22 Video Game Characters That Start With B

video game characters that start with B

Do you know any of your favorite video game characters that start with B? Whether you are a gamer of the older generation or the newer one, you have most likely encountered video game characters whose names begin with different letters, including B.

In this article, we will look at some of the notable video game characters that start with B, both of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Let’s dive into learning about them, shall we?

1. Baraka (Mortal Kombat II)

Baraka, a fictional character in Mortal Kombat II (1993), is a nomad Tarkatan living in Outworld. 

Similarly, as with individuals from his race, Baraka has more stamina and power than an ordinary human, alongside his signature weapon – the Tarkatan attached to his lower arms. 

He is known to have an exceptionally intense sense of smell, as he can discern the targets by their scent, and a powerful healing ability, as he survived Kung Lao’s vertical hat slice casualty in the events of the Mortal Kombat trilogy (however, he needed large staples to keep his body intact). 

Baraka is a miscreant frequently portrayed in the service of the primary villains. His weapons are Tarkatan Blades, Razor Cane, Thorax, and War Banner. His battle styles are Silat and Hung Gar.

2. Blaze Fielding (Streets Of Rage)

Blaze Fielding (otherwise known as Blaze), a player character brought into Sega’s Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle) series of beat-them-up games in 1991, is a previous associate of the Wood Oak City Police Division who turns into a detective and a dance educator. 

Weighing 53kg with a height of 167cm, Blaze is a judo expert who assists her friends, Adam Hunter and Axel Stone, in defeating the rout boss Mr. X through every three games.

As a genuinely alluring caucasian lady with brown eyes and long earthy colored hair, Blaze plays the part of the “female brawler,” as she is willing and prepared to place her life in danger to stop the Syndicate. 

She values equity and is heartless towards her rivals, hardheartedly pummeling them up in the city and bloodying them with her fists. 

A portion of her quotes from the Bare Knuckle III Battle mode demonstrates that she can’t stand degenerates and will frequently remind male rivals to remain fixed on the battle rather than her body. 

She is somewhat proud and doesn’t take losses lightly. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

3. Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)

Barret Wallace is a playable character in Square Enix’s roleplaying video game Final Fantasy VII. 

As a Human dwelling in Corel, he is first presented in Final Fantasy VII as an eco-terrorist and a previous land inspector, guiding the group AVALANCHE to bomb Mako reactors in the made-up city of Midgar to retaliate for the misfortunes given to him by the megacorporation Shinra Electric Power Company, the Planet’s actual world government. 

They work under the professed claim of saving the Planet. As the story advances, Barret finds a sense of peace with his grudge and outrage and focuses on chasing after the antagonist Sephiroth with the end goal of safeguarding the Planet and the fate of his adopted daughter, Marlene.

Barret is a strong man who is dark in complexion. His right arm was ravaged in his old neighborhood and has been supplanted with his weapon, the gun arm, which allows him to trade different weapons connected to it. 

Barret has a few bands of metal around his midsection, a thick beard, three scars on the right cheek, and a skull tattoo on his left shoulder. 

His hair is trimmed like a hi-top fade. He wears a silver band stud in his left ear and dog tags around his neck.

Barret appears in a dirty earthy-colored vest, green jeans, enormous brown boots, and a few metal bands on his left arm. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

4. Black Orchid (Killer Instinct)

Black Orchid is a player character in the Mental fortitude battling game series. Trained as a first-class field specialist for incognito tasks, black operations, and networks by the Special Warfare Division of the U.S. military.

She consolidates the characteristics of a special forces operative and a professional killer, making her a beguilingly deadly and profoundly proficient resource. 

However knowledgeable in Kobudō, she battles in a high-level style of CQC and uses different weaponry to bewilder and control her target before bringing it down.

In light of a highly classified government experiment performed on her dad’s grandma, the Black Orchid can summon a feline-like manifestation of energy (which she lovingly calls the “Firecat”) that submits to her every order and attacks anything that is undermining her.

 Orchid has been known to wield this feline-like type of pure energy herself, suggesting the “firecat” in reality is the augmentation of her life force. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

5. Bayek (Assassin’s Creed)

Bayek, or Amun, is a fictional character in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. As a professional killer, he fills in as the hero of the 2017 title Assassin’s Creed Origins and first showed up in the tie-in novel Assassin’s Creed. 

Desert Oath, which spotlights his origin story and how he turned into the last Medjay of old Egypt, a title he acquired from his dad.

He married Aya of Alexandria/Amunet, the mother of his child, Khemu. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

6. Brigitte Lindholm (Overwatch)

Brigitte Lindholm is a fictional supportive player character who shows up in the 2016 video game Overwatch. 

She is a 23-year-old Swedish Mechanical Engineer and an Adventurer continuing in the footprints of her dad, Torbjörn, the Chief Engineer for the Overwatch association. 

Her Powers/abilities are Rocket Flail, Whip Shot, Repair Packs, and Barrier Shield, and she accompanies Reinhardt, her mentor, and godparent, as he travels across Europe. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

7. Bryan Fury (Tekken)

Bryan Fury (otherwise called Snake Eyes and Wicked Replicant), a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise, is a power-seeking American kickboxer and brain data collector who was once an Interpol official and a soldier until he was killed in a shootout. 

He was restored using cybernetics by the mad scientist Dr. Abel and now enjoys a side interest in gathering cigarette lighters. 

Weighing 80 kg with a level of 186cm, Bryan has buzzed silver-gray hair and blue eyes. He has a tattoo on the left side of his neck, and his outfits frequent police or military themes.

Bryan is ferocious and relentless, seeking to create chaos and wretchedness wherever he goes. Bryan seldom talks and typically communicates joy in watching others in pain through deranged chuckling and unhinged sneers. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

8. Bridget (Guilty Gear)

Bridget is a fictional character in Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear video game series. As the daughter of well-off British parents, Bridget became a bounty hunter to invalidate her town’s notions regarding twins. 

Weighing 50kg with a height of 158cm, Bridget is a slender blonde with fair skin and wide emerald green eyes. She sports a nun-like gown, wearing a sleeveless blue dress secured with a yellow strip, white hemlines, and a collar. 

A blue thigh-length veil with yellow crosses and white hemlines partially covers her hair. It is connected to a white hood with a cross-shaped metal plate, and the male symbol (♂) is engraved. 

Her outfit also includes dark lycra shorts, a giant metal handcuff instead of a midriff belt, dark fingerless gloves with white sleeves, white socks beneath the knee, and boots complimenting the shades of her outfit. 

She fights alongside Roger, wielding her yo-yo. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

9. Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein)

Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz (nicknamed Machine games and referred to among the Nazis as Terror Billy) is the hero of MachineGames’ reimagining and reboot of the Wolfenstein series. 

As an American covert operative of Polish and Jewish drop, he has practical experience in one-person missions behind enemy lines.

In addition to fighting the regular German armed force, he often stumbles upon strange Nazi experiments concerning biomechanical innovation and the occult.

B.J. is a muscular man 1.91 m tall with a weight of 111 kg; he has dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and a solid jaw. He is depicted as a fierce and steadfast nationalist, a genuine devotee of truth, equity, and, most importantly, freedom. 

He holds depthless scorn of the Nazis for their severe, shifty, and destructive belief system, signing up for war when he was mature enough. 

He is married to Anya Oliwa, the mother of his twin girls, Jessie “Jes” and Zofia “Soph” Blazkowicz, who kept fighting Nazis during the 1980s. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

10. Blue Mary (Fatal Fury And The King Of Fighters)

Blue Mary is a fictional character in S.N.K.’s Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series. She is an American investigator who utilizes an immobilizer. 

She is the granddaughter of Tatsumi Suoh, the Japanese kobujutsu expert who groomed Geese Howard. 

She has been trained in martial arts since her youth, with her specialty being Combat Sambo, which involves striking and grappling techniques and is especially notable for its flying joint locks. 

Blue Mary is agreeable to everybody, but she realizes that her work should be prioritized before anything more. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

11. Balthier (Final Fantasy)

Balthier is a 25-year-old fictional character in the Final Fantasy series living in Archades. He is an enchanting, clever, and pessimistic sky privateer who globe-trots Ivalice on his airship, the Strahl, with his accomplice Fran from the fictional Viera species. 

In an endeavor to rob the Royal palace of Rabanastre, Balthier discovers Vaan looting the castle depository. His plans fail, and Balthier finds himself stuck in a conflict between political powers that could prompt war.

He wears two crossed, gold-clasped belts with two pockets joined to each side and an assortment of brightly shaded rings and armbands on his left hand, and has a set of hoops in the two ears. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

12. Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers)

Baby Bonnie Hood is the only human fictional character in Capcom’s Darkstalkers series. She is a Northern European Darkhunter who utilizes an Uzi submachine gun as her primary weapon in her missions of killing creatures that infringe on Earth from the otherworldly dimension of Makai. 

Weighing 37 kg with a height of 142cm, she is a maniac only inspired by benefits with a heart dark enough that even Jeddah Dohma, the game’s reality-bending villain, thought of her as a Darkstalker and moved her into Majin.

A mysterious domain he has made inside Makai explicitly for detaining spirits he considered valuable. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

13. Blanka (Street Fighter)

Blanka is a fictional character in Capcom’s Street Fighter fighting game series. Weighing 98kg with a level of 192cm, he is an Orange-haired feral man from the Brazilian wilderness with green skin who fights in a self-educated, carnal style and can create electricity. 

Despite resembling a wild man, Blanka is quiet and docile and values family, friendship, and children. 

However, when enraged, he retaliates like a wild creature let loose, brutally going after his rivals with predatorial rage. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

14. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

Bayonetta is a mysterious and coquettish Umbra Witch, a hero of the Bayonetta video game series. 

Considered the black sheep of the Umbra Witches because of her Umbran and Lumen heritage, which violates both clans’ sacrosanct principles, she has a notable talent for Bullet Arts. 

She wears an Umbran Watch over her bust containing a red gem speculated as the Left Eye of Darkness.

Her black hair is wrapped into a beehive-like style with a bang swept to the right, and she has a beauty mark situated at the lower part of her left cheek, near her lips. Her name was inspired by a bayonet, intended to infer that there was “more going on under the surface.” 

In contrast, her four weapons were named parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme after the early English melody, “Scarborough Fair,” because of Kamiya’s adoration for folk music. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

15. Bash (Skylanders)

Bash is a core Earth Skylander from the Skylanders series, which burned through the majority of his early dragon hood, gazing skywards, watching the creatures of Skylands take off among the mists. 

Hellbent on going along with them, he figured out how to twist himself into a ball and roll with unbelievable energy in a vain endeavor to take off.

Throughout the years, his skin toughened, becoming a defensive armor never before known among his kind. 

He soars through Skylands, obliterating any who compromise it. Notwithstanding his hardened skin, he is highly insecure about his inability to fly. 

His abilities include the Tail Swipe, Rock and Roll, Tennis Tail, Summoning: Stone Projection, Rolling Thunder, Bash Smash, Pitchrock, and Stone Shield. 

His Triceratops Honor Guard gives him +40 Armor and Equipment. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

16. Bass.EXE (Mega Man (series)

Bass.EXE (Otherwise called Forte.EXE) is a NetNavi of the Megaman Battle Network Series. 

The creator, Dr. Cossack, meant it as a SciLab project to deliver another age of independent NetNavis that won’t require an operating system to work on the net, and it was installed with an exceptional program known as “Get Ability” – a power that permits him to erase any viruses and NetNavis. 

Be that as it may, a series of disruptions and errors caused by Alpha threatened to corrupt the net, yet the SciLab group faulted Bass for causing it. It was pursued by a world-class power of NetNavis to erase Bass.EXE, who endured the assault, barely gripping onto his life.

After a while, Bass acquired power from the erased data of viruses and Navis to evolve into the most remarkable NetNavi. 

The SciLab then went after Bass.EXE, leaving him with a gleaming scar on his emblem, developing his scorn of people. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

17. Bastion (Overwatch)

Although Bastions were made to be peacekeepers, during the Omnic Crisis, they were lured away from their makers and became the heft of Omnic’s military might. 

All the Bastion models were deactivated after the war, except Bastion Model E54, which remained quiescently for thirty years until he was reawakened in a woodland. 

While quiet, on the off chance that he detects a potential hazard, his old programming will assume control, making him a maniac. So, he decides to remain in the forest with his bird Ganymede. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

18. Big Smoke (Grand Theft Auto)

Melvin Harris, otherwise called Big Smoke, is a hero/lousy guy hybrid, performing as the previous at the onset of the game and as the latter during the rest. Smoke was initially a part of the Grove Street posse, subject to Carl and Sweet Johnson. 

Melvin endeavored to persuade Sweet to sell drugs as their rival gang, and Ballas was doing so around Los Santos and acquiring lots of cash. 

Nonetheless, the Sweet denied saying it would destroy the team, and shortly afterward, the two siblings’ mom was killed during Carl’s excursion toward the East Coast.

Hand in hand with Ryder, Smoke sold out the Grove Street posse to C.R.A.S.H. – a depraved police force explicitly focused on Carl. 

The police dropped Carl in an obscure city with Sweet in a jail medical clinic because of a gunfight; Smoke could do as he wished. 

Before long, Ryder is killed by C.J., and Melvin, a V.I.P. in the Los Santos criminal world, turns into the kingpin of the Ballas pack after Kane’s demise, procuring the Vagos and virtually all of Grove Street.

He started a citywide riot because the police not being equipped to control such a massive gathering.

In any case, Carl returned, retrieving Sweet from jail and rejoining the Grove Street families. He finds and kills Smoke in his Crack Fortress, tracking Tenpenny and accidentally killing him. 

This somewhat debilitates the Ballas and gives a finish to the C.R.A.S.H. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

19. Blaze The Cat (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Blaze the Cat is a mobile feline and one of the primary characters and legends of the “Sonic Series.” Brought into the world into an imperial family, the Jeweled Scepter was safeguarded for ages and ages. 

When she was conceived, she could control fire with her body and feelings, and she was often teased by the other kids, which made Burst wear a cape to conceal her capacities, only disposing of it when required. 

Aging and entering the princess hood, she was entrusted with safeguarding the Sol emeralds. Still, because of her unpleasant past, she considers her ability a curse because of her obligation. 

She shut herself off from individuals to bear her responsibilities, shying away from everyone else, making her modest, independent, and withdrawn.

Her powers and capacities incorporate pyrokinesis, axel jump, axel tornado, burst dash, burst hover, fire boost, fire claw, jump step, spinning claw, and heat resistance. 

She additionally utilizes the Sol Emeralds and the Gravity Band. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

20. Bowser (Super Mario)

Bowser, otherwise called King Koopa, is the main antagonist of the Super Mario series and king of the Mushroom Kingdom’s badlands. 

He experienced childhood with Yoshi’s Island, brought up by Kamek, a Magikoopa who will, before long, turn into his royal consultant. 

Even though he is one of the seven Star Children bound to succeed sooner or later, Bowser took the course of a villain and grew nastier as he developed. 

Presently, the Lord of the Koopas is keen on assuming control over the Mushroom Kingdom by holding Princess Peach hostage. However, every time his attempts fail to prove faithful because of the red-clad plumber, Mario.

In later games like Skylanders Superchargers and more seasoned games like Mario RPG, Bowser has taken on an antihero role more than a miscreant.

Fire breathes, the capacity to wield dark magic, electrokinesis, teleportation, shapeshifting, whirling fortress, browser bomb, flying slam, vacuum breath, geokinesis, bubbling, and the Koopa Klaw are his abilities. 

His weapons incorporate Shell, Skylander Hammer, Koopa Clown Car, Throwing Hammers, Barrels, Safety Ring, Hurley Gloves, Spiked Link, Drill Claw, Metal Bat, Soccer Ball Bombs, Spiked Ball, Minimizer, and the Stone Wand. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

21. Byte And Barq (Arms)

Byte and Barq are characters in the fighting game ARMS. The Byte is a police robot, and his mate is a robot in the shape of a dog named Barq. 

The two of them fill in as ocean-side patrol officials, and Byte is known to bounce off Barq and release a barrage of punches on their rivals. 

Their powers incorporate Extendable Arms, a Bouncy Body, Exchangeable Hands, and a Combine, and their weapons are Seekers, Crackers, Bubbs, etc. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.

22. Beatrix (Final Fantasy)

Beatrix is a fictional character in the 2000 Video game Final Fantasy IX. She is one of its primary adversaries until she later changes to the heroes’ side. 

She experienced childhood with a working-class family in Treno and later moved to Alexandria to enlist in its military.

She rises to the position of a general, becoming familiar with Commander Adelbert Steiner, and faithfully serves Queen Brahne in her wars. 

However, in the end, she double-crossed her to aid the protagonists, staying behind with Steiner to allow them to retrieve Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, the kingdom’s Princess, and get away. Following the Queen’s demise, Beatrix serves under the newly crowned Garnet.

She develops a romance with Steiner because of a parody of blunders as she and Steiner safeguard the city against an assault from a miscreant named Kuja, who disappears during the mayhem. 

She is subsequently found alive in Alexandria, having assisted with modifying the town, and she pilots the airship Red Rose to safeguard the heroes as they enter Memoria, the last region of the game. 

After the ultimate villain, Necron, is crushed, she readies to disavow her post; however, Steiner persuades her to remain and assist with safeguarding Garnet, which prompts them to enter a proper relationship. This is one of the video game characters that start with B.


If you are a regular gamer, you’ve encountered some names on this list, such as Bryan Fury, Big Daddy, Barak, etc. I hope this list is an excellent guide for you if you want to know about some of the video game characters that start with B.

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