11 Best Cat Documentaries for Cat Owners

Best Cat Documentaries

If you want to learn more about cats if you already own one or simply have an interest in these fascinating animals, below are the best cat documentaries to help you accomplish so.

Having a cat is a wonderful experience. They will provide you with company, affection, and hours of fun if you have a good laser pointer.

Many people are proud cat owners all around the world. They might be simple pets, emotional support animals, or even agricultural animals that provide services like rodent control. Cats come in a variety of sizes and forms.

They are, however, all derived from a single breed known as Felis Sylvestris Lybica, or African Wildcat.

Each particular breed of cats such as the Siamese, Sphynx, Russian Blue, or Maine Coon has evolved certain qualities over many years.

Either as a result of environmental circumstances or through human breeding. There is a great deal to be learned about cats.

Check out these Twenty Cat Documentaries You Must See if you want to understand more about cats.

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1. Kedi (2016)

“Kedi” is one of the best cat documentaries. It is a fascinating documentary that tells the stories of tens of thousands of stray cats living on Istanbul’s streets.

These cats travel freely in and out of the lives of city dwellers, possessing no true ownership and straddling the line between domestic and wild.

While the documentary focuses on the cats, the true narrative is one of community and the importance and joy that these animals offer to the city’s residents.

It’s a fascinating narrative, and the villagers’ generosity and acceptance make for a pleasant encounter.

2. The Private Life of a Cat (1944)

This is an older documentary that may be classified as an experimental movie.

After artists Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren finished this detailed study of the feline life cycle, it was released in 1944.

A female cat and her litter of kittens are the focus of The Private Life of a Cat. It also depicts the maturing process.

The Private Life of a Cat is shot entirely through the eyes of a cat. It’s also a silent picture with black and white footage. The fascinating aspect of this movie is that there isn’t a single human in it.

Instead, the mother cat nurtures and gives birth to her litter on her own. Top Documentary Films, which rates documentaries, praised this one as “beautifully photographed and executed.”

3. The Lion in Your Living Room (2015)

This is one of the best cat documentaries that show how your cat perceives and interacts with the world. The video examines the history, biology, and development of cats, why they behave the way they do, and how they have built such a strong bond with people.

If you’re curious about what makes your cat tick, an educational film delves into how contemporary cats evolved into the creatures they are today.

4. The Wonderful World of Cats (2009)

The Wonderful World of Cats is a lengthy documentary that explores the appeal of household cats in greater depth. It tries to figure out how “one of nature’s most effective killers” (a cat) evolved into companion animals.

The video will examine both natural and human factors that have contributed to the development of the contemporary domestic feline.

This film also looks at the contemporary cat’s hazardous predatory cousins, such as cheetahs, tigers, and lions. It compares the behavior of a domestic cat to that of a large wild cat.

The Wonderful World of Cats is an intriguing documentary in general. It’s also free to download in its entirety from the business that created it.

5. The Science of Cats (2008)

This National Geographic documentary takes a fascinating look at how your favorite cat has become one of the world’s most popular pets. The documentary explores the long history of domesticated cats and how humans and cats came to be such close friends.

The film begins by stating that cats are the only creatures who have domesticated themselves, and then goes on to explain why.

6. A Cat’s Life (2011)

The lives of a tiny group of cats actually, three cats and three kittens are followed in this rather obscure documentary. It’s a somewhat short film, clocking in at around 20 minutes.

Due to its scarcity, this film has just a few people who have watched it.

It is, nonetheless, still worth seeing. Jonathon’ The Impaler’ Sharkey, a professional wrestler, presidential and gubernatorial candidate, and self-proclaimed vampire, directed, wrote, and produced A Cat’s Life.

All of the cats in the movie are Sharkey’s cats. Despite varied reviews, A Cat’s Life is worth seeing if only to enjoy a documentary created by such an odd man.

7. The Secret Life of Cats (2008)

This is among the best cat documentaries. This National Geographic documentary is unlike anything else the business has done before.

The Secret Life of Cats is designed to be a fun look at what a cat does while its owners aren’t watching, rather than a deep and fact-filled affair.

Allison Argo narrates, writes, and directs this documentary, which is both easy to watch and amusing.

The Secret Life of Cats is primarily concerned with how domesticated cats disrupt the natural order. The video also utilizes its platform to promote the idea that all cats should be fixed to prevent overpopulation and the spread of wild cats.

The video also travels to different parts of the world, such as Australia and New Zealand, to keep the subject matter new and fascinating.

8. The Story of Cats (2016)

PBS has a two-part documentary called The Story of Cats for those interested in learning how wildcats evolved to adapt themselves into human civilization.

The program spends a lot of time talking about how contemporary felines had to beat their rivals (canines) to become the animals of choice for people who required rodent protection.

The Evolution and History of the Modern Housecat is the topic of The Story of Cats. It covers a large number of today’s domesticated breeds and discusses how the qualities they were born with evolved.

It also gives facts and examples of the common housecat’s evolving character, independent of the breed.

9. Cat Ladies (2009)

Some people have a large number of cats. Though they are sometimes mocked and referred to as “crazy cat women,” the actual story behind these cat devotees is rarely told.

Rather than succumbing to stereotypes, you should check out Cat Ladies, especially if you know a cat collector or suspect you could be one yourself.

The documentary focuses on depicting ladies who have a large number of cats truthfully and objectively.

These women’s life and self-worth are inextricably bound to their feline pets. After all, they are the guardians of their kittens and cats.

They may not have control over their life or feel appreciated in many circumstances. They are, however, the center of the universe when it comes to their cats.

10. Pussies Galore: Love Me, Love My Cats (2015)

Pussies Galore: Love Me, Love My Cats was first shown in the United Kingdom as a television special.

It follows a group of cat lovers who call themselves “crazy cat people” as they go about their daily lives. It delves into their interactions and connections with their feline companion.

This documentary is a terrific way to gain a glimpse into the lives of people who have a lot of cats.

This documentary is intriguing since it tackles topics that are rarely addressed in other documentaries. Pussies Galore: Love Me, Love My Animals, for example, was shot on location at a cat sanctuary with hundreds of cats.

Another interesting site brought to light by this film is a café that enables cats to hang around inside and interact with guests.

11. The Ultimate Guide: House Cats (2000)

Another mid-length documentary, The Ultimate Guide: House Cats is one of the best cat documentaries out there. It explores the role of domesticated cats in contemporary life.

The appeal of housecats and what it is about them that makes people adore them are explored in this detailed documentary.

It will also look into the origins of the modern housecat, and it may come up with a theory regarding the most recent common ancestor of all domestic cats.

The Ultimate Guide: House Cats will discuss some of their most essential characteristics in addition to discussing how and why cats became so popular.

Their natural and acute sense of touch is another major attribute covered in the video. This video is quite thorough, including a variety of other characteristics as well as other pertinent facts regarding housecats.

12. Cat Wars (2014)

This BBC documentary attempts to explain the disparity between people who adore cats and those who despise them.

This is a particularly significant struggle in current times since their numbers have exploded so rapidly in the United Kingdom alone, there are up to 10 million cats. While this is fantastic for cat lovers, some see it as a pandemic.

The ambitious objective of Cat Wars is to explain why some people enjoy cats, and others don’t. A few interviews with people on both sides of the fence are also featured throughout the program.

Silvana, for example, is the name of one of the ladies interviewed for the episode.

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