23 Best Warhammer Video Games

Best Warhammer Video Games

There have been a lot of great games made from the Warhammer universe; here is a look at some of the best Warhammer video games.

Sorry, but nothing ever changes. It doesn’t matter in the Warhammer universe, at least. There is no other imaginary universe with a more dystopian war junkie Paradise than the one developed by Games Workshop for the tabletop genre.

They blend in well with the gaming industry, as do all wargames, whether tabletop or other physical forms. As a result, Warhammer has had its fair share of good titles in 40K and Fantasy.

Furthermore, the games are primarily strategy games, both real-time and turn-based. However, a few outliers have shown that Warhammer is rich enough to be more than a digital fancy chess match.

They’re all spread out among the major gaming platforms if someone needs war Waaagh! without committing to one.

So, please read on as we discuss some of the best Warhammer video games.

1. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

One of the most recent Warhammer games is Mechanicus, which tries to transfer the tabletop experience to consoles and mobile phones. The players control the most advanced army in the Imperium of Man in Mechanicus.

The gameplay is turn-based, and lovers of comparable formats like XCOM should enjoy it. Overall, the game’s content, replayability, and challenging gameplay have received rave reviews.

Also, newcomers to the franchise or turn-based games, on the other hand, may find it harsh or puzzling at first.

2. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

The Warhammer Quest games have been updated for the Age of Sigmar, but they have also gone free-to-play. While the first game included exploration between combat and a plot between dungeons.

Here, you’re sent back to the menu every time you finish battling on a recycled area in the hopes of spending money in the shop. This is one of the best Warhammer video games.

Even as they open up and stop being literal hallways, most levels are easy. And the closest thing to a challenge is making sure you don’t lose enough health to get less than three stars—sorry, scrolls—on the harder ones.

Even rudimentary elements from previous games, like heroes with many fascinating powers, have been retained.

3. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The Vermintide series is one of the few Warhammers games that deviate from its relatives’ formula. Vermintide 2, like its predecessor, is a first-person cooperative survival game in the spirit of Left 4 Dead.

Furthermore, as the title suggests, Vermintide 2 puts players against a Chaos invasion led by their infamous Skaven slaves. As they battle waves of rats, huge Chaos Chosen, and other atrocities, players team up with the AI or three other players.

4. Age of Sigmar: Storm ground

Storm Ground is notable for being the first decent Age of Sigmar strategy game since the tabletop game annihilated its older Warhammer Fantasy Battles brother some years ago.

Games Workshop had been slow to license the new set out until now. With the primary focus being on casual mobile games.

Storm Ground has some solid turn-based action, with three of the setting’s most renowned factions, including the Stormguard Eternals – each having their playstyles and units.

It’s a little rough around the edges. But it’s a fantastic digital introduction to the world and a worthy depiction for long-time fans.

5. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

After multiple expansions, the Dawn of War games has established their success. So it’s only inevitable that the second one receives the same treatment.

Even if it sought to spice up the format by making combat smaller, Dawn of War II does many things correctly. This video game is one of the best Warhammer video games. 

Furthermore, Dawn of War II drew heavily on the success of real-time strategy games like Company of Heroes, which the same studio developed. Also, Because it’s more squad-based, that setting may even be compared to the tabletop experience.

6. Total War: Warhammer

Of course, when fans felt the Warhammer Fantasy realm had lost all hope and was no longer loved by the gaming industry, Total War: Warhammer appeared. It gave Warhammer Fantasy and the Total War franchise fresh vitality.

Also, Total War: Warhammer, at least until its sequel, is the most ambitious Warhammer title in terms of scope. It’s a vast playground of Warhammer Fantasy’s most popular playable races where players may engage in diplomacy with other factions and command tens of thousands of their favorite Warhammer units.

7. Mark Of Chaos

Mark of Chaos came after two other real-time Warhammer wargames while having the most significant UI. With simple controls like mouse wheel zooming and warriors that look like official miniatures of night goblins and Imperial halberdiers.

It nevertheless manages to be the poorest of them. The animations aren’t terrific, with herky-jerky bent-arm swings and heroes launching regular troops a crazy distance with each strike.

The actual issue is that Mark of Chaos is weaker than its predecessors, with too many fights, and that prevents you from fielding your entire army and tactics that are more akin to a drag-and-drop RTS.

8. Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl isn’t a Warhammer Fantasy game if you want to get technical. It’s a game based in a Warhammer Fantasy, another universe where, instead of a titanic battle of armies, conflicts are settled with hyper-aggressive games of the Rugby/American Football analog ‘Blood Bowl.’

Still, it’s straightforward tactical turn-based fun, and you get to dress up and manage a fantasy football club based on a variety of famous faces from the same-named tabletop game.

9. Dakka Squadron

There aren’t many 40K games that let you play as aliens, but Dakka Squadron isn’t just a game that enables you to play as work; it’s dedicated to the genre.

If Star Fox was viciously Cockney and everything was soundtracked by wailing deedly-deedly guitar and yells of “Dakka dakka dakka!” this is arcade aerial warfare. This is one of the best Warhammer video games.

Furthermore, It’s possibly a tad too bizarre. Most of the single-player is Orks versus Orks, though you get to fire down. Several Adeptus Mechanicus craft looks like flying boxes full of lasers, a handful of the necrons’ tin-death croissants, and others.

However, it’s endless Orks in World War II fighter jets with nose-mounted spikes laughing and krumping each other most of the time.

10. Rites of War

Other Panzer General clones with 40K trappings exist, but this one was built from the ground up in the Panzer General 2 engine.

It has the tactical depth you want, thanks to a collection of pixel units that all work slightly differently, with each turn being a stream-of-consciousness where you’re thinking things like. However, “If attack this guy, the heavy weapons will be able to support.

But the jetbikes are in cover to make a pop-up attack, but there’s a unit who can attack and fall back in the same turn.”

The Eldar, colorful but stone-faced murder elves with psychic abilities. And a weapon that unspools a long monofilament wire within your hapless enemy’s body to convert their organs to soup is playable in the campaign.

11. Age of Sigmar: Champions

Age of Sigmar: Champions is unique among Games Workshop’s digital adaptations. It is a direct companion to a collectible card game.

Allowing players to scan their real cards with a camera or phone app and utilize them in the video game. It’s a decent standalone free-to-play videogame with fantastic card art.

And some unique concepts, such as how unit cards rotate each turn, with various consequences on each rotation. This is one of the best Warhammer video games.

Furthermore, It shines if you have a deck of the no-longer-printed actual cards. Or if you pick some up secondhand and use it as a companion that allows you to play online or practice in single-player campaigns.

12. Shadow of the Horned Rat

This first effort at a real-time Warhammer wargame puts you in command of the Grudgebringers, a mercenary company.

You branch out from this basic command of two teams, one Imperial cavalry and one infantry, to eventually field everything from wood elf archers to dwarf gyrocopters to combat greenskins and Skaven.

Furthermore, Simple sprites represent these units in a battle perspective limited to a portion of the screen. Still, Shadow of the Horned Rat makes up for it in personality, with a cast full of Monty Python-esque accents delivering mission briefings, cutscenes, and battle cries.

13. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is another Warhammer game that stands out. It’s a big undertaking that attempted to dethrone industry behemoths like World of Warcraft. Although Warcraft, unfortunately, owes a lot to Warhammer.

Regrettably, Warhammer Online is one of the best Warhammer video games, was never able to realize its goals. That isn’t to say it isn’t an enjoyable MMORPG.

Warhammer Online is still a fun theme park online game where players select their race and side in the endless dystopian conflict.

14. Space Marine

The release of Space Marine coincided with a surge in interest in third-person shooters, thanks to the phenomenal success of Gears of War. But you know you’re in for a treat when the PR buzz phrase is “You Are the Cover.”. This is a strange departure from strategy games.

Still, it’s one of Relic’s hidden treasures, offering a surprisingly complete Space Marine power fantasy in which you live up to the Adeptus Astartes’ one-person army mythos.

Furthermore, It was also rather ingenious in the way it allowed the player, who was playing as Ultramarine Captain Titus, to stand out despite being from the most on-brand Astartes chapter in existence. There are no nice men in the long future’s bleak gloom.

15. Space Hulk Tactics

The history of Space Hulk digital adaptations has been shaky. Thus Space Hulk Tactics was a pleasant surprise in that it was somewhat decent.

It more closely resembles the design of the original tabletop game, providing a snappy turn-based tactics game with a few new ideas to spice things up. This is one of the Warhammer video games.

Furthermore, it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t appear that it will have the support it requires to become genuinely impressive. Still, there’s no doubting that this is the most excellent Space Hulk game on the market right now. And a fantastic strategy board game adaptation.

16. Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion

Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion allowed players to kill Tyranids by the swarm with ‘roided Space Marines before Mechanicus even arrived on the battlefield and became the most graphically advanced Warhammer 40k game. Also, this is one of the best Warhammer video games.

Like previous 40k games, this game is turn-based and takes place from a top-down perspective, with players controlling and customizing their own Space Marine troop. In other ways, it also closely resembles the tabletop experience.

17. Mordheim: City of Damned

It takes a moment to get your head around Mordheim: City of the Damned’s combination of over-the-shoulder camera and turn-based tactics (it’s a bit like Valkyria Chronicles, but with overwatch instead of foes endlessly shooting infinite bullets on everyone’s turn). By “it takes a minute” is “it takes your entire first campaign, which you will lose.”

Furthermore, Mordheim isn’t just XCOM from a different perspective; it’s XCOM where only the Long War on Iron Man mode is available.

Your bosses expect you to pay on time, story missions are challenging, and warriors lose limbs about as frequently as I lose my phone.

18. Dark Omen

Shadow of the Horned Rat 2 preserved the real-time tactical fights and the concept of a mercenary company. They are progressively amassing a diversified lineup throughout a campaign and also, at the same time, improving practically every other aspect.

Instead of taking place in a corner window, the action is 3D and takes up the entire screen. As though you’re in a videoconference with the battlefield as a whole, the UI fades away, and soldiers’ faces show up to shout as they charge or run.

It might be great if it had more foes than undead and greenskins. Furthermore, If you enjoy Total War conflicts but don’t want the tactics to get in the way, this is the game for you.

19. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade

Even though Dawn of War was the first game in the RTS genre to feature 40k, it wasn’t the most popular. Dawn of War – Dark Crusade is one of the Warhammer video games, and it is a standalone expansion to the franchise; it is the winner of this award.

Furthermore, this is because Dark Crusade launched a Civilization-style campaign with fully fleshed-out stories for each of the seven factions.

They’re all unique in their way, and they’re all faithful replicas of their tabletop counterparts, which is a feat in and of itself.

20. Warhammer Underworld Online

Underworld is a one-to-one adaption of a tabletop game that takes Age of Sigmar’s even more heavy metal high fantasy and scales it down, with squads of three or more fighting over goals that seem like leftover props from a D&D game. This is one of the best Warhammer video games.

Furthermore, Matches are only three turns long, which isn’t always enough time to wipe out an opponent. Instead, you win by accomplishing goals from a deck of cards you build, emphasizing strategic play and movement over the sheer offensive.

However, there’s a lot to learn and some potentially fascinating tactics based on building a Warband and selecting cards for objectives and powers that suit them.

21. Total War: Warhammer II

The most common tendency for most Warhammer games appears to be that their sequels or successors are better versions of the original.

As was the case with Total War: Warhammer II, the formula had been fine-tuned to near perfection.

Furthermore, based on critical reception and that it’s only accessible on one platform. The PC it’s now the most highly rated Warhammer game.

Also, That is, until Total War: Warhammer III, the game’s planned sequel, dethrones it. Total War: Warhammer III finally intends to give Chaos the limelight it deserves.

22. Gladius- Relics of Wars

Gladius is a 4X strategy game that eschews diplomacy, trade, and other frills in favor of the setting’s primary goal.

Also, It’s not horrible. The majority of the 40K roster is now available as DLC, and they all have various playstyles. So even if all you can do is battle each other, you can at least do it differently.

It’s not just about killing AI or human opponents; in the early game, you’ll have to contend with native alien wildlife as you attempt to take control of the planet.

23. Battlefleet Gothic Armanda 2

While I like some aspects of the original Battlefleet Gothic Armada game, Armada 2 wins out because it received more love and support. Every significant 40K faction was represented at the launch.

Armada is a real-time tactics game where you command fleets of grimdark vessels. And fight it out in space, inspired (but not a direct translation) by Games Workshops’ fleet warfare spin-off game.

Furthermore, Three dynamic campaigns are available: one for the Tyranids, one for the Necrons, and one for the Imperium.

Also, there are some clever single-player and multiplayer persistence components, such as using the same ships in battle and having them earn experience.

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