phoebe had a crush on him.  

However, the desire faded when she discovered that he was crazy as he sees guitars as real-life female beings—even following the decisions of the guitar, talking to them, and writing songs for them. 

16. Daniele Gaither

Daniele appeared as Super-President Kickbutt on the Thundermans cast. President Kickbutt is the president of the Hero League, and she alerts the Thundermans if there are any supervillains in their area.

Also, she gives superheroes who graduated from the Hero League Academy their capes. 

17. Gabrielle Elyse

Gabrielle appeared on the Thundermans cast as Maddy. Maddy is a member of Madison’s cheerleaders. Eventually, she became Phoebe’s friend. 

18. Barrett Carnahan

Barrett appeared on the Thundermans cast as Link. Link is the son of Hank’s former supervillain nemesis Evilman. Also, Link is Phoebe’s boyfriend.  

When Link began using his powers for good, the Hero League assigned him to Hong Kong, which led to the end of his relationship with Phoebe. In addition, Link’s superpower is elasticity. 

19. Kenny Ridwan

Kenny appeared on the Thundermans cast as Gideon. Gideon is one of Max’s bandmates who has felling for Barb.

However, over time the feeling waned, and he developed feelings towards Phoebe. 

20. Jake Borelli

Jake played the role of Wolfgang in the Thundermans cast. Wolfgang is a cultural exchange student from Germany attending school in Hiddenville.  

Also, he is the drummer in Max’s band. Furthermore, Wolfgang speaks little English with a strong German accent.

He often says “Wolfgang” in different intonations to communicate other messages and emotions. 

21. Ryan Newman

Ryan plays the role of Allison on the Thundermans cast. Allison is a student of Hiddenville High who is a do-gooder.

She invests in every single social cause, especially those related to protecting the environment.  

Furthermore, Max’s girlfriend broke up with him off-screen because she is leaving Hiddenville to join an EarthCorps and protect the Earth. 

22. Katherine McNamara

Katherine also appeared on the Thundermans cast. She played the role of Tara Campbell, a girl Max had a crush on when he saw her at a party because they have similarities.

However, she turned out to be Phoebe’s crush, Cole Campbell’s sister.  

23. Jace Norman

Jace played the role of Flunky in the Thundermans cast. Flunky is Max’s assistant in the episode where Max became a president. Also, he developed a crush on Phoebe. 

24. Haley Tju

Haley Tju played the role of Darcy Wong in the Thundermans cast. Besides, Darcy is Mrs. Wong’s troublesome niece.

In one episode, she attracted the attention of the Home Owners Association after she vandalized the neighborhood.  

In another episode, she snoops around the Thundermans, trying to find any secret of theirs.

Furthermore, when she discovered that Dr. Colosso could talk, she steals him and tortures him to make him talk. However, Billy and Nora rescued him. 

25. Eric Allan Kramer

Eric played Mr. Evilman in the Thundermans cast. Mr. Evilman was Hank’s greatest nemesis.

However, Mr. Evilman used to be a good person until he met Dark Mayhem, who influenced him in doing evil.  

However, he retired from being a supervillain and became a mattress store salesman in Hiddenville.

Additionally, he is Link’s father, and he tried to stop Link’s relationship with Phoebe. In another episode, he pretended to be evil when the Hero League was testing Phoebe.  

26. Jamieson Price

Jamieson voiced Dark Mayhem in the Thundermans cast. Dark Mayhem is a completely costumed villain who is considered to be the world’s most dangerous villain.  

Additionally, Dark Mayhem is a parody of Darth Vader, and he debuts as an Uncle Sam-like poster in Max’s bedroom. 

These are some of the characters that are in the Thundermans cast. However, as a series, many people made an appearance throughout the series, such as JoJo Siwa, who appeared as Nora’s Fan.

Pat Finn, a pageant contest host, and MKTO, who appeared as themselves, mentioned a few. 

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