12 Sitcoms on WandaVision to Relive the Experience

Sitcoms On Wandavision

Have you ever watched any of the sitcoms on WandaVision? These sitcoms can be very interesting to watch, and they are adored by fans worldwide.

Sitcoms, fully known as situation comedy, is a genre of comedy, usually in the form of television series, featuring a definite set of characters who recur in its comedic episodes.

These funny TV series are traditionally half-hour programs with realistic settings.

WandaVision is a TV series that tells the story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, characters from Marvel Comics, after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), as they live their ideal life in suburban Westview, New Jersey.

WandaVision has 12 most referenced sitcoms. Let’s look at them one after the other, shall we?

1. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

Rob Petrie, the head writer of a comic show, often gets entangled in absurd circumstances with other writers and his loved ones.

The start of WandaVision corresponds with The Dick Van Dyke Show more than any Avengers film. Dick Van Dyke himself met with Director Matt Shakman to give them tips on the best way to get the tone, ideally in Episode 1. 

His recommendation? “If it couldn’t happen in real life, it can’t happen on the show.” To make the sitcom air much more practical, the main episode of WandaVision was shot before a live studio crowd. The episode isn’t named “Shot Before A Live Studio Audience” in vain.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, said their most memorable episode was “a big love song to ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

2. I Love Lucy (1951-1957)

Ambitious and talentless housewife relentlessly attempts to make it as an actor in the New York Show business scene, getting herself (alongside her neighbors and closest companions) into the most interesting dilemmas.

I Love Lucy also influenced the first episode of WandaVision.At the focal point of I Love Lucy is an energetic redhead and her captivating spouse, which is likewise valid for WandaVision, at least at the start. 

The comedy is frequently physical and brilliantly beyond absurd, for example, when Wanda’s kitchen machines go berserk.

What’s more, it’s anything but a Lucy-style sitcom without a smarty-pants neighbor — for this situation, it’s Wanda’s new companion Agnes. 

I Love Lucy became famous for the picture of Lucy and her better half sitting in twin beds, and we see this picture reconsidered in WandaVision. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

3. Bewitched (1964-1972)

A youthful witch, Samantha, meets and weds a standard human, Darrin Stephens. But she can’t avoid utilizing her magical powers to tackle her family’s issues.

While Wanda didn’t exactly wed a human man, she’s still apprehensive about keeping her powers a secret, especially during the few initial episodes. 

The props team utilized wires and camera tricks directly from the Bewitched set to pull this off. The episode’s change into technicolor is also courtesy of Bewitched.

Elizabeth told Collider she utilized the OG witch actress Elizabeth Montgomery as motivation with her own going about as Wanda. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

4. I Dream Of Jeannie (1965-1970)

A United States astronaut, Captain Tony Nelson, coincidentally encounters a 2000-year-old blonde genie, Jeannie, in a container after a flight. Jeannie is naughty, guiltless, and wildly infatuated with her master, who let her out of her lamp. 

Jeannie is dedicated to her space traveler spouse Captain Tony Nelson, and she spends a large part of the show attempting to satisfy him.

Wanda has a similar devotion to Vision, frequently driving her into a few weird situations. This episode’s change into technicolor was courtesy of I Dream of Jeannie.

In WandaVision, Vision unintentionally swallows gum and glitches, which is said to have been roused by this 1960s sitcom. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

5. The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)

Mike, an architect, and Carol, a homemaker, get hitched, yet their six youngsters, three boys, and three girls, battle to bond with one another, prompting a difficult life for the family.

Visually, the episode’s introduction is exceptionally suggestive of The Brady Bunch (albeit the theme song is straight out of The Partridge Family).

The Brady Bunch is a carefree sitcom about an offbeat family living in the suburbs, perfectly describing this episode of WandaVision. 

However, Wanda and Vision are just barely beginning with the family part. In any case, the iconic wooden flight of stairs in Wanda’s home matches the Bradys quite well. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

6. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977)

Mary Richards, an independent, career-oriented lady, moves to Minneapolis to get a new beginning after separating from her fiance. 

She, however, struggles with love, even as she begins a new career as associate producer of a news show at the fictional local station WJM in Minneapolis. As it were, this is Wanda’s story, as well. 

The title succession for Episode 3 likewise mirrors the textual style of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, another sitcom staple of the 1970s. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

7. Family Ties (1982-1989)

Steven and Elyse Keaton, once 1960s extremists, end up in a Reagan-era American attempting to raise a conventional suburban family.

The title sequence for Episode 5 starts with a pencil sketch of Wanda and her family, which is being filled in slowly with a paintbrush.

This picture is taken directly from the show Family ties’ introduction. Like Family ties, WandaVision, at this point, focuses on Family Dynamics. 

It also borrows aesthetics from Family ties, as reflected in the kitschy family room style and the poofed-out hairdos. The movie Family ties were awarded the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. 

Also Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy, and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

8. Full House (1987-1995)

Danny Tanner, a widowed broadcaster, seeks the assistance of his brother by marriage, Jesse Katsopolis, and his childhood pal, comic artist Joey Gladstone, bringing up his three little girls, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, in his San Francisco home.

In Episode 5, Elizabeth Olsen’s elder twin sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley are featured in Full House when they were small children. Coincidentally, Olsen’s character has twins of her own. 

There’s likewise a squint-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the title sequence that shows Wanda, Vision, and their children partaking in a pleasant picnic on a lush lawn, and this is a direct visual representation of a shot in Full House. 

Elizabeth Olsen told EW that her older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, had featured in Full House, causing her Wanda experience to feel very “meta.”

The sitcom, Full House, won the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star and TV Land Favorite Elvis Impersonation Award. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

9. Growing Pains (1985-1992)

The series followed the misfortunes of the Seaver family, which included Mental specialist and father Jason, journalist and mother Maggie, and their kids Mike, Carol, and Ben.

Because of the Growing Pains-Esque title succession, we see the characters of WandaVision when they were simply newborn children. 

Even though it doesn’t seem OK for Vision to have a youth, Baby Vision is only ridiculously charming. Growing Pains’ initial tune, “As long As We Got Each Other,” was additionally copied by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez while composing Episode 5’s theme. 

The ABC sitcom ran from 1985 to 1992, chronicling the Seaver’s everyday life in Long Island, New York, while WandaVision happens just one state over, in New Jersey. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

10. Malcolm In The Middle (2000-2006)

A skilled youngster attempts to endure his dimwitted, broken family while managing the difficulties of being a teen and the middle child. WandaVision’s Episode 6 is based on one sitcom — Malcolm in the Middle. 

The episode opens with Wanda’s twins, Tommy and Billy, giving the camera a close location, much like Malcolm. Additionally, the Halloween theme is ultimately on brand with this era of TV, as Malcolm in the Middle has not one Halloween special but two.

The initial credits are strikingly similar to the initial recognition of Malcolm in the Middle. There’s an additional breaking of the fourth wall seen with a portion of the characters. 

Malcolm in the Middle also finds this fascinating technique, implying that the character speaks to the viewers through the camera. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

11. Modern Family (2009-2020)


Three modern-day families from suburban Los Angeles attempt to manage their quirky children in their unique ways, frequently resulting in comic circumstances.

The Modern Family is impactful in Episode 7, bringing the sleepy town of Westview into the 2010s. This episode impersonates the ABC sitcom highlighting talking head interviews with an undeniably exasperated Wanda. 

If you want further persuading, the introduction’s title card is blatantly apparent towards the end, and we’d perceive that thin white and red font anyplace.

Wanda breaks the fourth wall once more, Modern Family does this, and it’s one way the show’s impact is visible. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.

12. The Office (2005-2013)

American mockumentary sitcom TV series that highlights the everyday work lives of the staff at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

As you can guess by the chipper, piano-laden intro music, Episode 7 of WandaVision borrowed some cues from the workplace comic, The Office.

From embarrassing fourth-wall-breaking moments to impassive stares into the camera, WandaVision catches the unstable, narrative-like style of the show. There’s a second where Vision, sitting in a seized funnel cake truck, shoots a look deserving of Jim Halpert.

The Office is a show that centers profoundly around character development. WandaVision utilizes this component to assist us with getting to know the sitcom versions of Wanda and Vision a little better.

This sitcom, The Office, won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy. This is one of the sitcoms on WandaVision.


If you are a fan of sitcoms, you probably would have watched the sitcoms on Wandavision, and if you’ve watched some of them, you indeed have seen a few favorites in the above list. If you have never watched any of the sitcoms, I would recommend you do as they promise to be fun.

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