19 Blonde Video Game Characters

Blonde video game characters

When it comes to blonde video game characters, fashion designers put in a substantial amount of work to ensure that they have the best design possible, even down to the hue of their hair.

The choice to give some of the most well-known characters blonde hair was chosen either just for aesthetic reasons or as part of a bigger character characteristic. Either way, the decision was taken to give these characters a blonde look.

The only thing these people have in common, save their hair color, is that they have all had varied experiences throughout their lives, even if they seem very different from one another on the surface.

Throughout the years, Blonde video game characters have played a wide variety of roles, some of which include preventing the annihilation of the universe at the hands of alien invaders,

 fending off the threat of global catastrophe with an oversized sword, and serving as mayors or other municipal officials.

Other roles include preventing the annihilation of the world with an oversized sword.

1. Cynthia (Pokemon)

First on our list of blonde video game characters is Cynthia. Many people who saw the Pokemon series will remember Cynthia most for the challenging battle she faced in the series finale and the Garchomp that she utilized as her signature Pokémon.

In the territory of Sinnoh, Cynthia had the title of exalted Champion. She is a great care for the animals that train, as a Pokemon trainer and a Pokemon trainer. She is a source of vitality and strength.

The striking contrast between Cynthia’s all-black dress and her shoulder-length blonde hair, which is adorned with black and yellow hair clips, is what creates the amazing design of Cynthia’s style.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the character Volo, who is supposed to be one of her ancestors, has blonde hair that covers one side of his face.

This hairstyle is similar to hers. This would indicate that having blonde hair is a characteristic that is passed down via families.

2. Ada Wong (Resident Evil series)

Since the very first game in the Resident Evil series, Ada Wong has played a significant role in the overall narrative. She was first made playable in the series’ second installment, Resident Evil 2, and has remained so ever since.

A prudent choice to make. Because she has been around for quite some time, and because who wouldn’t fall for a woman who is capable of murder and always wears reds with blacks?

The answer is no one. In addition, she wears reds with blacks on a consistent basis. Then there is Leon, who is always getting into dangerous situations while brandishing his weapon.

Because she is one of the most well-liked characters in video games right now, we are especially interested in having more opportunities to interact with her in Resident Evil Village. To be more specific, the Resident Evil Village.

3. Katherine (Catherine)

In the long term, she will certainly be the greatest choice for Vincent’s happiness, but the mysterious Catherine is difficult to ignore.

She is possessed by a demon and takes on a shape that her victims see most closely resembles their ideal selves as she approaches them.

In many ways, Vincent resembles a younger and livelier version of his fiancee Katherine, and he often dresses in a way that is evocative of a cabaret dancer.

Catherine’s carefree temperament and banging physique are great examples of the pure, unadulterated delight that may be experienced when one is living a carefree life. But, in the end, their mutual friend discovered Vincent’s affair with his partner.

Video game characters are given the latitude to express themselves in whatever bizarre styles, fads, and fashions come to mind at any given moment.

These aspects, which usually decide one’s fate in one’s actual life, are regularly lauded for their “coolness” and “cleverness” in a variety of different situations.

They do not allow themselves to get involved in society’s norms and limits in the exciting gaming world, whether it be a collection of tattoos or hair colors that are colorful.

4. Princess Toadstool (Donkey Kong)

Even before the birth of Princess Toadstool, Mario was already rescuing beautiful females from the clutches of evil villains. At that moment, he was attempting to save Pauline.

Following her confrontation with Donkey Kong in the video game that served as the launch pad for the Mario series, she vanished from view for a sizeable portion of the gaming community’s history.

She has just been elected as the mayor of Donk City, and with her beguiling voice, she is fostering hope and goodwill among the citizens of that city. This is a great addition to our list of blonde video game characters.

As we saw in Super Mario Odyssey, she put this time to productive use by developing her abilities as a vocalist and becoming active in political activities.

5. Maya (Ace Attorney)

Although Maya ended up being the head of the Fey clan and the Master of the Kurain Spirit Channeling Technique, she wasn’t nearly as well put together as she is today in the first Ace Attorney game. However, she did wind up becoming both of those things.

She was a young woman when we met her; she was 17 years old. In reality, she was a medium, despite the fact that, at the time, she looked to be an ordinary teenage girl.

She was the perfect assistant for the wacky Phoenix Wright because of her alluring charm and laid-back manner. She was a force to be reckoned with. She was a force to be reckoned with. I am no longer serving as Phoenix’s assistant.

Despite this, she remained his trusted counselor and adviser, as she is also a prominent blonde video game characters.

6. Rosalina (Mario verse)

This is the story of a family that was brought back together in a lonely and scary universe, as well as the process by which they discovered how to properly refer to one another as members of their own family.

Rosalina was a character in the Mario world who was unlike any other character. A goddess who has been from the beginning of time and who has unlimited power is an unexpected addition to a group of princesses.

Unfortunately, a terrible turn of events befalls one of Mario’s characters throughout the course of the story. This is another great addition to our list of blonde video game characters.

When Rosalina said her final goodbyes to both of her parents, she was only a little kid. Nevertheless, she became friends with the Lumas, a race of star creatures who had a fleeting existence;

once they grew used to her, they began to think of her as a protective mother. In the end, Rosalina and the Lumas learn to think of one another as members of their own families as a result of all that has transpired between them.

7. Samantha Giddings (survival)

There are a total of eight key protagonists in the survival horror game until the rise of the sun, and she is one of those people. She is also among the famous blonde video game characters in the game.

Because she was invited there, a college student called Samantha, who is also known as Sam by her close friends, will be present at the reunion that will take place at the cabin.

Fans fell in love with Hayden Panettiere when she was cast in the part of Samantha Giddings, a sympathetic and kind protagonist.

In this role, Hayden Panettiere became a fan favorite. Players fawned over Panettiere, who acted as the game’s spokesman and won their hearts.

She featured as the theatrical character in the video character demo for the blonde, and she was wrapped in a towel while wearing a giant placard around her neck.

8. Beat (Reaper)

Beat Bito is a Player and, for a short time, a Reaper who finds himself in the Reaper Game alongside his sister, Rhyme, after she was involved in a fatal accident in which she suffered and had memory loss of him as his entry fee.

He finds himself in the Reaper Game alongside Rhyme because of the entry fee that he paid, which was for her to suffer and have memory loss of him.

After paying the “entry cost” of having his sister suffer and lose her memory of him, Beat Bito finds himself competing in the Reaper Game alongside his sister.

This is another great addition to our list of Blonde video game characters. After three weeks, Beat makes a deal with Neku Sakuraba to work together to win the Reapers Game and, as a result, revive himself and his sister.

The Beat is able to vanquish the Noise by making use of his wheel, and his design is that of a skateboarder, which works well with the game’s emphasis on a child’s perspective on the world. Beat also makes an appearance in a variety of other games.

Despite the fact that the developers did their best to hide his identity, the fact that he has blonde hair has made it so that he is immediately recognized at all times. This is the case even though they tried to hide it.

9. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Shulk has spent his whole life uncovering the secrets of the Monado, a mysterious sword that has the ability to slay Mechon mechanical creatures, which are often immune to the effects of conventional weapons.

After the Mechon attack his Colony, Shulk sets out on a journey to seek revenge on the monsters who have come into his home in order to destroy them.

In order to do this, Shulk travels throughout the galaxy. Shulk uses his ability to see into the future to keep an eye out for his traveling companions while they are in the Bionis.

Shulk is the only one who has the capability of operating the Monado. Shulk’s gentle appearance, which includes golden hair with a fuzzy texture, is a good fit for him due to his lack of past experience in battle.

This is because his hair is naturally fuzzy. Following the death of a dear friend, he arrives at the conclusion that it is time for him to leave the Colony and engage in combat with the Mechon. She is one of the famous blond video game characters in the franchise.

10. Samus Aran (Metroid series)

Samus Aran serves as the series protagonist throughout the Metroid video game franchise. She is a good-hearted bounty hunter who protects the universe from the violent criminals that inhabit space.

Unfortunately, it is never shown who Samus really is over the course of the game; rather, this information is held back until the alternative ending of the game.

The bulk of the time that Samus is seen in the series, she is dressed in her Suit, which hides her identity and conceals her stunning blonde hair.

Samus, the blonde protagonist of a number of video games, is regarded as one of the first champions of the video game industry.

Because of the continued significance of her character in the canonical canon of video game culture, she has rightfully earned her place in the industry.

11. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)

In order to realize his dream of becoming a member of the Soldiers, Cloud Strife uprooted his life and relocated to a location other than Nibelheim.

Although Tetsuya Nomura went through several different design stages with his character before settling on Cloud’s famous blonde hair,

Cloud was initially envisioned with black hair slicked back in a manner comparable to Zack’s. Tetsuya Nomura went through a number of different design stages with his character before settling on Cloud’s famous blonde hair.

If you love playing final fantasy, then you will find it intriguing to play one of the blonde video game characters there is. A new and improved high-definition version of the cloud haircut has been introduced.

In addition to reconciling with his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart, Cloud also joined the Avalanche resistance group. This organization’s mission is to protect the Earth from Shinra’s invasion.

12. Sonia (Mortal Kombat)

Sonia is the name of one of the main characters in the story. She is the first character in the series and the first character altogether. She is the first female character in the series to be of this nature.

It has been a mix of things for quite some time, and it is correct to say that the arcade game has developed into more than just a pick-up-and-place game during the length of its existence.

During this period, the game has become more than simply a game in which the player places items. In addition, characters such as Sonya Blade have been provided with a reason to belong and a relationship with players directly from the fantastic characters, interpretations, and stories.

The blonde-haired leader of the OIA may be difficult to deal with in the present situation, but in the past, he had a beginning very much like Peach’s in which he was kidnapped by evil forces and then rescued by Johnny Cage.

Peach had a beginning like this as well. In the end, they decided to be married and started a family together by having a daughter. This is another great addition to our list of Blonde video game characters.

13. Mary (Attorney)

In the original version of Attorney, Mary was not even near to being as put together as she is today, despite the fact that she has matured into the head of the Fey clan and the Master of the Kurain Spirit.

In addition, Mary has become the Master of the Kurain Spirit. At first glance, she gave off the impression of being a normal 17-year-old girl.

She gave off the impression of being a normal adolescent girl, despite having already developed her abilities as a medium at that point.

It was a stroke of good fortune for Phoenix Wright to have her working as his assistant due to her attractive personality and the carefree approach she took to life.

She was clumsy, but in the sweetest conceivable way; it contributed to her attractiveness that she was a little bit awkward.

14. Ahri (League of Legends)

When Riot Games originally introduced League of Legends to the public, Ahri was one of the first Legends that players could choose to play as. She is one of the most powerful blonde video game characters.

Keep an eye out for her since she is going to be on merchandising, promotional material, cosplay, tattoos, and even music videos, so be on the lookout! It is quite evident that the nine-tailed fox lady takes pleasure in performing beside Akali.

15. Kassandra (Assassin Creed)

Kassandra has proved to be the most intriguing protagonist in the Assassin’s Creed series since the renowned Ezio Auditore.

This is due to the fact that her attitude and the unorthodox approach by which she solves obstacles set her apart from other characters in the series.

Even if sneaking about is still a component of the gameplay, nothing can prevent you from beating everyone to a pulp, which is how Kassandra likes to play the game. In addition, a spiritual resonance will occur inside you due to Kassandra’s powerful personality.

16. Cortana (Halo)

Since HAL, it’s arguable that no other artificial intelligence has become as well-known as Cortana has.

Throughout the whole of the Halo tale, she is the most trusted companion that Master Chief has. Not only that, but she is also one of the blonde video game characters ever created.

She spends most of her time living within his helmet, and she is the closest thing that he has to a significant other at this point in his life.

In addition, she is often distracted, which contributes to the character’s relatability and the humanity of the role she plays.

Finally, her demeanor is nothing like that of a ruthless and icy machine in any way whatsoever. Instead, the demeanor of Cortana may be described as cheerful, and it’s possible that her feelings are just as intense as those of any human.

17. Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

The video game heroine Juliet is often regarded as being among the most beautiful blondes seen in the medium.

She is seen wearing a two-piece garment that takes the style of a cheerleader’s attire. The skirts on the dress are sufficiently short to enable gameplay to take place.

The gamers came to the conclusion that many of its characteristics and traits are analogous to those of the villain Harley Quinn. Juliet is also one of the best blonde video game characters in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Despite this, no official announcement has been made to corroborate this fact; nonetheless, considering that WB was the publisher of the game, one can only wonder about the potential of this being the case.

18. Sarah Miller (The Last Of Us)

The main character’s daughter, Sarah Miller, is the primary protagonist herself. The game’s main character is her father, Joel Miller, who runs the family farm.

It is a character that the player has the option of controlling during the opening sequence of the game, which depicts an outbreak of zombies.

The act of shooting Sarah by members of the armed forces has irrevocably changed Joel’s life, and he will never be the same.

The dynamic that exists between Sarah and her father, who provides the game with its structure, is at the center of the narrative of this video game.

The game is often described as a zombie game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. However, most of the game’s main characters can survive throughout the game.

On the other hand, the participants had no notion that the video game they were about to start would start with such a difficult challenge.

19. Princess Mario (Super Mario Franchise)

It is often Mario and Luigi that come to the rescue of the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom after the nefarious Chariot has kidnapped her and held her as a captive.

Throughout the series, everyone agrees that Mario is the most noble adversary. This is another great addition to our list of Blonde video game characters.

She is still most remembered for her early performances in which she was kidnapped, despite the fact that her roles within the series have evolved over the course of the years and that she

now has equal space with the other characters. She has appeared in a variety of games over the course of her career.

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