7 Wrestling Games on PS5

Wrestling Games on PS5

Even though it may be over the top and clichéd, the WWE offers magnificent, high-flying wrestling entertainment. This article contains the best wrestling games on ps5. 

It’s a marvel how these warriors manage to get back up and battle after suffering bone-crushing blows or gravity-defying dives.  

However, we strongly urge you to try out the top wrestling games on ps5 this list to maximize your wrestling craze without exhausting or harming yourself. 

Each game presents wrestling in its most spectacular form on our screens; some even push it to further extremities. 

Apart from straining your fingers from button-mashing, you can enjoy the bone-crushing action of wrestling without discomfort. Here are the wrestling games on ps5: 

1. Retromania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling is one of the wrestling games on ps5, thanks to backward compatibility.

If that is too simple for you, you can play games with up to four people with your pals. Or, really test the limits in eight-man tag matches by taking on the A.I. with four of your pals. 

More than 16 characters are available for play in the game’s 15 arenas in RetroMania Wrestling. Naturally, this also applies to the iconic cage bout. 

Without all of the daring moves we’ve come to love from wrestling and the occasional chair or pipe, the game wouldn’t be complete if you choose to take the fight beyond the ring. 

This game is undoubtedly among the greatest choices for next-generation consoles in terms of 2D-style arcade wrestling games

2. Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World’s simplicity makes it a terrific game, so don’t let the 2D graphics deceive you.

Spike Chunsoft created and released Fire Pro Wrestling World in 2018, making it a game of the eighth generation. 

Despite the limited selection, it remains one of the top PS5 wrestling games. The first game in the series debuted in 1989, five years before the PlayStation existed. 

This more recent version is fundamentally the same as the original one that was issued.

If you want a change from the WWE titles that have dominated the genre for many years, FPWW is as retro as it gets. 

In this game, you aren’t given a heads-up display for things like stamina or health.

Therefore, you must rely on your instincts and visual signals to know when your fighter is ready to be knocked out. 

There are no designated buttons for finishers or signature moves. Each wrestler has button combinations for light, medium, and heavy attacks. 

A tutorial feature is available, but it’s tucked away in the menus.

I suggest using it to get acquainted with the game, especially if you’re used to the 3D alternatives with a different viewpoint and nearly entirely different gameplay. 

The extensive customization choices available for creating your wrestler are one aspect of FPWW that most players will like.

It’s enjoyable to fiddle around with it for a while because there are so many things you can change if you want to. 

In conclusion, give Fire Pro Wrestling World a try if you’re looking for an alternative to the typical gameplay of WWE games. 

3. WWE 2K Battleground

Another one of the wrestling games on ps5 is WWE 2K Battlegrounds, thanks to the latter’s backward compatibility.

But WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the game to play if you’re looking for the craziest wrestling action. 

WWE 2K Battlegrounds pushes the trademark moves of some of the WWE’s most infamous superstars to unanticipated new heights.

Each character has exaggerated moves, unique skills, and even power-ups that take the game’s level of wrestling proficiency to a new height. 

The game features a story mode in addition to Royal Rumble, Fatal Four Way, and the Battlegrounds Challenge. Both online and local versus play are available in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. 

If you still need more, you can personalize your wrestler by giving them unique moves, skills, and power-ups.

If you want the craziest action, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is one of the top wrestling games. 

4. WWE 2K19

The final WWE video game produced by Yuke’s was titled WWE 2K19 and went on sale worldwide on October 9, 2018. It was the top wrestling video game available at its debut. 

2K19 is still one of the top wrestling games for the PS5, even with the launch of ninth-generation systems.

Some players still prefer playing NBA 2K19 over the more recent NBA 2K22, which is why both games are included on our list. 

Where one performs less well than the other, it is because each offers something slightly different. For instance, WWE 2K19’s roster is superior to 2K22’s. 

Although 2K22 has new characters, the earlier version’s collection has a wider range.

While it was fun to employ characters like Rick Rude, Lita, and Mr. Perfect in 2K19, they are not present in 2K22. 

Additionally, 2K19’s Universe Mode offers a much superior gaming experience than the more recent one.

On WWE 2K19, the face paint that the wrestlers who had it would break and fade as the bout progressed was a less obvious feature. 

Even after the release of 2K22, WWE 2K19 is still the best wrestling simulation game because of the small details that enhance the experience’s immersion and realism. 

5. Rumbleverse

Next on our list of wrestling games on ps5 is Rumbleverse. Have you ever longed to suplex someone from a skyscraper’s top floor?

You can do that in Rumbleverse. The wrestling battle royale game Rumbleverse was created by Epic Games. 

To learn new moves, you drop onto the map and collect books; each action has a unique efficacy, kind, and damage. 

Among them are crazy slams, punch or kick combinations, deadly blows, stunned strikes, and even maneuvers that send players flying over the board.

In addition, your ultimate super move typically K.O.s a player in a single hit.  

The best part is that you may perform them anytime, anyplace, including from the top of a building, for a remarkable free-fall impact against the ground.

In the late game, you level up your character to boost your damage and general stats by consuming life, energy, and attack pots. 

Additionally, you have access to trash cans, street signs, and baseball bats.

Rumbleverse is one of the most inventive wrestling video games to launch on both next-generation consoles. 

6. WWE 2K22

Since the PS5’s release, 2K Games has only produced one wrestling game, WWE 2K22.

The game was launched in March 2022, nearly two years after 2K Battlegrounds and three years after WWE 2K20.

Additionally, it is the first game in the series that Yuke, the developer, has yet to contribute to.

This can be seen partly because, in contrast to Yuke’s 2K19, 2K22 departs from the “simulation” approach in favor of a more “arcade” experience. 

Depending on your taste, this might be a good or terrible thing. Some people prefer a fast-paced wrestling experience over the more realistic one, and vice versa. 

To direct the ascent of a wrestler’s career in WWE, you should go to MyRise, previously known as MyCareer on older titles.

You begin by making your wrestler, then set on your path to stardom. 

WWE 2K22 is the wrestling game that looks the best on the PS5 since it supports 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, which is significantly better than what you get with any of the games we’ve already discussed. 

7. Action Arcade Wrestling

Last on the wrestling games on ps5 is Action Arcade Wrestling. Want to compete as Santa Claus, a zombie, or the Grim Reaper in a wrestling game?

There are more than 30 wrestlers in Action Arcade Wrestling, some of whom are considerably stranger than the ones we named. 

In Action Arcade Wrestling, you can make your wrestlers and even select from hundreds of user-made wrestlers to download and play as. 

Without question, Action Arcade Wrestling offers the most options for customizing your style of combat in the ring of any game on this list, thanks to its abundance of wrestlers. 

Action Arcade Wrestling is a good combination of the first two games on our list in terms of gameplay.

Similar to WWE 2K Battlegrounds, it has some pretty crazy techniques, but it can also be as easygoing and composed as RetroMania Wrestling. 

We recommend giving Action Arcade Wrestling a try because it’s one of the top wrestling video games.

It has a ton of inventive techniques to defeat your opponent, as well as several game styles. Thanks to backward compatibility, you can play on PS5.

Overall, there are a variety of wrestling games available on the PS5. From WWE 2K22 to Action Arcade Wrestling, there is something for everyone.

Whether you prefer a more realistic experience or an arcade-style game, there is something for you. 

With backward compatibility, you can also play older titles on the PS5. So if you’re looking for some intense wrestling action, these games will surely provide it. 

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