15 Destiny Video Game Characters

Destiny Video Game Characters

Receiving consistent maintenance and repair is undoubtedly a plus, but live service games may also have drawbacks.

Some people succumb to unproductive over-grinding, long gaps between significant content releases, and general anxiety that players will go to the newest and most incredible thing.

 Fortunately, Bungie has persevered in developing Destiny 2 and has seen success. Various fascinating people shape the lore in the Destiny universe.

There are many characters in Destiny, and each one of them is unique. This list explores some of my favorite destiny video game characters, from the dregs of the Tower to the outer reaches of space.

1. Cayde-6

Cayde-6 is a Hunter Vanguard and the most bad-ass Hunter in the Tower. He is known for his love of exotic weapons, flirting, and jokester nature. Cayde is also notable for being the only Hunter to have their ship named after them (the Cayde-6). 

You might remember him from Destiny 1’s introduction trailer. Cayde-6 is one of the destiny franchise’s most prominent destiny video game characters.

2. Lord Shaxx

Destiny is home to several vendors that sell armor and weapons. The Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx is one such vendor, as he sells items for use in the PvP-focused Crucible mode.

You can name the different destiny video game characters without including Lord Shaxx, the armor and weapons vendor.

Lord Shaxx also sells items that can be used by Guardians who have earned a high enough rank in their respective factions (Vanguard, Crucible, or Factions). These are special equipable items that provide benefits and bonuses when equipped.

3. Brother Vance

In the Destiny series, a blind human serves as the leader of the Cult of Osiris. He watches over an outpost on Mercury close to the Infinite Forest entrance, even though he has never really spoken with the Guardian Osiris.

4. Osiris

Osiris is a legendary Warlock who was exiled from the Last City after discovering a forbidden secret. He has since been reanimated by Rasputin, a mysterious AI that lives on the Moon and consumes other AIs that are no longer useful to him.

Osiris is now back in the land of the living with his Ghost, Sagira (who serves as his guide and companion), where you can fight alongside them in Destiny 2’s campaign.

Osiris is known for being one of the first Guardians to use Vex technology (like The Lighthouse) and for being incredibly powerful in combat—so much so that he defeated Atheon with little effort during The Vault. 

Of Glass Raid! This characteristic makes him one of the most distinguished destiny video game characters that one cannot ignore.

5. Eris Morn

Eris Morn is also one of the elite destiny video game characters. She is a Hunter and member of the Hidden. She served as an advisor to Ikora Rey and was also part of Commander Zavala’s fireteam during the Battle for Twilight Gap. 

After the war, she became a vendor for the Vanguard, selling equipment she had salvaged from missions. In The Dark Below DLC, Eris Morn finds herself on Earth seeking out Crota’s soul after Guardians killed him during The Taken King Campaign. 

You’ll also find her in House of Wolves, where she continues to search for Crota’s soul while trying to fend off The Fallen, who are looking for it as well; this leads her directly into battle with Skolas, who has assembled his army trying to take over Felwinter Peak (the only place where any information about Crota can be found).

6. Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey is a Warlock and the Vanguard of the Warlock Order. She is a scholar and a warrior who is described as one who “studies ancient battlefield technologies.”

She provides players with quests, weapons, and armor to aid them in their quest to save humanity from extinction.

She acts as your mentor throughout your journey in Destiny 2, guiding you through your early missions with the other Guardians before asking you to join her to locate the Traveler’s missing eye following its disappearance after its defeat at the hands of Ghaul.

7. Zavala

Zavala is a Titan and Vanguard, so he’s been around since the beginning of Destiny. He’s known as a mentor to the player and a hard-liner when dealing with the criminal Cabal (a race of aliens who want to control humanity).

 A master and one of the destiny video game characters, Zavala believes in fighting fire with fire—a philosophy that has made him one of the most respected leaders in all of the Destiny lore.

8. The Speaker

The destiny video game characters compilation will be incomplete without The Speaker. The Speaker is the most crucial character in Destiny, and he’s the voice of The Traveler, which means he’s also your primary source of guidance throughout your journey and someone whose opinion you should trust.

He’s also one of the leaders of the Consensus, a group that governs all aspects of life on Earth and beyond; this includes politics and social issues, but it covers things like economy and culture. 

As such, he has an influential position in this universe with incredible influence over every person who lives there—and he can tell you anything about yourself at any time!

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), The Speaker is also head of Vanguard leadership: a group consisting primarily of Hunters who specialize in seeking out new threats against humanity so they can defend against them before they become too much trouble for everyone else out there, or worse yet—force others into submission through violence towards their kind!

9. The Ghost

The Ghost is a robotic companion that serves as your guide in the game. It can be summoned to scan, revive and carry you through combat.

The Ghost has a few names depending on how it’s used in the game: Scanner, Restoration, and Ammo Carrier (not to mention several other variations).

 If you are looking for one of the best destiny video game characters that will guide you in the game, then look no further than The Ghost.

10. The Stranger

The Stranger is a mysterious character in Destiny, but she’s no Guardian and a Hunter who can be found on Mars and Venus.

The Stranger has dark skin and is a female Hunter—but she’s not the only female Hunter you’ll encounter in the video game.

Her name is The Stranger, which makes her seem mysterious even though she isn’t hiding anything from you. Maybe that’s why she chose that name?

Perhaps being called “The Stranger” gives people an idea of your personality, or maybe they think it makes them sound mysterious when they say it themselves? Who knows! But here are some facts about her:

11. Master Rahool

Master Rahool is a Cryptarch, which means he can decrypt Engrams for you, and he’s also the only vendor who sells Legendary Engrams. Two ways to get Master Rahool’s attention are buying something from him or shooting him with your gun.

Once you have his attention, he’ll tell you there’s an item on sale at the Tower and direct you toward it (usually just outside).

If you don’t feel like waiting for him to show up, go ahead and buy something from him so that he’ll appear as a waypoint on your map.

The legendary engrams vendor, Master Rahool, is another one of the highly rated destiny video game characters.

12. Lord Saladin

Guardian of the Human Race in the Destiny series. Saladin, who is one of the few remaining members of the Iron Lords, a group of Guardian rebels, is in charge of the Iron Banner player vs player battle.

13. Executor Hideo

A human who serves as the head of the New Monarchy faction in the Destiny series and one 8f the destiny video game characters goes by the title “Executor.” In line with the faction’s goals, he strives to consolidate his power in the Last City and return it to the Golden Age of human history.

14. Lakshmi-2

In the Destiny video game franchise, an Exo serves as a spokesman for the Future War Cult faction. She shares the faction’s perspective that the Darkness is an unavoidable danger and is actively working to ready herself for the upcoming war.

15. Kadi 55-30

A civilian frame that serves as a postmaster in the Destiny series, delivering messages and rewards to the Guardians who have completed their missions. Kad 55-30 lists our top destiny video game characters in the destiny series.

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