Where Was Quiet Place 2 Filmed?

Where Was Quiet Place 2 Filmed

A Quiet Place Part II is a captivating sequel to the 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller, A Quiet Place.

The film follows the Abbott family as they navigate a world inhabited by sound-sensitive monsters.

Audiences are transported to an eerie, suspenseful environment that plays a crucial role in the storyline. But where exactly was this riveting movie filmed?

The production team chose various locations across Western New York to create the perfect backdrop for the nail-biting adventure.

Erie County was a primary filming site, with shooting taking place extensively in Akron, Grand Island, and Orchard Park.

The crew also transformed Main Street in Akron, NY, into the memorable small-town setting of the film.

Apart from Erie County, the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Plant in Lackawanna and Stenzel Street Field Baseball Park in North Tonawanda were utilized to capture specific scenes.

Overall, the filming locations intricately contributed to the tense and gripping atmosphere that remains a signature aspect of A Quiet Place Part II.

Where Was Quiet Place 2 Filmed?

A Quiet Place 2, a suspenseful and thrilling movie, was primarily filmed in various locations throughout Western New York.

One of the main locations where filming took place was on Main Street in Akron, New York, specifically at an Erie County village near Buffalo.

This setting helped create the New England Anytown look that the film was going for.

Apart from Main Street, several towns in Chautauqua County were also utilized as filming locations for outdoor scenes.

This county, being the westernmost in the coastal state of New York, provided ideal spots for the film’s captivating seaside scenes.

Notably, the town of Westfield was used to capture these moments.

In addition to the locations mentioned above, the film crew returned to a couple of original locations from the first movie, A Quiet Place.

The familiar house in Dutchess County and the eerie bridge in Ulster County were again featured to maintain continuity between the two films.

In summary, A Quiet Place 2 incorporated various filming locations throughout Western New York to create a suspenseful and terrifying ambiance, helping to immerse viewers in the story and its characters.

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