20 Best Soccer Games for Xbox One

Best Soccer Games for Xbox One

Soccer is one of the most common types of sports globally, and these are some of the best soccer games for the Xbox One.

Soccer games on the Xbox One have had a long and successful run. Not only do the best-selling games come out every year.

But there have also been some new options that make sense for those who wish to play a more casual round or two.

Soccer is a sport in which two teams of eleven players compete to possess the ball. These games take place on a rectangular-shaped field with goals at both ends.

The player’s primary purpose is to score as many goals as possible by moving the ball beyond the goal line and into the opposing team’s goal.

Furthermore, the player cannot contact the spherical ball with their hands or arms while playing this game. Also, there are two goalkeepers whose role is to keep the team from scoring on both sides.

Soccer games are governed by laws known as the Laws of the Game. So, please read on as we discuss some of the best soccer games for Xbox One.

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1. NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10 is a sports video game developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It is available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game is the follow-up to NCAA Football 09 in the fantastic NCAA Football series. It provides a beautiful world in which the game takes place and places the player in various stadiums where he can lead his side against a team from another country.

Auto Pass System, Team Specific Bowl, Super Sim Improvements. Player Lock Sideline Reporter, More Stadiums, Create-A-School Mode, and more new features are included.

New modes have been added, including the Road to Glory mode and others. Furthermore, Over a hundred animations and game games are available, including new characters, online tournaments, progressive lighting, and more.

Also, the player can assemble a squad of excellent players and lead them to the chosen stadium. Playing against another team to score as many goals as possible while progressing through the game. NCAA Football 10 is a fun and exciting game to play.

2. World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 is a Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. Sports, Single-player and Multiplayer Football Simulation.

This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One. The game has licensed players and teams. And leagues from all around the world take place in a variety of stadiums.

The player must choose his team, personalize his players, and then enter the stadium to face another group to defeat it by scoring the most points.

He can create an isometric model of the environment and guide the football to the goal. Each team has its statistics, and players must improve their rankings to compete in the world championship and earn attractive prizes and trophies.

Furthermore, In practice mode, the player must enhance his team’s attributes and compete in several leagues to demonstrate his athletic ability.

Also, improved Gameplay, Enhanced Mechanics, Multiple Modes, Cups, and more are all included in World Soccer Winning Eleven 9. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pes Productions’ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a sport, single-player, and multiplayer football simulation developed by Pes Productions and distributed by Konami for various platforms.

The game is the 15th installment in the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) series. And it includes Neymar as the cover athlete. Over twenty-four venues, including the Allianz Arena, San Siro, Estadio Mineiro, Arena Corinthians, and many others.

Also, national and international teams, stadiums, clubs, and players appear in the game. The player must choose his favorite team to represent his territory and the stadium where they will vie for the championship trophy against the rival team.

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Furthermore, The player must make every effort to defeat the opposing side within the time limit. During gaming, the player can command his squad, execute tough shots, keep control of the ball, and score goals.

Several Detailed Stadiums, 3D Gameplay, Smooth Controls, and more are included in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

4. PRO Evolution Soccer 2012

Konami produced and distributed Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, a Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer Football Simulation. This is one of the best soccer games for the Xbox One.

The game features fascinating action centered on the sports genre and professional teams, clubs, stadiums, and players worldwide.

The player must declare his team, club and select the best players to build a soccer squad, competing in several one-on-one matches against other teams.

The player’s ultimate goal is to command his squad in the stadium. Do numerous stunts, and score as many goals against an opposing team as feasible within the time limit.

5. All-Pro Football 2k8

All-Pro Football 2K8 is a Sports-based, American Football, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game for 7th generation consoles, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

It is the successor to ESPN NFL 2K, and it’s the first game from 2K Sports since EA Sports acquired exclusive NFLPA and NFL licensing.

The game’s cover includes Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and John Elway. In the game, the All-Pro League, a fictional league with more than twenty-four teams divided into six divisions of four teams each, is included.

6. FIFA 08

EA Canada and EA Sports published FIFA 08, a Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer Football video game.

The game is a fantastic addition to the FIFA video game franchise, with an enhanced game engine, mechanics, gameplay, and additional content to enjoy.

Due to the low storage capacity of the Nintendo DS, it features fewer teams, modes, and stadiums. In this version, a new method called Pro Mode is offered, in which the player can choose his character and play the game, with the opportunity to alter it throughout the match.

The player must select a player from the available options. And assemble a squad before entering the designated stadium to defeat the rival team and win the trophy.

Furthermore, in the Manager mode, the game improves on previous titles while also adding new elements such as the ability to organize training dates and more.

There are over 621 licensed teams, 43 national teams, and over 150,000 licensed players. Also, FIFA 08 is a fantastic game with fascinating gameplay, great mechanics, and stunning visuals.

7. FIFA Street

FIFA Street (also known as FIFA Street 4 and FIFA Street 2012) is a single-player and multiplayer action and sports video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports.

Famous football icons worldwide appear in the game, which features small team matches of five or six characters per side.

It takes place in many locations across the globe and allows the player to personalize his team before entering the football field.

He must lead his squad and compete against other teams to earn trophies and titles. This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One.

Furthermore, The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in terms of gameplay. In Tour mode, the player can assemble his team from various pieces of equipment.

The game rewards the player with skills that he may utilize to level up his team rank as he defeats his opponents.

FIFA Street is the best sports game to play since it has many teams from all over the world. Great controls, various locales, gorgeous sights, and excellent dynamics.

8. FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is the newest installment in the series, and it will be released in September 2016 by EA Canada and EA Sports.

The game follows its predecessors’ footsteps in gameplay but adds a slew of new features, players, and matches.

According to EA Sports, FIFA 17 contains all 20 Premier League managers, the J1 League and J.League Cup, and a new Single Player Story and campaign.

Also, The primary Campaign mode in FIFA 17 is called. According to the plot, you play Alex Hunter. A 17-year-old aspires to be respected and works hard to attain his goals by mastering football.

9. FIFA 15

The game allows players to think and move in entirely new ways. It enables the player to physically interact with his opponents and attack while maintaining complete control over every movement on the field.

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The game allows the player to connect with Emotional Intelligence on the pitch for the first time. The players will react to their opponents and teammates within the match context.

Furthermore, this is also one of the best soccer games for Xbox One that simulates a real-world setting and allows the player to engage in role-playing as an absolute superstar.

There are multiple new modes, different attacking techniques, excellent controls and settings, unlockable achievements, and regular updates. And Ultimate Team is just a few of the highlights.

10. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a single-player and multiplayer action sports video game. It’s another football game that lets you play through qualification and the real-life FIFA World Cup.

This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One. Furthermore, the game offers a new fascinating and challenging option called “Road to Rio de Janeiro,” Allowing the player to immerse himself in the 2014 FIFA World Cup by playing a real-world tournament across numerous sites.

Also, it is one of the most accessible, engaging, and fun video games that allows players to choose from various national teams to bring the world’s most significant events to life.

Different Modes, twelve different Locations, more than 203 National Teams, Upgrades, Customization options, and much more are included in the game.

11. PRO Evolution Soccer 2017

The new game in the series includes an Adaptive AI function, which allows the artificial intelligence to adapt to each player’s preferred gameplay style.

This enables Al’s tactics and strategic plans to be changed automatically in response to player performance in matches.

It’s a terrific game that immerses him deep into the magnificent game world by providing a real-time atmosphere with fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.

Also, Natural Player Movement, myClub, New Modes, Original Background Music Customization Option, Many Teams, Different Locations, Edit and Data Sharing, and Match Analysis are some of the game’s notable features.

Compared to other games in the same genre, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One.

12. UEFA Euro 2008

It is the official video game of the Euro 2008 Football Event, and it includes all of the authentic stadiums and real-world teams that will compete in the tournament.

It enables the player to take on the challenge of one of fifty European national teams. And compete in a real-world setting.

Furthermore, to begin the game, the player must select his favorite country team and enter the gaming globe to show himself as the finest. It also allows the gamer to play against other online players worldwide in an online mode.

13. PRO Evolution Soccer 2015

PES 2015 is a Sports, Single, and Multiplayer Football Simulation developed by Konami and created by PES Productions.

The game has fantastic football-based gameplay and is the fourteenth excellent installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Bayern Munich and Mario Gotze are among the featured players. Maccabi Tel Aviv, FK Partizan, Sparta Praha, and other notable European teams are among the eight teams offered.

The player must choose his team and the playground with the opposing team to begin the game. Also, as soon as the game starts, the player has a limited period to conquer his opponent.

The player can modify his character’s appearance, costume, and more.

14. FIFA 13

FIFA 13 is a multiplatform action, sports, single-player, and multiplayer football video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports.

This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One. Touch controls are included in the Wii U version, and the ability to shoot by tapping an image and managing the game in real-time.

The game contains up to forty-six foreign teams, with the player having the option of starting the match with one of them.

Career, Seasons, and Ultimate Team are the three modes available. The player can create his team out of real-life players, which he can utilize to compete in divisions and tournaments.

The game awards coins to the player, which may be spent to unlock further players, teams, and nations.

15. FIFA Street 3

FIFA Street 3 is the third game in the FIFA Street series, created by EA Canada and published by EA Sports Big.

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The game features Arcade-style fun and football components, with over 250 players representing eighteen international teams.

Each player has their characteristic move and style of play. At the start of the game, the player must select his team from the available options.

And personalize his players’ outfits, names, and accessories, among other things. Finishers, Tricksters, Enforcers, and Playmakers are all types of players.

The game’s cover shows Gennaro Gattuso of Italy, Peter Crouch of England, and Ronaldinho of Brazil.

Furthermore, The player’s goal is to lead his team’s characters through several matches, compete against another team, and knock them out by scoring the most points in the shortest time; as the player progresses through the game, the difficulty increases.

Learn new moves, techniques, and skills by playing in practice mode. Also, FIFA Street 3 features better gameplay dynamics, compelling gameplay, and intuitive controls. Give it a shot.

16. NCAA Football 11

It is the follow-up to NCAA Football 10 and a fantastic addition to the NCAA Football series. This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One.

The game is set in actual stadiums worldwide and features a variety of foreign teams. Before entering the globe, you must first choose a team to represent the country and personalize its characters by choosing various accessories, uniforms, and other features.

Also, It features new hand warmers, knee braces, sleeves, helmets, and other accessories. New AI systems for blocking and real-time assignment are introduced.

The main goal is to show your athletic abilities while leading your team to the highest point total.

17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 (also known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) is a Sports game developed by PES Productions and released by Konami. Single-player and multiplayer modes are available in the game.

The game introduces players to various national and international teams and clubs. And players from across the world, allowing them to choose their favorite, design it

And compete in several matches against other teams to win trophies. The player must fight to improve his team’s rank in the game by defeating other teams.

Furthermore, there are a variety of stadiums where players fight against other teams to score as many goals as possible under a set time restriction.

18. FIFA 14

There are around thirty-three licensed leagues in the game, including six hundred clubs with over 16,000 players and forty-seven international licensed teams.

The player must choose a team to represent his country and enter his favorite stadium to enter the world. He competes against another team, attempting to score the most points compared to the opposing team to win.

There are up to 69 stadiums available, including 32 real-life sites. The player must lead his squad on the ground and score a goal before the time limit expires during the game. This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One.

Furthermore, the player can customize his team’s appearance by choosing various accessories and goods.

19. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 is a Sports Interactive and Sega single-player and multiplayer football management simulation game.

This is one of the best soccer games for Xbox One. The game features up to 5,000 playable teams from fifty different countries.

You play as the manager of a soccer team. Furthermore, your main goal is to develop your football club, form a team by picking interactive players, and personalize them with various accessories such as a uniform and other items.

Each team has its own set of talents and qualities, and players must use these to dominate the field. Also, the game is viewed from the top-down, and the player is responsible for dealing with his team and scoring the most points compared to the opposing team.

The game includes the Advisor System, International System, Bonuses, and other features. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 features engaging sports-themed gameplay that allows the player to demonstrate his football skills by scoring the most points against multiple teams.

20. Rocket League

Rocket League is difficult to overlook as a legitimate sports title or simply a popular game in general. Even if vehicles substitute actual soccer players, it has a sizable fan base worldwide. It was first released in 2015, and however, it has remained prevalent due to frequent upgrades.

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