11 Books for Adults Who Don’t Like to Read

Books for Adults Who Don't Like to Read

Life is a learning journey, and books are still a great way of educating ourselves. Even so, most adults only read when they have to.

Some say they are too busy to read, while others simply won’t read if it doesn’t pay their bills.

Whatever the reason for not enjoying books, there’s hope for a better-reading society. The universe can definitely use more well-read adults.

That said, below is a list of books for adults who don’t like to read that will change this narrative for the better.

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1. The Road

Written by Cormac McCarthy

This is a perfect one for book lovers and reluctant readers alike. A father and his son have to survive a global catastrophe that leaves America destitute and hopeless.

In this story, they are walking down the lonely streets, and there’s nothing left to show for what was once a proud and flourishing country.

All they have is each other, and surviving isn’t an option. It’s a sad story packed with great lessons for fathers on how to lead and relate with their sons as they navigate tough seasons in life.

2. Harry Porter

Written by J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter series is always on bestseller lists for teenagers and adults.

If you know an adult whose attention span is like a toddler’s, get them one of these thrilling and easily readable books. Before they know it, they will have read the whole series and will e asking for more.

Harry Porter perfectly blends adventure, mischief, and goodness. Every adult can relate to the fierce social battles between good and evil.

Not forgetting Harry’s dramatic turn from a struggling orphan to a powerful wizard and everything in between.

3. The Animal Farm

Written by George Orwell

Who wouldn’t enjoy the animal farm? This tale accurately depicts the current global state of affairs where injustices and nepotism are the order of the day.

People live in one society under the same laws, yet some seem to benefit while others suffer due to social and racial disharmony.

Adults have a responsibility to educate themselves and their young ones on fighting and surviving injustices.

The animal firm is a sarcastic representation of greedy and self-seeking leaders and members of society. It uses a subtle sense of humor to point out severe societal dysfunctions.

4. The Diary of A Young Girl

Written by Ann Frank

This is another great novel for non-book readers. It’s packed with emotions and chilling experiences of a 13-year old girl and her Jewish family. They are forced to hide during World War II, and life is as hard as it can get.

No one knows what’s happening, and they can only wait for the dust to settle before they get their lives back.

This girl only has her diary for reference, and everything seems to be happening so fast, with tension building up every passing minute.

5. The Old Man and The Sea

Written by Ernest Hemingway

This short novel makes it to the list of the best books for adults who don’t like to read. Why? Because it’s ridiculously interesting and short.

It’s about an old man struggling to cross the pacific. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spare but needs an exciting read to unwind. It’ll take about forty minutes to complete this one.

6. The Art of Racing in The Rain

Written by Garth Stein

Is your adult friend a dog lover but a book hater? If yes, this one will help them develop a better reading habit.

They’ll be official members of the book riot by the time they are done. An amazing aging dog, Enzo has an enviable relationship with his best friend, and their adventurous lives are perfect. 

Another interesting aspect is that Enzo wishes he had thumbs, and for all we care, that would be ridiculous, but who are we to limit him? A dog is said to be man’s most loyal friend so reading this book is nothing short of refreshing.

7. Parable of The Sower

Written by Octavia E. Butler

Talk of hope amid a paralyzing crisis; this tale will leave non-book readers wondering why they didn’t start earlier.

It’s one of the best books for people who appreciate engaging and emotive content. In this story, a young girl finds a budding shoot of hope when the rest of humanity is faced with a social crisis caused by unresolved economic and environmental issues.

Everything and everyone around her seems to be headed for the dogs, but she sees new dawn through the birth of a new faith. This girl’s vision could be the most remarkable breakthrough for her family and the ailing society.

8. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Written by Douglas Adams

Adults enjoy alien stories, too, even though they may not believe in them as kids would. This alien tale will keep reluctant readers at the edge of their chairs from beginning to end.

Arthur Dent has just been saved by his friend to write a guide that must come before aliens attack and destroy the earth.

There is a lot of tension and adrenaline rush since no one knows for sure what awaits them. However, there’s some hope, especially after Arthur’s freedom, but everything must happen at lightning speed before the aliens show up.

9. The Heart Goes Last

Written by Margaret Atwood

If you hate books, this one might just find that soft spot in your heart and set you up for a love relationship with the page-flipping business.

Anyway, a group of humans decides to live in a gated community, but their way of life is far from the regular. They alternate living in a lovely house and a prison.

The strangeness of that arrangement is enough to raise curiosity even in the worst of readers. As if that’s not enough, other sinister things begin to happen, and the gated community proves to be more than just a place to escape the harsh economic times.

10. I Just Want my Pants Back

Written by David Rosen

Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while because laughter is medicine for the soul. After a long day’s work, this book will clear your clogged brain and set you up for a better and greater tomorrow.

The good news is, you don’t have to love books to read this one. Just pick it up and see how magical and therapeutic written comedy can be.

You’ll also pick a few things about careers and how young adults hit and miss before they finally settle and find clear directions for their lives.

11. Men Explain Things To Me

Written by Rebecca Solnit

Since time immemorial, there has always been a social disharmony between men and women. Neither of the two genders seems to understand the other, which causes even greater rifts and relationship instabilities.

This book by Rebecca Solnit will turn the most reluctant reader into a curious reader whose thirst won’t be quenched by a single book.

Everyone can relate to the message therein, making it a fantastic read for everyone with the necessary comprehension skills.

Bottom Line

One can say that there’s nothing like a bad book or book haters, just poor choices, unrefined tastes, and lack of reading guidance.

Everyone needs a book or two to shape their thinking and keep them brain-fresh. However, if you don’t know where and how to find your perfect book, reading might never find a place in your heart.

There are innumerable great books for adults who don’t like to read, some of which are discussed here. Find more options online, and be sure to check out any trusted book recommendations sites.

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