10 Best Predator Games to Play Right Now

Best Predator Games

Are you prey? Or do you have the skills to survive among the predators? Let me tell you that you can’t easily win this game.

It would help if you had a good strategy so that no predator could hunt you down.

The hardest thing is that you might be vulnerable at any time because these predators are tough. If you get killed, then the game is over immediately.

The Predator has been around since 1987. Initially appearing in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator, it is a significant figure within the Alien vs. Predator universe.

Since then, the character has appeared in numerous games from various developers, including Rebellion, Monolith Productions, and Activision — many of which have been well received.

Based on these titles that stand out, we have compiled a list of the best Predator games to date.

So you want to play some good predator games? Well, there are a lot of them out there. How do you decide which one is best for your desired experience?

In this article, we will be comparing the best Predator games (hopefully) objectively while not forgetting the magic of aesthetic appeal.

1. Predator 2

Platform(s): Amiga

This is a good example of Best Predator games; After a series based on its almost impossible difficulty level, Predator 2 takes the Operation Wolf style approach to the Danny Glover movie featuring endless battles of the patient Harrigan police officer against drug dealers taking over Los Angeles.

That is before the final level when the rafts of Predators take the potshots off the ice, before the final battle against the giant villain.

It is a great shame that he did so little with so many famous pieces from the movie and the vertical position of the neglected meat grinder to scrape more horizontally.

There is no obvious use of any other cool characters that made the movie more than a 1-on-1 war (rights issues, obviously).

Worse, the sounds from the movie only play during the presentation, with cool music absorbing the 16-bit game. That, along with the complex difficulty and no conservation, makes this miss.

2. Predator

Platform(s): PC

Another good addition to our list of Best Predator games. Based on the original movie, the game appeared at the end of the 8-bit home computer era, but the best version came from Amiga with its great viewing and processing power.

He saw Arnie’s pixel explode in the right direction as the Dutchman traversed the Jungle’s Jungle, destroying helicopters scattering trees and the calls of peace-loving birds.

By checking the scrolls on the side, the Dutch should avoid watching the Predator assassin while most bad locals need to go down as the Predator hunt goes up.

There are a few hand-to-hand confrontations with a stranger between shooting intervals, but the game does not use a real movie hero very well.

Like other popular movies of the time, System 3’s Predator did little for the media but not enough to make it feel special, especially with its loose finish, making it hard to recommend today, even to fans of the retro game.

3. Aliens Versus Predator 2

Platform(s): PS2, Xbox

Installed on LV-1201, AvP2 is an update to the first PC Rebellion attempt. Although AvP2 uses the latest PC technology (temporarily) to deliver a better-looking game, it fails to bring the whole story or the feeling of being “all over.”

On the other hand, the emotional light is much better, the details of the weapons and effects are improved, and there is more talk about conducting the narrative.

Unfortunately, it all sounds very familiar, and except for better use of assets such as dropship and network company, everything else has a B-movie look and sound.

Even the levels of Alien lair somehow look much worse than the 1994 AvP efforts, which is a step in the right direction.

Fast FPS, AvP2 is a great fit, with an expansion pack that adds more missions, but overall it sounds hard to like other Predator (or Alien) games. That can’t make a list of Best Predator games without this.

4. Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction

Platform(s): PS2, Xbox

Another escape from the regular service, AvP Extinction wraps this awesome environment around a real-time strategy to give players something different.

It saves players from a base or nest building boredom, but it still produces troops before sending them into battle.

Here, unit management, fighting skills, and selection are key to winning those battles, but since the whole game is full of mud or dark paint, it is by no means a stimulus to stimulate enthusiasm.

There is so much wrong with ExtinctionL there is no real reason behind the word; the sound turns to mush whenever a few units join the battle, and the whole Predator spirit is tossed neatly aside to get them into this bad idea when the publisher management wonders what else those RTS- ify.

On the positive side, seeing Xenomorphs emerge from any enemies you can conceive through kisses is a wise touch, but very little of what is a poorly integrated product with no multiplayer or extended-play modes. Very good addition to our list of Best Predator games.

5. Predator: Concrete Jungle

Platform(s): PSP

Another good addition to our list of Best Predator games. Predators arriving in mob-era in Chicago? What you should not like, especially if they leave some gadgets behind.

This clever introduction sets the stage for the embarrassed Predator’s return to fight the masses in a series of PS2 era-looking levels that seem familiar.

But Predator jumps into the game with a piercing and zoom action, building on an action that has an open-world exploration and a pure combination of Predator and Alien universes.

By trying to be a little different, the developers have created a game that stands out from all the other topics here, focusing on hiding over the (sometimes) and the field-style running space.

Concrete Jungle is playing the arcade power of its generation with a unique structure, but it also adheres to a more profound sense of depth and suffers from poor eyesight.

6. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Platform(s): PC

The PlayStation Portable has sold 80 million decent units during its lifetime, attracting all kinds of games and interests.

Requiem sees Rebellion as a developer focusing his PC efforts on a portable screen, with more experimental touches and sacrifices to overcome the limitations of the theme to perform a powerful action.

Playing as a Predator, you must seek out and destroy any trace of Xenomorph activity carried out in the city of Gunnison, Colorado, while trying to avoid being caught by meat bags.

Predators earn points by taking steps that follow their code, such as protecting innocent people. The visuals, especially in Predator-vision, look good.

A slightly more straightforward game, with machines the size of a bite and limited space for weapons that keep things down. However, Requiem has some exciting ideas that some developers can use for more powerful hardware.

7. Aliens Versus Predator

Platform(s): Arcade

Long after their Jaguar release, Rebellion reunited and took another shot in the AVP series with the power of PC 3D graphic processors to bring more punch visibility and 3D world tools to create a more immersive environment.

This version marked all the boxes in quick action, playing like all three species, with various machines (if normal) to be made in the LV-426 disaster and other common scenes from the Alien series.

In this version, the Xenomorphs run across levels of amazing fluids while the Predators have a strong feeling in them, with meat bags somewhere in between.

All the usual scary and unpleasant sounds are present, provided with high-quality sound, adding to the immersion concept.

At the same time, the latest AVP and Predators games have increased visual fidelity, few experience a sense of urgency and violence in all the different fields. Stories of each kind.

8. Alien vs. Predator

Platform(s): PC, PS4

With two very controversial galaxy controversies, it was only natural that a lateral rhythm would appear at some point in the bibliography. Fortunately, Capcom’s arcade team was there to bring its entire fisticuffs experience.

This version has never had a home port, but it can still be yours if you get lucky enough to get a Capcom Home Arcade covering 16 classic games.

Fighting up to three players such as Major Dutch Schaefer, Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa (a Capcom character from various games), or a Predator hunter or hero, you fight an Alien army with spears compared to its batting tails.

You use an iconic disc to cut eggs and faces- huggers. Some aspects are out of place, such as breaking crates to get healthy food, but this was in the early days of Predator belief.

So, they use guns, and a visitor looks like bad guys on mechanical loaders, all done with cool pixel visual effects and a fleshy selection of sounds and music. And with the Queen as great as the last battle, it is worth following the trail in some way to enjoy it.

9. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Platform: Atari Jaguar

Predator: Hunting Grounds (again) is not an award-winning hero game, a new kid on the block. But it offers something different for its anti-one players.

Suppose you look beyond the in-system purchase of turgid, four meat bags – sorry, the leading fire team. In that case, you are trying to lower the Predator to a series of seemingly normal jungle areas, mixing with hide-and-seek and a bad fire extinguisher.

The problem with linking one’s effort against Predator is often deceptive and leaves battles to feel cohesive or easy to escape and regroup from them, which is not the case with movies.

The Plasma Caster Predator and other weapons give him a chance to think, but it doesn’t fulfill the desire for prominence in what sounds like vanilla and the usual FPS action.

But, among the many pluses, there is also a film song with excellent effects, good visibility, and detailed murder reasons with Predator capable of great jumping, carefully making its version of parkour (Predkour) on all branches and among the trees to roam.

At speed, which, combined with Predator, looks great in sports, makes this a respectable second number for Predator games.


This Predator game list includes all the best Predator games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available.

These highly rated Predator video games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest games are at the top of the list.

If you think the coolest Predator game to play isn’t as high as it should be, then make sure to vote!

Predator games are awesome, and horror fans are crazy about these kinds of games. These top games are worth to play by any gamer, and even first shooter game fans out there.

Predator games have come a long way since their inception. From the first game to now, they have adopted technologies that are revolutionary and deliver new experiences to the player.

With added content, upgraded graphics technology, and more games to play on different platforms, these games have additional variations that enrich the gaming experience.

For those of you that love going on the hunt, the Predator games are perfect for you. Whatever your style is, it’s safe to say we have a game for you, whether you enjoy being stealthy or all out the action.

Each of these series has its different pros and cons, but they still take you away from reality—away from what it’s like to be human—and into the world of being a hunter.

They may not be the most widespread, but they certainly make up for it in quality. This genre has some of the most unique, fun, and addicting games ever made, and they’re definitely worth a look if you want to play something a bit different.

If you want to enjoy a game, you must be willing to make sacrifices. Whatever your goals are in the game are what they are. Playing a game takes time and practice, but it will eventually get easier with practice. If you need help, try to find a new buddy who wants to play with you.

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