11 2015 Adventure Movies to Rewatch

2015 Adventure Movies

The last decades have been amazing for film, and 2015 Adventure movies were no exception. The most effective are listed below.

2015 was a fantastic year for movie buffs, particularly those who enjoy action and adventure films. They catered to every segment of the audience during the year.

The year was rife with reviewers’ darlings and audience favorites, ranging from science fiction to action, comedy to thrillers.

Adventure movie fans had a great year. We will share some of the best 2015 adventure movies with you today.

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1. Tomorrowland

An enormous amount of intrigue is added to this science-fiction adventure film. Brad Bird was the film director, and bird has also collaborated on the script with other authors.

George Clooney plays the leading part. However, to discover the secrets of Tomorrowland, a cynical but brilliant scientist and a teenager journey to another reality.

The film got praise for its unique premise, soundtrack, excellent acting, and cinematography, but it was panned for its shoddy writing and general tone.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller directed and co-wrote Mad Max: Fury Road, an action-packed adventure film. Surprisingly, the film was rushed into pre-production in 1997 and took 17 years to complete and release, and Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron played critical roles.

However, the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where water is short supply. Furthermore, Max and a rebel lady build an army to defeat the wasteland’s dictator king.

It’s a must-see film with plenty of mind-blowing and jaw-dropping scenes. Fury Road is the highest-grossing Mad Max film and is often regarded as the greatest film of 2015. Making it one of the best 2015 Adventure movies, if not the best.

3. Inside Out

Inside Out is an animated adventure film with a light tone. Pete Docter directed the film, and Docter’s daughter’s personality fluctuations partially inspired the story during her adolescent years. To give the movie a genuine feel, they consulted several psychologists.

However, when she goes from Minnesota to San Francisco, the main protagonist is a young girl with five emotions, trying to guide her life.

Also, the voice-over artists’ concept, premise, and performances, particularly Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith of The Office, Lewis Black, and Richard Kind, won multiple accolades for the film.

4. The Revenant

Alejandro González Iárritu directed the survival drama and adventure film The Revenant. A portion of the land is based on Michael Punke’s 2002 novel, inspired by actual events. Lionardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy play critical roles.

Moreover, the main character in this thriller adventure is a legendary explorer on a survival quest after being attacked by a bear, abandoned by his crew, and left to die by a squad member.

Also, the film received a lot of positive feedback from reviewers and audiences, and it went on to win three Golden Globes awards.

Lionardo DiCaprio took home three trophies for his performance as Best Actor. This is, without a doubt, one of the best 2015 Adventure movies.

5. The Martian

Ridley Scott’s film The Martian is a science fiction adventure, and Andy Weir’s novel of the same name inspired the screenplay. The plot centers around Matt Damon, who plays an astronaut who is left behind on Mars.

However, the story follows his battle to survive and rescue and return operations. The film is also notable because it is Ridley Scott’s highest-grossing film. Also, it earned the team and star actor Matt Damon multiple honors and nominations.

6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Christopher McQuarrie directed and wrote MI: Rogue Nation in the adventure-action movie. It is the fifth installment in the MI franchise. Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hollander, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames returned to reprise their roles from the previous films.

Ethan Hunt is the main character, and he is hunting a competent and dangerous terrorist outfit. Also, the film was a success, grossing more than $500 million worldwide and ranking as the seventh highest-grossing film of 2015.

7. The Last Witch Hunter

Breck Eisner directed The Last Witch Hunter, which was scripted by Cory Goodman, Matt Sazama, and Burk Sharpless and released in 2015. Vin Diesel is an immortal witch hunter tasked with saving the entire planet from a pandemic.

The Witch Queen released the Black Plague to wipe out humanity 800 years ago. A party of knights, led by a widowed Kaulder, whose family had died in the plague, raids her lair, and Kaulder defeats her in the ensuing battle. The Witch Queen curses Kaulder with perpetual life before she dies.

Kaulder saves a teenage witch named Bronwyn from accidentally wrecking an airplane with weather-controlling runes stashed in her luggage in the present day. Kaulder is a witch hunter for the Order of the Axe and Cross. Also, this organization attempts to protect the peace between humans and witches by executing or imprisoning witches who disobey the law. He is helped by a priest named “Dolan,” a tradition passed down from the first priest who fought against the Witch Queen.

8. Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a science fiction action film released in 2015. [3] It is the first of the Jurassic World trilogy and the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar whose operations manager is their aunt Claire Dearing. Claire sends Zara as the lads’ guide, but they elude her and go off independently.

Navy veteran and ethologist Owen Grady has been training and studying a quartet of Velociraptors named Blue, Delta, Echo, and Charlie on the other side of the island. Also, Vic Hoskins, the chief of InGen security, feels the raptors can be weaponized based on their capacity to follow directions, something Owen and his aide Barry strongly reject. This is one of the best 2015 Adventure movies.

9. Everest

Baltasar Kormákur’s Everest is a gripping biographical adventure film, and it is based on the real-life Mount Everest Disaster in 1996. The story follows two expedition groups on their final ascent of Mount Everest as the weather worsens.

Furthermore, the rest of the story revolves around their struggles to survive. The film did exceptionally well at the box office and received widespread critical acclaim, and fans praised it for its stunning aesthetics.

10. Spectre

Spectre is the twenty-fourth film in the James Bond franchise, directed by Sam Mendes. After Skyfall, this was his second film in the franchise (that he directed). Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the fourth time in this film. The plot follows James Bond as he travels throughout the world combating a criminal organization known as Spectre.

A character closely resembles the divisive Blofeld also appears but isn’t named or explicitly seen. Also, the film was praised for its action scenes, acting, music, and treatment, but it was panned for its excessive length and poor pace.

11. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

J. J. Abrams produced, co-wrote, and directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens (also known as Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens), a 2015 American epic space opera film.

Lor San Tekka gives Resistance pilot Poe Dameron a map to Luke’s whereabouts on the desert planet Jakku. Kylo Ren’s Stormtroopers invade the settlement and kidnap Poe, while Kylo kills San Tekka. BB-8, Poe’s droid, escapes with the map and meets Rey, a scavenger. Kylo uses the Force to torture Poe and learns about BB-8. Disillusioned with the First Order, Stormtrooper FN-2187 frees Poe, and the two flee on a stolen TIE fighter. Poe gives FN-2187 the name “Finn” after realizing that he has no other name. A First Order Star Destroyer shoots them down as they travel to Jakku to collect BB-8. However, Finn survives the crash and only finds Poe’s jacket, believing he died.

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