15 Famous Spaceships in Movies and TV Shows

Famous Spaceships in Movies and TV Shows

Spotted any famous spaceships in movies and TV shows? The idea of Space has always been quite fascinating in the minds of filmmakers and movie lovers.

In cinema history, spaceships have always been symbols of adventure, wonder, and the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.

Because of their alluring attributes, they have even become famous spaceships in movies and TV shows and beyond. 

There’s no denying these vessels have, one way or the other, transported you to distant galaxies.

Or maybe even sparked your curiosity about extraterrestrial life and dreams of exploring the unknown.

Just for fun, check out this list of the most famous spaceships in movies and TV shows ever made. 

1. Millennium Falcon (Star Wars Series)

Millennium Falcon

Grab your lightsaber and buckle up because the Millennium Falcon is about to soar through the galaxy.

This ship is a joyride of an unforgettable experience thanks to its hyperdrive. It makes endless space traveling come off just as simple as picking your teeth. 

You don’t want to miss Han Solo and Chewbacca’s epic space adventures. 

The duo encounters more twists and turns than a Kessel Run obstacle course. A little heads up for you, this ride is exclusively for rebels and scoundrels alike.

2. USS Enterprise (Star Trek Series)

USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise was more than just a spaceship. It was a floating five-star hotel with amenities like holodecks and replicators serving interstellar cuisine.

In case you didn’t know, this is one of the famous spaceships in movies and TV shows equipped with a warp drive that would make the Millennium Falcon jealous.

And when you think that’s all, a conference room perfect for intergalactic peace talks or awkward crew meetings pops up.

Now you have the chance to see what you wouldn’t on a regular day on board this cruise spaceship.

Behold an epitome of space exploration and diplomatic missions!

3. Serenity (Firefly)


Firefly may have been short-lived, but the Serenity ship still flies high in the hearts of sci-fi fans.

Captain Mal Reynolds and his ragtag crew roamed the universe in this rusty beauty.

Though its engine sometimes behaved like a space cowboy with a bad sense of direction, it always came to the rescue. 

Serenity went ahead to prove that sometimes, all you need is a little duct tape and charm to stay afloat in the black zone, especially when you have smugglers and space pirates on your tail. 

4. Nostromo (Alien)


In the darkest corners of space, where no one can hear you scream, the Nostromo ship becomes a claustrophobic nightmare.

It is one of the famous spaceships in movies and TV shows you’ll find rather spooky. 

Follow a gang of space travelers as they encounter a slimy extraterrestrial guest with much persistence.

You might want to call for some company because Nostromo serves the kind of terror that will make your spine chilly. 

5. Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Discovery One

We hope you are ready for a mind-bending odyssey aboard the Discovery One. If yes, then Dr. Dave Bowman is your guy! 

He uncovers the mysteries of the monoliths and travels through space with so much precision. 

But remember, on Discovery One, nothing is as it seems. Even the most advanced technology can have a hell of a time. So, what to do when the going gets tough? 

6. Heart of Gold (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Heart of Gold

You might want to Hold on tight for this cosmic swerve aboard the Heart of Gold.

Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect hitch a ride through space on what has become one of the most famous spaceships in movies and TV shows. 

The ship is probably popular among fans because of its Infinite Improbability Drive that turns the laws of physics into a punchline.

It offers intergalactic adventures in the form of laugh-out-loud journeys to the universe’s outer reaches.

7. Sulaco (Aliens)


Imagine seeing a bunch of aliens up close! You wouldn’t even stick around to make contact.

So that you know, the Sulaco isn’t your regular spaceship but a whirlpool of extraterrestrial mayhem aboard. 

Don’t say you weren’t warned! This impressive spaceship will make you whimper as it battles deadly xenomorphs in the dark abyss of space.

Trust me; it won’t be surprising when all you cling to is your chest-burster.

8. Event Horizon (Event Horizon)

Event Horizon

At first look, Event Horizon doesn’t sound quite catchy if you’re going for a tough name for a spaceship.

Nonetheless, it is one of the famous spaceships in movies and TV shows that does drive home a point. 

Dive head first into a mind-bending journey into the depths of terror aboard the infamous Event Horizon.

This ship will take you to the edge of sanity and beyond, where time and space collide.

Explore the unknown, but beware because there’s no turning back once you enter. 

9. TIE Fighter (Star Wars Series)

TIE Fighter

The TIE Fighter is what you may call an epitome of finesse and deadly awesomeness. Once you’re on board, you get the chance to join the epic battle between the dark side and the rebel alliance in the Star Wars series. 

You may be wondering, TIE Fighter, why so special? With its iconic twin ion engines and agile maneuverability, this spaceship will make you feel all the feels. As you engage in intergalactic dogfights on the TIE Fighter, may the force be with you!

10. Prometheus (Prometheus)


If you are searching for answers, you may find them in the enigmatic Prometheus. It is among the famous spaceships in movies and TV shows because it holds the key to uncovering the origins of humankind, figuratively, of course! 

Sit back and keep up with dangerous terrains while fighting and discovering new secrets and otherworldly creatures within the darkest corners of the universe. Are you daring enough to leap?

11. Mothership (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)


Are you prepared for a close encounter of a lifetime? The Mothership from Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a testament to extraterrestrial engineering. Yes, you heard right!

You will be left in awe of its colossal size and dazzling lights. It is a true beauty to behold the mysteries of the universe, reaching for the stars. 

12. Rocinante (The Expanse TV Series)


This versatile spacecraft from The Expanse TV series embodies all the grit and determination there is.

With the Rocinante, you’ll be part of a gripping adventure like no other.

The space crew on this vessel faces a variety of encounters ranging from asteroid belts to political intrigues and epic space battles.

You don’t want to miss this thrilling voyage through the stars on the Rocinante, unarguably one of the most famous spaceships in movies and TV shows.

13. Razor Crest (The Mandalorian TV Series)

Razor Crest

Now that’s a name that won’t be forgotten in a hurry! The Razor Crest is a spaceship of epic proportions, and who else would steer such magnificence than the indomitable Mandalorian?

The Razor Crest proves sharply the rugged and relentless spirit of its pilot.

The Mandalorian embarks on several action-packed journeys across the galaxy.

Also, he manages to stay ahead by skillfully dodging blaster fires and outsmarting bounty hunters.

Prepare for an epic space odyssey with the lone wolf and his adorable sidekick, and you’ll be glad you did. 

14. Discovery (Star Trek: Discovery TV Series)


Boldly go where no spaceship has gone before with the sleek and stylish Discovery in Star Trek: Discovery.

Set phasers to fun as Captain Pike and his intrepid team course through the final frontier. 

It is one of the famous spaceships in movies and TV shows that bring warp speed, stunning visuals, and clever plot twists to cinema.

With this interstellar adventure, you will find yourself constantly shouting, Engage!

15. Fireball XL5 (Fireball XL5 TV Series)

Fireball XL5

Calling on all space enthusiasts to get ready for take-off with Fireball XL5!

Watch as Commander Zero and his team zoom through the galaxy, fighting off alien invasions and delivering out-of-this-world performances. It’s no wonder this ship is a fireball of fun!

One thing is for sure; Fireball XL5 has gotten more gadgets and gizmos than your grandma’s attic.

It will make you reconsider making space your second home.

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