13 Best Chess Gaming Websites in 2022

Best Chess Gaming Websites

There are countless chess gaming websites available worldwide. Any particular component of the game, such as opening theory, studies, tactics, playing online, game databases, etc., can be covered by a site, and most likely more than one. 

Which of these chess-related websites is the most well-known? Let’s investigate! The World Chess Federation (FIDE)) is an international organization that governs chess in all its forms. 

 It was founded in 1924 and has been headquartered in Budapest since 1949. Additionally, the FIDE website provides information on chess history, rules, tournaments, players, and other aspects of the game. Well, some of the best chess gaming websites are listed below;

1. Chessgames.com

The most comprehensive database of chess games ever created. I also put this webpage on my “visit every day” list. 

Its database contains more than 700 000 chess games. There are approximately 6 million games in Mega database 2016, so it might not seem like much to some. 

But the best thing about chessgames.com is its fantastic community. Strong players have left detailed annotations on many games, and visitors to the website foster a positive atmosphere. Additionally, the fact that essential registration is free should go without saying. 

2. Chess24

Chess24 is also one of the best chess gaming websites. Chess24 was established in 2014 and has grown quickly to become one of the best online chess playing and instruction websites. 

Additionally, a premium upgrade grants full access to a wealth of training resources, including video series and ebooks, although basic membership is free. Furthermore, during a live stream, premium members have the chance to challenge named players. 

3. Fide.com

The world chess federation owns this website, the official website for the world chess championship. Furthermore, it features news from around the globe and articles on chess history, tournament results, and player profiles. 

4. Chessbase

This is another excellent chess gaming website. The website offers various products, but the main focus is computer analysis. 

It includes an extensive database of games, which is updated daily. Additionally, you can find a wide range of chess books and DVDs. 

5. Chessresults.com

Chessresults.com is one of the chess gaming websites. Approximately 200 000 chess tournaments are contained in the database. 

Due to its strong connection to the Swiss Manager computer program, a critical application for organizing chess tournaments, it is currently the primary tool for managing games and determining ELO ratings. 

Chessresults.com enables FIDE to track international tournaments considerably more quickly and easily. 

6. Chessbomb

The website, created primarily to cover chess events, broadcasts all pertinent (and not only relevant) chess events regularly throughout the globe. Computer analysis and written commentary by multiple grandmasters are occasionally required. 

7. Newinchess.Com

Newinchess.Com is next on the list of best chess gaming websites. The official website of the most illustrious and well-liked chess publication. 

What is NEW IN CHESS in chess, much as GRAMOPHONE is in classical music or DIGITAL PHOTO in photography? 

Every month, a new edition is published. The publication features articles on various chess-related topics, including reporting on recent chess events, book reviews, grandmaster editorials, and chess puzzles. 

8. Internet Chess Club (ICC)

For a very long period, ICC was the top chess-playing website. ICC was the most acceptable option if you wanted to play against International Masters and Grandmasters. 

It has, however, fallen behind competitors like lichess and chess.com in recent years. Although there is a one-month free trial period, membership is not free. 

9. Playchess.com

ChessBase, the company that created the most well-known chess database program, manages Playchess.com. Although there are fewer top players than on ICC, the site is compatible with Fritz and other ChessBase systems. 

10. ItsYourTurn.com

ItsYourTurn.com is also one of the best chess gaming websites. Furthermore, itsYourTurn.com offers short correspondence-style play without any frills or whistles, which is far more basic than the other options and suited for casual gamers than those looking for intense rivalry. 

The abundance of different games available on this website, ranging from Xiangqi and Go to Backgammon and Battleships, is undoubtedly its greatest asset. 

11. Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawn is a popular correspondence-only website with a significant player community that offers tournaments, ladders, teams, and other game modes. Basic membership is free, but additional features require a subscription. 

12. Chessworld.net

Tryfon Gavriel, often known as Kingscrusher, developed the well-known online chess correspondence website chessworld.net. Basic membership is free. However, paying members get access to a wealth of additional services. 

13. GameKnot

One of the bigger correspondence-only websites, GameKnot, has over a million users and is free to use. Additionally, the UI is aesthetically pleasing, and additional features include annotated games, a game database, and tactics instruction. 

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