40 Blue Bloods Cast and Their Roles

Blue bloods cast

Blue blood cast is quite diverse, containing actors of different races and ages. Besides, Blue Bloods is an American police procedural drama TV series that premiered on CBS on September 24, 2010.  

This series currently has 234 episodes in 11 seasons, and the first episode of the twelfth season will air on October 1, 2021.

Also, Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess created this series, Fred Keller and David Barrett produced it, and CBS Media Ventures is the distribution company. Each episode ran for approximately 43-44 minutes. 

Additionally, the series centers around the Reagans, an Irish-American Catholic family in New York City with a history of work in law enforcement.

Moreover, Frank Reagan is the Commissioner of Police, and Frank’s oldest son, Danny, is an NYPD detective.  

Jamie, Frank’s youngest son, is an NYPD sergeant, while Erin, his daughter, is a district attorney. Frank’s father, Henry, was also a police Commissioner who rose from being an NYPD beat cop.  

However, a crooked cop murdered Joe, Frank’s second son, in events before the series. At the time of Joe’s death, he was involved with an FBI investigation of a group of corrupt NYPD cops called the Blue Templar.  

Besides, each member of the family represents an aspect of police work or the legal process. Although each person’s story sometimes interweaves with someone else.  

The show centers on following each person in their profession and their relationships with their respective partners and colleagues.

Additionally, the Reagans gather for Sunday dinner each week. Some of Blue blood cast are; 

1. Tom Selleck

Tom is on the Blue bloods cast. He played the role of Commissioner Francis “Frank” Xavier Reagan.

Frank is the patriarch of the Reagan family. He is Henry’s Son with Betty. Besides, he is the father of Danny, Erin, Joe, and Jamie, and the grandfather of Nicky, Jack, Sean, and Joseph.  

After serving in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, he became the third generation of Reagans to become a police officer. 

Additionally, Frank has served in various positions across the city, starting from a patrol officer, Detective 3rd Grade, Chief of the Brooklyn South Division, Chief of the Department of the NYPD before being appointed as Police Commissioner.  

Hence, he has amassed the respect of several officers and the city to the extent where his popularity threatened the mayor.  

However, the public opinion of the police and him changed drastically in season 6, that he was even booed off the stage while speaking at Columbia University. But his popularity was restored in season 7. 

2. Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie played Danny Reagan on the Blue bloods. Danny is the eldest son of Frank, Henry’s grandson, and the older brother of Erin, Joe, and Jamie.

Also, he is the husband of Linda, before her death in season 8, the father of Jack and Sean, and Nicky and Joseph’s uncle.  

After being on the job for 15 years, Danny took a leave of absence from the NYPD to serve two tours as a US Marine in the Iraq War.

During his time in the Marines, he was decorated for heroism and was the only one in his platoon to return alive, which resulted in his PTSD.

Additionally, Danny is old-school, hotheaded, and uses harsh methods in his detective work which often gets him in trouble.

Also, Danny is tough on other police officers and detectives when he feels incompetent and unprofessional.  

He is currently partnered with Detective Maria Baez in the Detective Squad of the 54th Precinct. Besides, both of them were awarded NYPD Medal for Valor for their actions in one of the episodes. 

3. Malik Yoba

Malik played Detective Darryl Reid on the Blue bloods. Darryl was Danny’s partner for eight months some years back.  

However, Darryl’s career ended and placed Danny in jeopardy when it was discovered that he planted evidence to secure a murder conviction. 

4. Flex Alexander

Flex played the role of Detective DeMarcus King on the Blue bloods. DeMarcus was Danny’s partner in the first episode of the series.  

Besides, Flex is a 51 years old American actor, dancer, and comedian who is best known for his role on One on One, Gas, Snakes on a Plane, Ice, It Takes Two, Single Ladies, Modern Vampires, Trogger, and Mixed-ish, among others.  

5. Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer played the role of Detective First Grade Jackie Curatola on the Blue bloods cast. Jackie was Danny’s partner for two years at the 54th Precinct. Moreover, Jackie took early retirement from the NYPD when she started showing signs of burnout. 

6. Megan Ketch

Megan played the role of Detective Kate Lansing on the Blue bloods. Kate was assigned to be Danny’s partner after Jackie left. Besides, she worked with him for almost three months before she was transferred back to Internal Affairs after the arrest of Captain Derek Elwood. 

7. Nestor Serrano

Nestor played the role of Captain Derek Elwood on the Blue bloods cast. Derek framed Danny for possession of narcotics to prevent Danny from discovering his gambling problems. However, he was later arrested for his actions. 

8. Megan Boone

Megan Boone played the role of Detective Candice “Mac” McElroy on the Blue bloods cast. Mac was a temporary addition to the 54th Precinct and served as Danny’s partner.  

Besides, Megan is a 38 years old American actress who is best known for her role in The Blacklist, Law & Order: LA, Step Up Revolution, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Sex & the City 2, and Robot Chicken. 

9. Marisa Ramirez

Marisa played the role of Detective First Grade Maria Baez on the Blue bloods cast. Maria is currently Danny’s partner, and they have known them for almost 20 years. Besides, she was formerly in the Joint Bank Robbery Task Force for three years before disbanded. 

10. Bridget Moynahan

Bridget played the role of Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Erin is Frank’s only daughter and granddaughter of Henry. Also, she is Danny, Joe and Jamie’s sister and the single mother of Nicky. 

It was implied that she had a wild streak when she was younger, even though she wanted to be a police officer like her family. And decided that the path of a prosecutor was better suited for her. 

Erin graduated from Columbia University and went to Fordham University School of Law at the top of her class. She celebrated her 40th birthday in season 6.

Although she divorced her husband, John, she dated him again after the divorce and broke up with him when she learned he was not committed.  

Besides, Erin had many love interests in the series, including her boss, DA Charles Rosselini, Jacob Krystal, and Robert McCoy. Furthermore, Erin was held hostage several times in the series and was almost raped and murdered.  

11. Peter Hermann

Peter played the role of John “Jack” Boyle on the Blue bloods cast. John is a criminal defense attorney, and also Erin divorced her husband, with whom she has a daughter.  

Besides, John and Erin met when they were 19 years old. Later in the series, they began dating again, but Erin broke up with him when she discovered he only wanted a causal relationship. 

12. Bobby Cannavale

Bobby played the role of DA Charles Rosselini on the Blue bloods cast. He is Erin’s boss, who she flirted with and even kissed. However, she refused to date him because she does not want to date her boss.  

Besides, Bobby is a 51 years old American actor who is best known for his role in Mauritius, The Motherf***r with the Hat, Ant-Man, The Irishman, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Spy, I Tonya, Third Watch, and Will & Grace, among others.  

13. Fred Weller

Fred played the role of Jacob Krystal on the Blue bloods cast. Jacob is an art thief who Erin met in an art gallery. Moreover, Jacob steals art that was once stolen and returns them to its rightful owners.  

Additionally, Fred is a 55 years old American actor who is best known for his role in Banshee, The Knick, Forever, The Fundamentals of Caring, Wainy Days, Streetcar, and The Good Wife. 

14. Will Estes

Will played the role of Jameson “Jamie” Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Jamie is the youngest son of Frank and Henry’s grandson.

Also, he is the younger brother of Danny, Erin, and Joe and the uncle of Nicky, Sean, Jack, and Joseph.  

Besides, Jamie is a young police officer and recently graduated from Harvard Law School. He was a patrol officer at the 12th Precinct before being promoted to Sergeant and transferred to the 29th Precinct.  

Furthermore, he continued Joe Reagan’s investigation into the corrupt cops, called the Blue Templar. He had a brief post-shooting trauma after his first kill on the job but got over it with the help of his family and NYPD psychologist. 

In season four, Jamie expressed concern because he was in his career; both his father and brother had been detectives while he was still a patrol officer.

However, he got over it, and when his father pressed him to write the Sergeant exam, he declined, stating he was happy where he is in his career. 

Although Jamie met and engaged Sydney Davenport while attending Harvard, they called it off when Sydney realized the dangers associated with Jamie’s job.  

Over time and different partners, Jamie partnered with Eddie Janko, they both fell in love. Although they were initially reluctant to start a relationship because they were partners, they later dated, got engaged, and married.  

15. Nicholas Turturro

Nicholas played the role of Sergeant Anthony Renzulli on the Blue Bloods cast. Anthony was Jamie’s training officer. He knows his Precinct very well and often gives Jamie good advice.

Besides, he believes Jamie will make a good cop and usually teases him for abandoning a lucrative law career. 

16. Sebastian Sozzi

Sebastian played the role of Officer Vincent Cruz on the Blue bloods cast. Vincent was Jamie’s partner who grew up in the Bitterman housing projects neighborhood of New York City.  

Moreover, Vincent died from internal bleeding despite Jamie’s best effort when they ambushed near the Bitterman Houses during their patrol in one of the episodes. 

17. Vanessa Ray

Vanessa played the role of Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko-Reagan on the Blue bloods cast.

Eddie was a young police officer and Jamie’s partner when he was a patrol officer until his promotion to Sergeant.

Besides, Eddie is passionate about her job, feisty, and strongly opinionated.  

When she and Jamie started developing feelings for each other, they decided not to pursue it because they were partners. However, the heart won, and they end up dating, getting engaged then married in season 9. 

18. Len Cariou

Len played the role of Henry Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Henry is Frank’s father, the grandfather of Danny, Jamie, Erin, and Joe. Also, he is the great-grandfather of Nicky, Jack, Sean, and Joseph.  

Besides, Henry is a retired police commissioner, and Charles, an Irish immigrant and a former police officer who could not hold a job due to alcohol.

Additionally, Henry was a Marine during WW II and the Korean War before joining the NYPD in 1952. 

Furthermore, Henry is socially conservative and hates the political correctness of modern law and order. He and his deceased wife, Betty, had another son, Peter, who died of leukemia before Frank was born.  

Moreover, Henry served as a beat cop, detective and rose through the ranks before becoming a police commissioner.  

19. Amy Carlson

Amy played the role of Linda Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Linda is Danny’s wife and the mother of Sean and Jack.

Also, she has two siblings Wendy and Jimmy O’Shea. In seasons one and two, she was a stay-at-home mom.  

However, she returned to work as a nurse at St. Victor’s Medical Center in season three. She died in a helicopter crash while tending to a patient being airlifted to the hospital in season 8.

However, in season nine, the Mexican cartel hitman, the Panther, was responsible for the helicopter crash. 

20. Laurie Williams

Laurie played the role of Wendy on the Blue bloods cast. Wendy is Linda Reagan’s older sister. Besides, Laurie is an actress known for her role in The Sopranos, Fringe, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Confess, and Children of Invention. 

21. Kevin Dillion

Kevin played the role of Jimmy O’Shea on the Blue bloods cast. Jimmy is Linda’s brother, who often gets in trouble with the law.  

Besides, Kevin is a 55 years old American actor known for his role in Entourage, Platoon, The Doors, Underdogs, The Foursome, Poseidon, NYPD Blue, 24, and Trip Tank, among others. 

22. Sami Gayle

Sami played the role of Nicole “Nicky” Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Nicky is Erin’s daughter, Frank’s granddaughter, Henry’s great-granddaughter.  

Also, she is the niece of Danny, Jamie, and Joe and cousin to Jack, Sean, and Joseph. Nicky wants to become a police officer like the rest of her family, thus, becoming the first female cop in the family.  

Besides, she graduated from Columbia University like her mum and took the officer exam against her mum’s wishes. 

Additionally, in season 10, Nicky is offered a job in San Francisco which she accepts. Besides, Nicky is very curious and unafraid to question the males in her family about police matters, often disagreeing with their old school conservatism. 

23. Christine Ebersole

Christine played the role of Lena Janko on the Blue bloods cast. Lena is Eddie’s mother and is an immigrate from Serbia.  

Besides, Christine is a 68 years old American actor and singer who is known for her role in 42nd Street, Grey Gardens, Sullivan & Son, One Life to Live, The Big Wedding, The Wolf of Wall Street, Will & Grace, Bob Hearts Abishola, and The Kominsky Method, among others. 

24. William Sadler

William played the role of Armin Janko on the Blue bloods cast. Armin is Eddie Hungarian-born father who is in prison.  

Moreover, Armin was imprisoned for being the financial advisor for a company that runs a Ponzi scheme, ruining the lives of several people. However, his years in prison were reduced after he busted a prison guard drug ring. 

25. Tony Terraciano

Tony played the role of Jack Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Jack is Danny and Linda’s son, Frank’s grandson, Henry’s great-grandson.  

Also, he is the nephew of Erin and Jamie, Sean’s brother and the cousin of Nicky and Joseph. In season 9, Jack begins attending Hadleigh College outside the immediate New York City metropolitan area. 

26. Andrew Terraciano

Andrew played the role of Sean Reagan on the Blue bloods cast. Sean is Jack’s immediate younger brother. Sean is Danny and Linda’s son, Frank’s grandson,  

Henry’s great-grandson. Also, he is the nephew of Erin and Jamie and the cousin of Nicky and Joseph. Besides, Tony and Andrew are siblings in real life. 

27. Will Hochman

Will played the role of Joseph Hill on the Blue bloods cast. Joseph Hill is Frank’s grandson and the dead Joe Reagan’s son. Besides, nobody knew of him until season 10.  

Joe had an affair with Paula Hill in the Police Academy. However, when Paula discovered that she was pregnant, she dropped out of the Academy and did not tell Joe Reagan about the baby.  

Also, Joseph is a police officer who graduated from the Academy and quickly rose to detective, making him the youngest in the Firearms Investigation Unit. 

Additionally, Paula introduced him to the family because she wanted Frank to transfer him to a safer assignment which Frank refused.

In season 11, Joseph connected to the Reagan public and was assigned to a Federal undercover work for the ATF.  

However, he initially told the Reagan family, except for Frank and Jamie, that he was taking a break from the job because he was being treated differently.

Although, the whole family came to learn of the truth at the end of season 11. 

28. Bruce Altman

Bruce played the role of Frank Russo/Robert Levitt on the Blue bloods cast. He was the mayor who appointed Frank Reagan as the Police Commissioner.

Besides, in one of the episodes in season 3, Jamie and Vincent arrested his daughter for smoking pot.  

Additionally, Bruce is a 66 years old American actor who is best known for his role in Fifty Shades Darker, Delivery Man, Rob the Mob, Touched with Fire, Law & Order, Person of Interest, Mr. Robot, Show Me a Hero, and Power Book II: Ghost. 

29. David Ramsey

David played the role of Carter Poole on the Blue bloods cast. Carter succeeded Robert Levitt as the mayor of New York, who often disagrees with Frank Reagan.  

However, he and Frank have a mutual respect that went back to Frank being a beat cop in his neighborhood and looked out for the children around.

Besides, it was mentioned that Carter graduated from Yale University and has an illegitimate daughter.  

Although he was shot in an assassination attempt and became paralyzed from the waist down, he served as mayor of New York.

Moreover, he was reelected, after which he resigned as a mayor because he was burned out and felt he is no longer the man for the job. 

30. Lorraine Bracco

Larraine played the role of Margaret Dutton on the Blue bloods cast. Margaret became the mayor after Carter resigned.  

Besides, Lorraine is a 66 years old American actress known for her role in The Sopranos, Tangled, Riding in Cars with Boys, Rizzoli & Isles, I Married a Mobster, Dice, BoJack Horseman, and The Dead Wives Club, among others. 

31. Mark Linn-Baker

Mark played the role of Carlton Miller on the Blue bloods cast. Carlton is Margaret’s aide. Besides, Mark is a 67 years old American actor and director who is best known for his role in Perfect Strangers,  

My Favorite Year, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Law & Order, Twins, The Leftovers, and Red Oaks, among others. 

32. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi played the role of Regina Thomas on the Blue bloods cast. Regina is the New York Council Speaker, who is often Frank’s adversary and sometimes his ally.  

Moreover, she is Frank’s ally mainly when Frank has a conflict with the Office of the Mayor, other city offices, agencies, and with the Council itself.  

Besides, Whoopi is a famous, award-winning 65 years old American actor, comedian, author, and TV personality. Her birth name is Caryn Elaine Johnson.  

Some of the numerous movies she has been in are The Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also, she is one of the few entertainers to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Academy, and a Tony Award. 

33. Dylan Walsh

Dylan played the role of Peter Chase on the Blue bloods cast. Peter is the new mayor in season 10 after Margaret.

Besides, Peter tried to make Frank sack Garrett as DCPI and appoint one of his candidates.  

However, both Frank and Garrett insisted that Garret stay and made a counteroffer to hire one of Peter’s candidates, which he accepted.

Although, he informs them that when he is sworn in, anything he says goes.  

Besides, Dylan is a 57 years old American actor who is best known for his role in Nip/Tuck, Superman & Lois, Add Water, The Stepfather, Everwood, Unforgettable, Revenge, Castle, Longmire, and Life Sentence, among others. 

34. David Zayas

David played the role of Martin Mendez on the Blue bloods cast. Martin is the Governor of New York, known for his thin skin and tendency to overreach.  

Besides, David is a 59 years old Puerto Rican actor who is best known for his role in Dexter, Rounders, Oz, Annie, Gotham, Shut Eye, Bloodline, and Next. 

35. Abigail Hawk

Abigail played the role of Abigail Baker on the Blue bloods cast. She is a detective and a Police Commissioner’s Squad member who serves as Frank’s primary aide.  

Besides, after working with Frank for nine years, she decided that she wanted more diligent detective work. However, Frank refused to let her resign.  

Abigail marries Officer Brian Baker of the 65th Precinct, and they have at least two children together. Although a drug dealer shot and seriously wounded Brain, he recovered. 

36. Ato Essandoh

Ato played the role of Darnell Potter on the Blue bloods cast. Darnell is a community social-activist preacher who believes he must protect people of color from the brutality and racial profiling of the NYPD.  

However, when Frank consoles him after losing his son and Danny captures his son’s killer, his hatred towards the Reagans is reduced. 

37. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah played the role of Deputy Chief Trevor Jackson on the Blue bloods cast. Trevor is a longtime commander of the New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit who was forced into early retirement at age 63.  

Besides, Isaiah is a 58 years old American actor and media personality who is best known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, Romeo Must Die, True Crime, Ghost Ship, The 100, Soul Food, Bionic Woman, and P-Valley, among others. 

38. Dennis Haysbert

Dennis played the role of Assistant Chief Donald Kent on the Blue bloods cast. Donald is the Chief of the NYPD Gang Division and Frank’s longtime friend.  

However, he and his wife were killed in a drive-by. Besides, Dennis is a 67 years old American actor known for his role in Absolute Power, The Unit, Lucifer, 24, Far from Heaven, Heat, and Love Field, among others. 

39. Stacy Keach

Stacy played the role of Archbishop Kevin Kearns on the Blue bloods cast. Kevin is the Archbishop of New York who occasionally visits Frank to talk about sensitive issues concerning the city archdioceses or one of its members.  

Also, he officiated Jamie and Eddie’s marriage. Besides, Stacy is an 80 years old American actor and a narrator who is best known for his role in Hemingway, Nice Dreams, Titus, Up in Smoke, American Greed, and Mike Hammer Private Eye. 

40. Gregory Jbara

Gregory played the role of Garrett Moore on the Blue bloods cast. Garrett is the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information who automatically became Frank’s Chief of Staff.  

Besides, Frank and Garrett have a complex relationship. Before he became a DCIP, he was a reporter and had married and divorced three times. Also, he has a stepson whom he tries to keep out of trouble. 

In one of the episodes, a prostitute who sleeps with wealthy married men then blackmailed them falsely accused him of rape. 

Conclusively, it should be noted that Joe Reagan did not appear in the series as his death happened before the pilot of the series. However, he was frequently referred to in the series.  

These are some of the main characters on the Blue Bloods cast. Moreover, the series is still ongoing as season 12 will be introduced in October 2021. Thus, there will most likely be new characters introduced to the series. 

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