12 Best Mermaid Movies on Netflix

Best mermaid movies on Netflix

There are some best mermaid movies on Netflix that interest not only teenagers but also adults. Netflix and other streaming websites have become so popular that many people can’t imagine life without them.

These streaming websites are not only for adults; they also feature video that is appropriate for children. In addition, compared to prior eras, they are focusing more on children’s movies these days.

Various streaming sites feature a children’s area containing all of the children’s entertainment, which is constantly updated. They’re also making it simple for parents by including sub-genres of children’s movies.

When it comes to sub-genres, there are a lot of them, and one of them is mermaid flicks. Everyone enjoys watching mermaid movies on Netflix.

The many fairy tales, which included various princesses, princes, dragons, mermaids, and other similar characters, made it more appealing to teenagers.

They not only entertain the teenagers, but they also enrich their lives by changing their perspectives on the cosmos and life.

Their stories focus on a variety of themes, including elegance, enchantment, and tales of wonder, among others.

1. Miranda (1948)

Miranda (1948) Best Mermaid Movies on Netflix

Miranda is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix. This mermaid movie was released in 1948, and its main goal is to rekindle interest in mermaids on the big screen. It was the first basic mermaid production.

Although mermaids have appeared in short movies in previous decades, this movie is based on the true story of a fisherman who captures and cares for a mermaid in a theatrical performance by accident.

As a result, when the mermaid ends up in the center of everyone’s relationship in a little village, she causes all kinds of mayhem.

2. Barbie in Mermaid Tale (2010)


Barbie in the Mermaid Tale is based on the story of Merilah, a young woman who is a surfing champion, but her world is turned upside down when she discovers a family secret. Malibu is a mermaid, and Eris, the wicked mermaid queen, has stolen her mother.

3. Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

Barbie plays an important role in this Netflix mermaid movie from 2017. Although Barbie movies have not been produced for a long time, these movies include this popular doll who is shown on adventures with her friends.

As a result, instead of being released in theaters, these movies are distributed on DVD. Erica Lindbeck provides Barbie’s voice, and it’s worth noting that this is the first time Universal Pictures has not distributed a Barbie movie.

When it comes to the narrative of the movie, it centers around a couple of dolphins and their mate, Isla. Barbie and her sister are visiting Ken, and she runs into them.

On the other hand, Ilsa is a mermaid and a dolphin friend. She dwells with them beneath the waves.

So the plot focuses on dolphins, and Isla is there working with Barbie and her sisters to defend the corals and a fascinating green dolphin from one of the fishermen.

This movie is a lot of fun for kids, and it also teaches them a vital lesson about environmental conservation, which should be instilled in them from an early age.

4. Aquamarine (2006)

Aquamarine is among the best mermaid movies on Netflix. Sara Paxton portrays Aquamarine, a mermaid who swam away from her aquatic existence to avoid an arranged marriage.

She enlists the services of Claire (Emma Roberts) and Hailey (JoJo) to assist her in romancing a human to prove to her father that genuine love exists.

Aquamarine has her heart set on gorgeous lifeguard Raymond (Jake McDorman), but she must compete for his affections with a cool girl called Cecilia (Arielle Kebbel).

Cecilia sets out to reveal Aquamarine’s secret that she is a mermaid to win her man, but her scheme is stopped. Raymond already has feelings for Aquamarine.

5. Peter Pan (1953)

This is another mermaid movie worth seeing because it contains all of the wonderful species.

This movie was produced in 1953, and the premise centers around a group of teenagers who are fleeing to Neverland to escape the realities of life.

When John, Wendy, and Michael Darling came on the shore with Peter, they discovered several mermaids. Those mermaids’ tails were shining. A starfish was their hair accessory, and it was on their head.

6. The Shape Of Water (2017)

The Shape of Water is a stunning fantasy mermaid movie that follows the narrative of Elisa, a deafeningly beautiful silent lady.

Elisa, the cleaning lady at Baltimore’s secret government facility, and a mysterious, scaled creature form a lovely friendship in The Shape of Water.

While Elisa develops a sexual relationship with the Amphibian, she soon learns that the creature’s life is in jeopardy, and only Elisa can save it.

7. Splash (1984)

Splash, a mermaid movie produced in 1984, is worth mentioning. It’s a romantic comedy. John Candy and Daryl Hannah directed this movie, and Eugene Levy played a supporting role.

Touchstone Pictures was created by Walt Disney Studios and released its debut movie this year. The premise of the movie centers around a man who falls in love with a fascinating woman who happens to be a mermaid.

8. The 3 Tails: Mermaid Adventures (2015)

The 3 Tails: A Mermaid Adventure is a family drama movie that follows the adventures of three mermaid companions, Emily, Jackie, and Selena.

Tragedy comes knocking on the mermaid trio’s door as they seek to understand the significance of their individuality. When one of the mermaid friends is kidnapped, the others must flee (or swim) to save her.

9. The Mermaid (2016)

The Mermaid is based on a Chinese mermaid story. This movie was first released in Chinese cinema in 2016.

It was a huge hit, and it gave other movies a run for their money at the box office. When it comes to the narrative of the movie, Shan is the titular mermaid.

She sails to China to aid her mermaid family, who are stranded on a sunken ship off the shore.

She has a plan in her head to assassinate one of the men whose firm is responsible for the pollution in their portion of the river.

In contrast, she falls in love with him when he lets his guard down, and the movie then becomes more of an action-adventure.

It does, however, have some romantic comedy bits. Aside from mermaids, there are other characters in the movie, such as an uncle with octopus arms.

10. Sabrina Down Under (1999)

Sabrina Down Under (1999) Miranda (1948) Best Mermaid Movies

Sabrina Down Under is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix. This fantasy comedy movie is unique in that it relates the tale to a television show. The movie is based on the iconic ABC television series Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which stars Melissa as Sabrina.

11. The Little Mermaid (1989)

In the year 1989, this movie was released. Only because of this movie did Ariel become famous. This is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix.

When it comes to the premise of the movie, Ariel is a mermaid who falls in love with a prince named Eric and decides to leave her mermaid existence behind and live as a human.

This is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s book. The two primary significant players in the movie’s production are John Musker and Ron Clements.

The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, two Disney productions, are recognized for revitalizing this series. This movie has won two Academy Awards and several other accolades.

For Disney, this movie was a game-changer. This movie is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix of all time.

12. Lady In The Water (2006)

This is one of the best mermaid movies on Netflix. The storyline of the movie centers around Cleveland Heep’s blossoming love for a lovely young mermaid.

Heep knows that the mermaid’s life is in jeopardy when he falls in love with her, and he must do everything he can to defend her.

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